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Change Log

  • Spell Book of water can now be crafted from "Elemental Spell Book Schema"; the odds of the other books have changed to accommodate this.

  • A couple new recipes for custom items are now available in the recycle shop!

  • The Pride's Desert & Challengers are now available.

    The Owl Conclave/Council & Alpha/Dire/Lone wolves are no longer available.

  • The Gem Cave explore event has been tweaked a bit to add images and a few new paths/outcomes. Enjoy exploring Furvilla's cave system!

    Used Food Wrappers now drop 10% of the time while cooking food, up from 5%.

  • - The "Villagers" and "Discord" links in the toolbar have been moved, please make note of their current locations. Note that there are no plans to move any of more of the links.

    Warrior Career:
    - loot images should now align to the top rather than the bottom.
    - an issue that was causing loot and equipment to misalign on Safari browsers should now be fixed

  • The Harbinger no longer uses:

    - Creeping Darkness
    - Chaos Flame
    - Lifeforce Lightning
    - Freezing Slash
    - Vortex
    - Skyfall Water

    It was too disruptive to grinding. We'll have a new opponent in the future with a similar set-up.

  • The following items are no longer permanent stock, and will restock in their appropriate shops at the same rate as their counterparts.

    - Versatile Fabric
    - Versatile Sewing Kit

    - Graffiti Pattern Book
    - Feral Pattern Book
    - Classic Cartoon Pattern Disc

    - Can of Spray Paint Blueprint
    - Pawprint Impression Blueprint
    - Bottle of the Blackest Ink Blueprint

    These items are also now able to be asked for during quests.

  • Our 2019 Furvilla Summer Picnic Event is over.

    - Fiery Invasion battlegrounds have been disabled. Ants have been defeated.
    - Quinn no longer hands out Picnic Invitations during exploring.
    - Picnic Invitations now lead to an after-picnic cleanup event.
    - When cooking food, there is now a slight chance a Used Food Wrapper will drop. You may wish to save these.

  • Weapon Crystal: Cursed now deals 100 pure damage each turn to the warrior, rather than 400 dark damage on attack.

  • Animal Husbandry
    - there is now a box that shows how many total stables the villager has

    - there is now a box that shows how many total pots the villager has (note the max is 100)
    - if villager has less than 100 pots, an "Import Pot" button allows you to import multiple pots at once
    - you will get an error if you try to import pots that'll make the villager exceed 100 total pots

    - the loot drops now list the loot in rows of 5, with no border
    - added FC image icon for FC loot
    - warrior and monster images now appear larger, and their stats should line up. Their borders have been removed
    - move buttons are larger, and should stay consistent in size
    - aesthetic change to the move charge counter

    As always, please report noticed bugs to the bug report forum!

  • Couple of ability name changes:

    Amethystine Great Hammer --> Amethystine Smash
    Sunny's Inquisitive Blade --> Sunny's Strike
    Hidden Defensive Stance --> Hidden Defend
    Rowan's Dark Scythe --> Rowan's Scythe
    Sophie's Hammer of Justice --> Justice Smash
    Absolutely Most Dangerous Rake Strike --> Raaaaake!

    This does not change the item names nor any element of the ability itself.

    *If you see any names that aren't correctly displayed due to their length, please make a report!*


    Existing stock in the Valour Points Shop have had their prices halved.

    You can now purchase Legendary Orbs from the Valour Shop for 20,000 VP.

    Orbs of Purification can now be found in Wandering Monsters IV and Deadly Monsters (2.5% drop rate).

    Mythic Orbs drop from the "Harbinger" specifically. (2.5% drop rate).


    The Harbinger has been overhauled to provide more variety.

    Please note these changes only apply to the regular Harbinger, found in the Harbinger battleground. (Not Deadlier Monsters).
    - He no longer has a 10% chance to drop a warrior's elixir. He still has a separate 2.5% chance to drop one.
    - Agility now varies from 1 - 20 randomly.
    - Armour type is now randomised. He now generates with 600 - 1200 armour, up from 400 - 900.
    - Strength has been decreased from 185 - 295 down to 110 - 170.
    - Speed is now variable from 1 - 20 randomly.
    - Intelligence remains unchanged; 35 - 86.
    - Endurance increased from 132 - 267 to 160 - 280.
    - He now spawns with 350 - 1300 Water and Air Resistance, in addition to the previous resistances he had.

    He now uses the following abilities:
    - Creeping Darkness (10%, 1 Charge)
    - Chaos Flame (10%, 1 Charge)
    - Lifeforce Lightning (10%, 1 Charge)
    - Freezing Slash (10%, 1 Charge)
    - Vortex (5%, 1 Charge)
    - Skyfall Water (10%, 1 Charge)
    - Pacify (5%, 1 Charge)
    - Regenerate (10%, 1 Charge)
    - Block (15%, 2 Charges)

    As these moves deplete, he'll begin using his default moveset:
    Thrash (25%), Tail Swipe (25%), Chomp (25%), Elemental Blast (25%); he will no longer use Critical Strike.

    He now drops the "regular" warrior super rare materials at a 5% drop rate per item.

    It also very rarely drops Cat. (0.2%)


    The following recipes can now be purchased from the Recycle Shop

    Purified Smithing Hammer Schema - 250 FurGems.
    Purified Steel Schema - 250 FurGems
    Mythical Smithing Hammer Schema - 1500 FurGems.
    Legendary Smithing Hammer Schema - 30,000 FurGems

  • Enemies found in "Mystic" battlegrounds are no longer found in the Abyss. Instead, our robot overlords have taken their place - they're back from the past with inflated stats, hooray!

  • The Abyss has been temporarily disabled! Aaa!

  • The Abyss will be unavailable in ~2 hours while we perform some renovations. Please prepare accordingly!

  • Wolves & Owl battlegrounds are now available until the end of the month.

    Stormy Peaks & The Frost Ring are no longer available.

  • The error that was causing the Button Book, Sticker Album, and Toybox to automatically switch to the default search when flipping pages has been fixed.

    Also, a “By Release Date” option has been added to the Sticker Album and Toybox.

    Here is how the search options should work:

    By Species: If applicable, sorts by species, in order that species was added to fame

    By Release Date: sorts by date item was released, with newest first

    Oldest to Newest: sorts by date item was placed into your gallery, with oldest first

    Newest to Oldest: sorts by date item was placed into your gallery, with newest first

    Please report to bug report forum if you notice any of these changes not working as stated. Thank you!

  • Minor QoL update:

    There is a link on the Town Hall drop-down for "Daily Streak".
    On the Daily Streak page is a box at the top that will always show your current login streak.

    Please report in bug report forum if you see any problem!

  • reworked the Costume List and the Base Recolor List to easier to browse


  • To help supplement the Costume Museum and make all available site-owned villager art browsable, a "Costume List" and "Base and Recolor List" have been created. The have been added below the Costume Museum in the Town Hall drop down menu. They also all have links between them.

    The Costume List shows a list of all the Costumes with thumbnails showing available species. By hovering (or clicking in the case of touch screen), you will see the full art. As a reminder, all costumes give buffs associated with two careers (the Blessed Warrior Costume being an exception). Even if your villager's species is not available for a specific costume, they can still use the costume and get the buffs.

    Likewise, the Base and Recolor List lists all species with thumbnails of their available "colors". This includes their base colors obtainable via morphing potions, and recolors you are able to apply using items like Magical Plushes, Magical Stickers, and stones.

    Costumes and Species are shown in ascending order of when then were created. So for example, the three new costumes all appear at the bottom of the Costume List.

    Like always, if you see a bug or find something working not as described, feel free to let me know in the bug report forum. Otherwise, any suggestions would be appropriately posted in the user suggestions forums.

  • In my excitement, I forgot to disclose the following buffs to you for the new costumes:

    Graffiti Costume - Herbalist, Cooking
    Feral Costume - Warrior, Construction Worker
    Classic Cartoon Costume - Explorer, Crafter

    And yes, please note that costumes can now have cooking buffs (30% faster cook time)! These are separate from the existing Sweeticorn buff (5%) and they stack.

  • Fierce Fighters / Challengers are no longer available.

    The Frost Ring / Minor Frost Ring, as well as the Stormy Peaks, are now available.

  • - various chicken plushes are now obtainable via the Plush collector. (note that additional plushes will be released in batches throughout the year)

    - Plush Collector quest requirements have been adjusted to make quests significantly less demanding.
    - the odds of getting a quest with a super rare plush prize have doubled.

    Current odds and requirements:

    60% of time: asks for 12-20 common items -> common plush prize
    30% of time: asks for 12-20 common + 8-15 uncommon items -> uncommon plush prize
    9% of time: asks for 12-20 common + 8-15 uncommon + 4-12 rare items -> rare plush prize
    1% of time: asks for 12-20 common + 8-15 uncommon + 4-12 rare + 2-6 super rare items -> super rare plush prize

    As always, please report any noticed deviations or suspected bugs in the bug report forum!

  • Ocean Dreams Soup Stone has been added to the Oceandome Festival Shop for 1 PP, enjoy!

  • Ooey Gooey Cake Pop and Micro Hot Air Balloon have been added to the Birb Pinata, will update the thread with the new odds shortly!

  • Hatopus now applies a debuff to your opponent. Unlike other battle pets, this can be cleansed.

  • The Tiniest Beach now has a 5% drop rate in the Under the Sea battlegrounds.

    Some resource yields have been slightly increased from maps.

  • The Create Adventure Wheel Recipe now asks for 8 Adventure Wheel Fragments, down from 10 Fragments. Happy treasure hunting!

  • Choosing the -Treasure- path on the Suspicious Adventure Wheel just became a lot more lucrative.

  • The Ocean Dream & Ocean Nightmare crystals are currently malfunctioning! This should be resolved soon!

  • Within Animal Husbandry career, when sorting stables by rarity, the rarer colors of a species will appear first.

    Likewise, when breeding, the drop down for the parents will sort by species, then by rarity with the rarest on top, followed by the order of the stable.

  • - The base odds of collecting a wild animal have increased from 50% to 70%. The 10% costume buff still applies, when applicable.
    - The odds of taming an animal are now 100%. Species Mastery will be purely an for achievement and have no effect on domestication odds.

    Please report any noticed inconsistencies in the bug report forum.

  • Some QOL improvements have been made to Animal Husbandry:

    When breeding, the drop-down for Mother and Father are now sorted in alphabetical order by species, followed by rarity, followed by the order of the stable they are in.

    When a stable degrades to 0 durability, it and the animal in it are no longer destroyed.
    - at that point, you have the option to repair or remove the stable
    - you CANNOT breed, domesticate, feed, or collect animals to that stable until the stable is repaired
    - you the have option to export, transfer, or release the contained animal
    - the animal within that stable is labeled "BROKEN STABLE" until the stable is repaired
    - the animal within that stable will not be breedable until the stable is repaired
    - attempting to reseat a stable at 0 durability from the inventory gives an error. It must first be repaired

    Hallowed Potion no longer appears as an option for empty stables

  • Tumbleknead Seeds now have a high drop rate in Spirit Lions and Spirit Lions in Training. These seeds will also show up more frequently while exploring.

    Welcome elephants!

  • The Wolves & Pride battlegrounds are no longer available.

    Challengers & Fierce Fighters are now available until the end of the month.

  • Pending investigation & further changes, Vali's Kitsune now reduces mitigation by 1500 and no longer reduces mitigation by 100%.

  • Chicken Pugget has been added to the Quest Shop, for 3 points.

  • Something vaguely radical is going on in the Fiery Invasion battleground.

    Mystic Depths is available once more; drops remain the same as Mystic Cave, except FurCash yields are 50% higher.

    Lone, Dire and Alpha wolves are available until the 14th of August. Level requirements are 2 / 5 / 10, respectively.

    Additionally, The Pride's Desert is also available until the 14th of August (requires lv5).

    These battlegrounds will cycle back in within 3 months after they leave.

  • Mystic Caves now correctly generates enemies.

    Mystic Depths will return tomorrow with some adjustments!

  • Correction to previous update: All custom monsters will be placed in these battlegrounds, not items! Sorry about that!

  • The following monsters have moved to "Mystic Gardens", a new permanently available battleground:

    Lesser Baku
    Lesser Dread Bull (2 Variants)
    Lesser Feral Mouse
    Lesser Gift
    Tiny Earth Golem
    Tiny Fire Golem
    Tiny Lightning Golem
    Tiny Frost Golem

    The Lesser Creatures here will always drop a single Dark Gemstone. The Tiny Golems have a small chance to drop a depleted golem core.

    The following monsters have moved to "Mystic Caves", a new permanently available battleground:

    Feral Mouse
    Fanged Mouse
    Dread Bull
    Goat Devil
    Lesser Fire Golem
    Lesser Dark Golem
    Lesser Earth Golem
    Lesser Ice Golem
    Lesser Lightning Golem

    Regardless of what you fight here, you'll always receive a single Dark Gemstone and a chance at a depleted golem core, among other loot.

    As a consequence, the various Golem grounds and Mystic Gardens (old) have permanently retired. Additionally:
    - Agate no longer appears in Wandering Monsters IV.
    - Feral Lion Hunter(ess) no longer appears in The Pride's Desert (when active).
    - "Lisaar, The Eternal Night" and "Talois, The Eternal Knight" can temporarily be found 3% of the time (each) in Deadlier Monsters. They'll find a more permanent home in a cycling battleground soon!

    Finally, the following monsters have moved to "Mystic Depths", a new permanently available battleground:

    Greater Dark Golem
    Greater Earth Golem
    Greater Fire Elemental
    Greater Frost Golem
    Greater Lighting Golem
    Feral Lion Huntress
    Feral Lion Hunter

    Please note that loot drops in "Mystic Depths" and "Mystic Caves" are currently identical; we're in the process of shuffling content around and establishing cycling content, so expect the loot tables to be updated in a day or two.

    These battlegrounds require level 3 / 6 / 10, respectively.

    Please note that all future custom items will appear either in Mystic Gardens or Mystic Depths, depending on their difficulty.

  • Hovering over Warrior stats gives a description of what the stats do. Many thanks to Tempest for helping with the descriptions.

  • Dragonsmaw Pie can now randomly apply the Lion Warrior Costume Buffs (Explorer and Warrior), similarly to the other costume buffs. Note that you will not be able to get the Blessed Lion Warrior Costume buff using the pie.

  • Tiger's Eye Dew and Wax Fangs will now appear in the warrior quick-use bar underneath a villager's warrior career stats. In the future any items that replenish warrior health or HP charges will appear in this bar. Note that your warrior can exceed its maximum warrior charges using such items, but not the HP.

  • The following battlegrounds can now drop Light Mythic Tablets:

    Wandering Monsters IV: 0.22%
    Deadly Monsters: 0.4%

    A new prototype battleground has been added for warriors under level 5: The Tutorial Grounds. An instructor will walk you through some of the basic mechanics.

    All the greater Spirit Lion NPCs are now twice as likely to drop Lion Equipment. As a consequence, Aril has decided to no longer gift Sky Rocks to players.

  • Blessed Warrior Costume was erroneously also giving the standard "Warrior" buff. This has been fixed. It should only give the +10 "Blessed Warrior buff"

  • Sae Plushie can now be found during exploration.


  • The winning vistas of the Jousting Festival Vista Contest have been added to the Recycler.


  • Some more minor QOL fixes:
    - In the Menagerie the drop-down searches for species and color rarity have been switched to match the order of the tags under the animal images.
    - Items in the town shops, Quest Shop, Tourney Shop, Recycle Shop, and Giving Tree should now have enough room to avoid overlapping when an item has a long name.

  • Minor fix. "Limited" has been added as a species rarity search option in the Menagerie.

  • The "Infected" effect now reduces strength and agility by 3 for its duration, instead of causing damage when attacking with a skill.