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Change Log

  • You can now mark your forum threads for deletion when editing them. This will automatically lock the thread and mark it to be reviewed and deleted by a moderator.

  • Breeding cooldown on animals now round up to midnight rather than being set to an exact time during the day.

  • - The cost of villager slots past the first 10 no longer scales - it now costs 50k FC and 1 House for every slot after the 10th slot.
    - The Villagers page will now display your villagers in custom sorting order editable under Edit Profile (this is to make it uniform with the sidebar and your profile page).

  • A Random Painties panel been added under the Latest Painties panel in the Town Hall. This panel is updated every 15 minutes.

  • Thread titles will now be displayed in forum ping or subscription notifications. This is a trial change which may be reversed if it causes performance issues.

    Note that this update does not apply retroactively - you may find that old pings and subscriptions will show the old message.

  • The Maintenance Market now sorts by skill level when a repair type (House/Stable/Pot or Equipment) is selected. The implementation for skill levels has been re-coded so please do be on the look out & report any bugs you might run into with Construction Work or Blacksmithing.

  • All damaged equipment now costs 1 Steel per Durability to repair (this is an increase in repair cost for Commons, and a decrease in repair cost for Rares and Super Rares).

  • - SQL errors should no longer randomly pop up when multi-harvesting (Herbalism) or exporting an animal from a stable (Animal Husbandry).
    - Setting a villager as a worker should now display the correct success message.
    - Fur Idol rollover times should now display correctly on the 31st of the month.

  • Bulk stable/animal importing and exporting has been added to the Animal Husbandry page - these links can be found towards the bottom of the page. Again, please do let us know if you run into any bugs or issues with the new feature.

  • Galleries have been added - items can be freely added and removed from your gallery, which will display the first 8 on your profile (with a link to view the rest of the gallery). Items can be freely added and removed at will, but purchasing slots will cost FurCash, beginning at 25kFC for an additional 4 slots and rising by 5k for every slot purchase after. As usual, please do let us know if you run into any bugs or issues.

  • [Bug Fix] Giving Tree gifts are now properly made anonymous or non-anonymous.

  • The Worker system has been amended - villagers can now begin work immediately after being set as a Worker, but cannot be unset as a Worker or transferred for 24 hours after being set.

  • The 24 hour waiting period on new Workers has been lifted for a day to give everyone time to choose their new Workers.

  • 1. Price to build Houses has been reduced down to 70 Wood+Minutes for 50 Durability, scaling up to 350 Wood+Minutes for 250 Durability.
    2. We have introduced the Worker system - your account can have up to 10 villagers set as active Workers at a time. Only active Workers can work and begin new jobs (they can still finish old jobs), but the houses of non-Workers will not decay. Villagers may freely be set or unset as a Worker from the Villagers page, but when set as a Worker will have to wait for 24 hours before they can begin work.
    3. Hourly account caps on Explorers and Warriors have been removed.
    4. A layout tweak was made to the Villagers page, please try refreshing the page if you find the layout looks wonky for you.

  • Construction Worker building & repair costs and time have been adjusted to incentivize repairing instead of replacing structures.

    1. The cost of building structures now scales with the amount of durability of the structure:
    - 100 Wood+Minutes for 50 Durability Houses, up to 500 Wood+Minutes for 250 Durability Houses
    - 30 Wood+Minutes for 50 Durability Stables, up to 150 Wood+Minutes for 250 Durability Stables
    - 10 Wood+Minutes for 50 Durability Pots, up to 100 Wood+Minutes for 500 Durability Pots
    2. Repairing a structure now costs half the amount of wood required to build an equivalent structure.
    3. The time spent required for a repair begins at half the time required to build an equivalent structure, but can be reduced to a quarter by maxing out your Skill.

    Botany Pots now have a maximum durability of 500.

  • Harvesting for herbalists has been recoded - herbalism pots now lose 1 Durability per harvest rather than 1 Durability per day. As always, please do keep an eye out for bugs or errors and let us know if you run into any problems!

  • The Wardrobe has been added as a link on villager pages for people who want to swap between multiple painties! You can purchase a wardrobe slot which will "save" your villager's current paintie - after this, you can remove the paintie or apply new painties and still swap back to your old paintie at any time from the Wardrobe page.

    Wardrobe slots begin at 50k FC and increase by 25k FC per purchase. Please note that at current, costumes and potions cannot be applied to villagers who have currently existing wardrobe slots (i.e. all your painties must still be applied to the same base).

  • The Giving Tree has been added, where users can leave and take item, FC or FD gifts. Gift Points are granted to the gifter's village at the time that a gift is picked up - for now these points are just for fun, but we may look into doing something more tangible with them in the future.

    Currently the Giving Tree allows users to pick up gifts once every 60 seconds. Donations can now only be left every 10 seconds to prevent spam, with a minimum donation of 25FC.

  • Releasing animals via Animal Husbandry will now display the animal's image and name in the confirmation panel for clarity.

  • You can now post a new topic every 5 minutes (down from 30).

  • You may have noticed Quests in the new menu - while the Quest Shop has yet to be stocked, the feature itself is up and ready for testing for anyone who wants to get a head start!

    We have reduced the rate of the appearance of occurrence of Uncommon or rarer animals in quest lists which we hope will make quests more manageable. As always please do keep us updated with feedback and suggestions.

  • Referral prizes and FurDollar Emporium items have been made Limited Rarity.

  • - Blocked forum posts and comments will now be completely hidden instead of showing a "Hidden post/comment" bar.
    - Painties from blocked users will now be hidden.

  • We're trying a new navigation menu out to make things on the site easier to find - as always, please do let us know your feedback and suggestions as we continue to make tweaks through Beta!

    If you find that the new navigation menus are not displaying properly, please first try refreshing the page before submitting a bug report - make sure to include the browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc.) and device (PC, tablet, mobile, etc.) that you're using to access the site. Thanks for your patience!

  • A select all button has been added to the bottom of the quick stock page - note that this will only select everything on the current page.

  • Hi, sorry it's been awhile since the last update - we've been working behind the scenes on some larger new features which we look forward to releasing later on in Beta!

    In the meanwhile, we've added in a Daily Streak which rewards you for logging in every day, though you'll lose your streaks if you miss a day. As always please let us know if you run into any issues or have any feedback, and thank you for your patience throughout early development.

  • It is no longer possible to post on, or view the threads of blocked users when directly linked.

  • [Bug Fix] Old trades should now no longer randomly go missing when more than one page of trades is present.

  • [Bug Fix] Inventory pages for trades and quick stock should no longer get jumbled up when moving between pages.

  • A new villager career achievements system has been added, and can be accessed from the bottom of your villager's career pages. Note that while we've tried to carry over as much progress as possible, not all achievements will have existing actions or numbers applied.

    Aside from that - as usual, please do let us know if you run into any bugs, suggestions or concerns while the system gets ironed out!

  • New forum boards have been added.

  • Transferring animals between villagers should now correctly send the animal to the first available slot based on current stable order (as opposed to by order of stable creation).

  • [Bug Fix] Replacing destroyed houses should now work as intended.

  • We've had a look at recoding career timer countdowns, please let us know if you experience any further or new issues with incorrect timers or premature job completion.

  • [Bug Fix] Items being purchased from your stall while you are viewing the stall management page no longer causes the update to fail.

  • You can now select to hide trophies from your profile from the Edit Profile page.

  • Animal husbander clocks should now correctly update the action button. We are looking into timing accuracy issues, if you find that the live timer is consistently a few minutes off from the correct time.

  • New Paintie Rules (with illustrations) have been uploaded.

  • Live clock timers have been added to alchemists, animal husbanders, blacksmiths, construction workers, crafters, doctors and tailors.

  • The alchemist's potion stabiliser should now only display morphing potions in the selection menu. The bug where moth potions could not be stabilised has also now been fixed.

  • A count down to the next contest has been added to the Fur Idol Manage Entries page. In addition, submission now closes 1 hour prior to the beginning of the next contest to allow moderators time to review entries for inappropriate content.

  • [Bug Fix] Warriors should no longer experience Invalid Token errors - please do let us know if you find problems persist.

  • Captchas have been added to warrior battles to help cut down on botters - we will be adjusting captcha generation throughout beta so please let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback.

  • [Bug Fix] Pagination has been added to stall management - the page should now no longer crash for large stalls. Note that currently, each page is a separate form, so moving between pages will result in any prior modifications being lost.

  • [Bug Fix] Monsters should no longer appear when searching user menageries.

  • - It is now possible to turn off, or group forum subscription notifications into a single alert - this option is available under User Settings.
    - Pings or activity in subscribed threads posted by blocked users should no longer notify you.

  • - Animal Husbanders are now able to drag and drop their stables on the Sort Stables page to re-arrange their stables. The link to the Sort Stables page is found on the villager's Animal Husbandry page.
    - Animal Husbanders and Herbalists can now sort their stables/pots by animal/plant, as well as durability.

  • Auto-scroll in chats has been turned off when not scrolled to the bottom of the chat room. Please refresh the page for this to take effect, or hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) if it's still not working.

  • A 5% sales tax on FurCash sales has now been applied to user stalls.

  • - Added a "domesticate again" button for Animal Husbanders, for when you finish taming an animal and want to tame it again immediately.
    - Added confirmation modal for removing a house from a villager slot.
    - Added currency icons, and a field that displays total cost to the stall purchase confirmation panel for clarity.