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Change Log

  • A reminder that the site will be going down for scheduled maintenance shortly. The downtime is expected to last around a few hours!

  • January Birthday items are now available in the FD Emporium! You can buy them individually or save a little cash and buy them as a pack.

  • 3 new Jade items are now available in the Quest Shop.

  • Amethystine Battle Moo has been modified:
    It now triggers 55% of the time, up from 50%.
    It now deals 400 physical damage, down from 470.
    It now deals +25% damage to light armour, up from 20.
    It now deals +45% damage to heavy armour, up from 40.

    Ralph now attacks 15% of the time, up from 10%.

    Timber Wolf now deals 190 damage, up from 170.
    It now attacks 40% of the time, up from 35%.
    It now deals +120% to light armour, up from 100.
    It now deals +60% to medium armour, up from 50%.

    Pirate Fox Battle Buddy now deals 170 damage, up from 140 (this pet always attacks)
    Modifiers remain unchanged: +20% Light, -40% Medium, +60% Light.

    Amethystine Great-hammer no longer reduces speed by 8, to be more aligned with its description.
    - It now decreases agility by 6.
    - It now increases strength by 6, up from 3.

  • AWOO!

  • Soup now costs 5 FurCash to craft.

    Vintage Autograph now has an alchemy score of 150.

    Royal Apology Box of Kindness now recycles for 24 Furgems, down from 25.
    --> It now has an alchemy score of 96.

    Vali's Golden Hammer now only reduces physical mitigation by 4999, down from 5000.

    Steel Battle Moo now provides 3 physical mitigation (up from 0).

    Amethystine Enigma now costs 904 FurCash to craft, down from 1000.

    Haunted Pine Slab has had its description updated:
    "Be cautious when working with this? it may just scream if you're not gentle!"


    "Be cautious when working with this? It may just scream if you're not gentle!"

    To off-set this change, we've reduced the alchemy value of this item from 3 to 2.

    Icy Sword can now have up to 4 sockets.

  • Risktaker items, Tourmaline Ring, Gaia's Vine Staff & Card-Sharps Deck have all been changed from Limited to Super Rare.

    Lycanthropy now provides +1 agility.
    - It now provides +25 frost resistance, but -20 fire resistance.
    - It now heals for 160 per turn, up from 155.
    - Awoo.

  • Most Plate Helms & Bardiches can now be scrapped.

    Lycanthropy healing has increased from 150 to 155.

  • Legendary Chubby Bunny is now available at the Fair Exchange.

  • For the next hour, Thane appears 10% of the time, up from 5%.

  • Thane's Sword is roughly 25% more likely to drop.

  • You can now socket Pretty Poodle's Soup of Noodles into weapons.

  • Icy Antlers drop 25% of the time in Cat Warriors (up from 15%) for the next 2 hours.

  • Cat's Eye Crystal Updated once again:

    - It now reduces mitigation by 1000, not 2000.
    - It no longer reduces elemental resistances.

  • Corrupted Guile (Cat's Eye Crystal) no longer reduces physical mitigation by 100%; instead, it provides -2000 mitigation as a core stat on the crystal itself. This stacks if you have multiple crystals in different weapons, for some reason.

    Delilah's Frozen Scalemail now provides 1400 frost resistance, up from 900. It also provides 8 endurance, up from 4.

    Shield of Discourse has been improved:
    - It now has 2 charges of Discourse Parry, up from 1 (please note this counters both spells and skills).
    - It now provides 2 Agility, Strength and Speed, up from 1.
    - It now provides 5 endurance, up from 3.
    - It now reduces intelligence by 1.
    - It now provides 170 physical mitigation, up from 75.
    - It now provides 120 to all resistances, excluding Dark Resistance, which is now 0 instead of -80.

    Similarly, the Sword of Discourse has been adjusted to match:

    - It now provides 2 to all stats, excluding intelligence, which is -1.
    - It now provides 25 to all resistances, excluding Dark Resistance, which is now 0.
    - It no longer provides physical mitigation (was 5).
    - All damage variables on this weapon have increased by 20.
    - It no longer has a small chance to silence or disarm.
    - Chill, Burning, and Bleeding proc chances have increased to 25, up from 10.
    - Electrify can now apply to foes, 25% of the time for 2 rounds.
    - It now has a 25% chance to apply regeneration to the wielder for 4 rounds.

    Traveler's Amulet now deals elemental damage on-use, and is classified as a spell; random effects are still applied as per usual.
    Fire 170 - 310
    Frost 170 - 310
    Lightning 50 - 210
    Dark 25 - 75

    The "Fearsome Harbinger" now has a 5% chance to cast Earth Barrage; it also has no special loot drops. Why does this exist? We just don't know.

  • A reminder that the site will be having some scheduled maintenance done in an hour! The site will be inaccessible for an undetermined amount of time. Make sure to check out our Discord Chat to keep updated about the maintenance: https://discord.gg/8fVCju9

  • Thane's Strike has changed:

    Now deals 125 - 225 of each element, up from 75 - 100.

    Now additionally applies "Execute" on your opponent for 2 rounds.
    Now additionally applies "Preparation" on the user for 2 rounds.
    Now additionally heals for 300 on-hit (does not scale with intelligence).

  • All Cat Warriors have had their minimum stat roll reduced by 3 (in each category), excluding Thane.

    Drop rates have improved by ~17%, except for:

    The Sword of Thane, which is unchanged.
    Spear of Mighty Thunder, which decreased by ~17%.

  • Anniversary boxes are now twice as likely to drop in battlegrounds, and 20% more likely to appear in exploration events.

  • We are currently monitoring feedback on the drop rates of the 2nd Annifursary Gift Box. Adjustments will be made accordingly on Monday. The event will run until January 1st. Thank you!

  • Protection Ring of Tempest had its ability removed.

  • New items have been added to town specific battlegrounds at all levels, as well as all levels of Wandering Monsters, Deadly Monsters and the Abyss.

    New explore events are live. They are town specific, except for one.

    Hang on to the items you find, they will likely be useful to you. News will be posted later in the day!

  • I'm seeing some chatter about stocking furniture for quests... please don't until you hear the news! Working!

  • We are currently working on some tweaks to make questing a bit more accessible. This is not a major revamp, although that is on the list of to-dos for the future! Please expect a more involved announcement by tomorrow.

    New vistas have been added to the quest shop in the meantime.

    Expensive furniture, costumes, and costume parts have been removed from the quest pool. More info about this change is forthcoming.

  • Ridiculous Ring of Absurdity no longer requires Weapon Crystal: Misfortune.

    This crystal is no longer obtainable.

  • Cat's Eye Emerald has been fixed.

    Rolling Thunder will no longer use throwing knives.

  • Site credits page has been updated to current staff, mods, and contributing and guest artists.

  • Teiko Sock Puppet can now be found during explorations in QP and OD!


  • We've added some additional rules and clarification to the custom item prices & orders rules forum post. Please be sure to read the post carefully before placing an order. Thank you!

  • Certain battle buddies have been changed:

    The Viking Fox's attack now deals -40% damage to medium armour instead of +20%; it now deals +20% damage to heavy armour.
    The Pirate Fox's attack now deals -40% damage to medium armour, but now deals +20% damage to light armour.
    The Bat's attack now deals -40% damage to medium armour, but +20% damage to heavy armour; the chance a chomp occurs has reduced slightly to 55% from 60%.
    - It no longer provides 3 speed.

    All Battle Moos have had their bonus to medium armour reduced from +20% to -40%.

    New battle buddies will universally be less effective against medium armour; this is to ensure there's proper counter-play to their passive play-style.

  • Agate's Gem can now be found in exploration events in all villages!


  • A small set of bugfixes for you all tonight!
    - Various forum vistas missing their background images have been fixed.
    - Breeding charges should no longer "max" at 127 breedings despite the cap being above that number.

  • Elemental Spell Book Schema is now available in all crafting shops! Limited time only!*

    *Not really.

  • It is no longer allowed to do offsite trading with Pokefarm Q. Please check the Offsite Trading threads in the commerce forums for more info.


  • Composite Weapon recipes are now stocked in the recycle shop.

    Battle Moos are now available in the OFB Steeds and More shop.

  • Some more warrior stuff!

    The Fearsome Gulper should no longer decide to skip its own turn because it couldn't decide on what attack it should use. Keep us posted if it seems to keep being indecisive!

    Fire Form Amulet now correctly states who's fire form it is, and who's taking the damage.

    The Dragon Tooth Knife was missed with the first buffs; it now deals 80-120 physical and 20-30 fire damage, up from 50-50 physical and 10-30 fire damage

    Utility Sash items have been reworked some!

    -Worn Sash now gives +1 speed, up from 0
    -Simple Sash now gives +1 agility, +1 speed, both up from 0
    -Intricate Sash now gives +2 agility, up from 1, and gives 40 resistance to all elements up from 25.
    -Grand Sash now gives +4 agility, +4 speed, and no longer gives any intelligence. It also gives 20 mitigation, up from 15, and 100 resistance to all elements, up from 40.
    -Enchanted Sash now gives +2 agility, +2 speed, and no longer gives any intelligence. It also gives 20 mitigation, up from 10, as well as 150 fire resistance, 200 frost resistance, 300 lightning resistance, and 100 dark resistance, up from 25 for all elements!

    The healing ability from all sashes remains unchanged; consuming a HP potion to heal 1,750 health.

    I hope this makes sashes more usable for users! Keep the feedback and bug reports coming!

  • Prizes for the Haunted Couture Fashion Show have been sent out! Congratulations to our winners!


  • Another little Warrior change!

    The skill, Bulwark, now lasts for 3 turns up from 2, and reduces your damage dealt by 50% down from 80%. Let us know how this feels!

    We're still in the process of looking over equipment to see if there's anything we feel should get a little bit of a rework.
    Thanks for understanding!


  • An additional fix for villagers not being filtered has been applied. Good job, Xyumika!


  • The Electrify spell now applies Electrify after checking if it should deal damage. This will be most noticeable in the Abyss.

  • Amethystine Lance, Gold Lance, Silver Lance, Lance (Imaginary), Rusted Lance and Sturdy Lance now will always stun your opponent for 2 rounds if they're blocking; this will not remove the block effect itself.

    Rusted Lance:
    Now deals 90 - 110 damage.

    Imaginary Lance:
    Now deals 420 - 480 damage.

    Sturdy Lance:
    Now deals 140 - 190 damage.

    Silver Lance:
    Damage modifier increased by 20% on all tiers.

    Golden Lance:
    Damage modifier increased by 20% on all tiers.

    Please note the stun effect may be temporary but is currently available for testing/feedback.

  • Iron Zweihander now has 210 - 260 damage, up from 185 - 240.
    Steel Zweihander now has 270 - 320 damage, up from 210 - 275.
    Haunted Zweihander now deals 270 - 320 damage, up from 270 - 310.

    Fireball now deals 150 - 190 damage, up from 120 - 150.
    Frostbolt now deals 140 - 180 damage, up from 130 - 160.
    Fusion Bolt now deals 50 - 70 damage in all elements, up from 45 - 50.
    Jolt now deals 40 - 260 damage, up from 1 - 260.

  • Correction!

    Steel Hammer:
    - Now has a 50% chance to purge effects, up from 30%.

  • All Amethystine Steel recipes require ~20% less materials to craft.


    Hammer Updates:

    Amethystine Hammer:
    - Now has a 50% chance to purge effects, up from 45%.
    Steel Hammer:
    - Now has a 30% chance to purge effects, up from 30%.

    The following items now have the above effect:
    Broken Hammer
    Mammoth Tooth Hammer
    War Hammer
    Emma's Iron Hammer
    Wooden Hammer
    Vali's Golden Hammer

    The following effects have been removed:
    Mammoth Tooth Hammer - No longer has a 5% chance to sunder armour.
    Iron Hammer - No longer has a 3% chance to sunder armour.
    Steel Hammer - No longer has a 15% chance to sunder armour.

    Mace Updates:

    Amethystine Mace:
    Now only sunders for 40% for 3 rounds, down from 60% for 6 rounds; it still applies Battle Cry & Fortify.

    Other Maces (Iron, Steel, Light, Rusted) no longer have a small chance to disarm, and have their sunder effect increased to 3 rounds instead of 2.

    Axe Updates:

    Amethystine Axe, Iron Axe & Steel Axe no longer have a small chance to apply bleed effects.

    Great Hammer Updates:

    Iron Great Hammers no longer have a small chance to disarm.
    Steel Great Hammers no longer have a small chance to sunder.
    Amethystine Great Hammer now correctly triggers "Smash" on Durable opponents.

    Great Sword Updates:

    All great swords no longer have a small chance to cause bleeding.

    Lances remain unmodified.

    Scythe Updates:

    Scythes no longer have a chance to cause bleeding.

    Critical Strike now applies to all scythes, excluding Rowan's Dark Scythe & Wooden Scythe.

    Critical Strike now deals 320 pure damage instead of 170 physical damage.



    Bleeding: Now deals 40 damage per tick, up from 20.
    Combat Finesse - Sunder Armour: Now reduces armour by 75%, up from 60%.
    Burning: Now deals 60 base damage per tick, up from 30.
    Chill: Now reduces dodge chance by 1000%, up from 200%.
    Electrify: Now increases damage taken by 15%, up from 10%.
    Pollute: Now deals 475 damage, up from 325.



    Basic Weapons:

    Barnacle Sword: Now deals 80 - 110 damage, plus 20 - 30 frost damage, up from 55-80/5-10.
    Fang Club: Now deals 120-140 damage, up from 80-80.
    Dragon Claw Dagger: Now deals 75-150 Lightning damage, up from 1 - 150. Now always causes bleeding.
    Wooden Sword: Now deals 90 - 130 damage, up from 70 - 70; it no longer deals reduced damage to heavy armour.
    Icy Sword: Now deals 100 - 150 frost damage, up from 80 - 110.

    Lower Tier Weapons:

    Rusted Mace: Now deals 140 - 190 damage.
    Wooden Axe: Now deals 115 - 170 damage.
    Wooden Greathammer: Now deals 140 - 220 damage.
    Wooden Hammer: Now deals 140 - 140 damage.
    Wooden Scythe: Now deals 120 - 160 damage.

    Iron Tier Weapons:

    Iron Axe: Now deals 140 - 220 damage.
    Iron Greathammer: Now deals 240 - 310 damage.
    Iron Greatsword: Now deals 190 - 240 damage.
    Iron Hammer: Now deals 140 - 190 damage.
    Iron Mace: Now deals 150 - 220 damage.
    Iron Scythe: Now deals 160 - 210 damage.

    Steel Tier Weapons:

    Mace, Axe, GS, Hammer

    Steel Axe: Now deals 190 - 260 damage.*
    Steel Greathammer: Unchanged.
    Steel Greatsword: Now deals 310 - 340 damage.*
    Steel Hammer: Now deals 200 - 240 damage.*
    Steel Mace: Unchanged.

    Animal Blades:

    Wolf Blade: Now deals 240 - 280 physical damage, plus 190 - 280 frost damage.
    Tiger Blade: Now deals 310 - 410 physical damage.
    Dragon Blade: Now deals 200 - 300 physical damage, plus 240 - 360 fire damage.
    Horse Blade: Now deals 190 - 320 physical damage, plus 270 - 340 dark damage.
    Fox Blade: Now deals 150 - 450 physical damage, plus 50 - 500 lightning damage.


    Fiery Axe: Now deals 170 - 220 physical damage, plus 210 - 300 fire damage; now always causes burning.
    Light Mace: Now deals 270 - 310 physical damage.

    Legacy Crafted Weapons, Lower Tier:

    Steel Sword: Now deals 200 - 200 damage.
    Monster Tooth Knife: Now deals 170 - 230 dark damage.
    Coral Sword: Now deals 175 - 225 damage.
    Tusk Sword: Now deals 110 - 190 physical damage, plus 110 - 190 frost damage.
    Dragon Claw Knife: Now deals 110 - 190 physical damage, plus 110 - 190 lightning damage.

    Legacy Crafted Weapons, High Tier:

    Narwhal Spear: Now deals 170 - 220 damage.
    Dragon Spike Flail: Now deals 210 - 290 damage.
    Dragon Tail Sword: Now deals 120 - 170 physical damage, plus 110 - 140 fire damage.
    Elaborate Sword: Now deals 220 - 240 damage.
    Monster Claw Axe: Now deals 120 - 240 damage, plus 180 - 230 dark damage.
    Mammoth Tooth Hammer: Now deals 180 - 310 damage.


    These changes should make older weapons more viable against limited availability weapons, while making low-level warrior play significantly easier as well.

    The consistency updates should help new players correctly identify the purpose of a weapon without it arbitrarily changing if they decide to go for an improved version of that item.

    In all instances, crafted weapons should be slightly better than dropped weapons, provided weapons of those tiers exist.

  • Talenti's Tome of Treacherous Torment was scared the snow would ruin its pages and moved to a new place in the Stone Pathway exploration event in TEP.


  • The Gala-Bound Chimera Plushie has decided it didn't like the Old Caves battlefield and moved to the Serpent's Head battlefield.


  • Chimera plushies can now be found in the Old Caves battlefield.

  • The Donate all Candy button in inventories has been removed, and the Donate all Candy button on the Food Drive page now asks you to confirm before taking your candy. If you do not have JavaScript enabled, then you will not get the confirmation popup.

  • Spell Siphon has been reworked:

    It now activates every turn, but causes you to be permanently disarmed.

    Ring of Curses: Guile now provides raw stats with no effect:
    +30 Speed
    +15 Endurance
    -10 Strength
    -10 Agility
    -10 Intelligence

  • When attacking with the Werebeast Gauntlet, Lycanthropy now lasts 3 rounds instead of lasting until the end of the battle.

    Spell Siphon has been disabled due to exploitable bugs with the effect. The amulet will be likely be completely redesigned in the days to come.