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Change Log

  • Items in the Recycle Shop as well as the FD Emporium have been grouped into more specific categories. Within each category, items will still appear in chronological order from when they became available.


    Geared Up Goggles DIY Bonus Items: Eerie Goggles or Icy Night Goggles

  • Crafting any of the Olde Foxbury 2019 DIY Recipes will now give you a chance at crafting a bonus item along with the one from the recipe!

    Most Regal Crown DIY Bonus Items: Amethyst Reign Crown or Royal Peridot Crown
    Fierce Dragon Mask DIY Bonus Items: Dragon Mask or Ferocious Dragon Mask
    Fierce Dragon Wings DIY Bonus Items: Dragon Wings or Ferocious Dragon Wings
    Flutter Fairy Wings DIY Bonus Items: Fae Wings or Flitter Fairy Wings
    Flutter Fairy Crown DIY Bonus Items: Crown of Flowers or Flitter Fairy Crown
    Suspicious Ear Headband DIY Bonus Items: Mysterious Ear Headband or Esper's Magical Fox Ears
    Geared Up Goggles DIY Bonus Items: Aeron's Protective Goggles or Icy Night Goggles
    Wizardly Wand DIY Bonus Items: Spellbinding Wand or Lisaar's Wand
    Wizardly Hat DIY Bonus Items: Spellbinding Hat or Bewitching Hat

    Happy Crafting!

  • The following weapons have had their art updated to reflect their special nature and rarity.

    PLEASE NOTE - You may need to press ctrl+F5 or refresh your browser's cache to see these new images!

    Siru's Honourable Kite Shield
    Moonlight's Greatsword
    Uralyl's Wand of Eternal Flames
    Unusual Rusted Plate Armour
    Faeli's Cursed Amulet
    The Legend's Armour
    Siobahn's Deflector
    Tiger's Terrifying Hood
    Peaches' Poison
    Emma's Iron Hammer
    Alure's Flames
    Cecily's Hood
    Frenzy's Shroud

  • Difficult tier opponents now have a 2.1% chance to drop their items, up from 0.9 - 1.6%, excluding Thatcher, who's armour now drops 1.1% of the time, up from 0.9%.

    Ysiyl and Foxila's items remain at 2.4% / 2.25% respectively.


    Sticker opponents now drop their stickers 4.5% of the time, up from 3.1%.

    Count Wonderful still drops Tanned Tunic 6% of the time.
    Ssafinis still drops Frost claws 1.4% of the time.
    Aerilis still drops lightning claws 1.4% of the time.


    All normal opponents now drop their items 1.8% of the time, up from 1.1%.

    Vrik being the only exception in this tier, dropping Claws of Light 0.8% of the time, up from 0.5%.


    Very Difficult enemies remain unchanged.


    Please note only the NPC-specific drops have increased. Global drop rates have not been modified (and you can still find all items from any opponent, provided they're in that battleground).

  • NPC specific drop rates for stickers have improved by about 20%.

    Discarded Loot Sack now drops slightly more often.

  • The Tournament Grounds (Easy) now has a 15% chance to drop spiderwebs. Spooky.

  • Due to a bug with the sockets on the Earthen Glaive, Earthen Strike's damage had to be moved around. Items with a higher quality will no longer increase its damage, but putting crystals in its sockets will no longer make it unusable.

  • Studded Leather Armour is now medium armour instead of light.

  • The drop rate on discarded loot sacks has approximately doubled in most battlegrounds.

  • Over the next several weeks, you may begin to notice some older items on the site receiving a makeover to better distinguish them from other items. These makeovers will come in small waves, starting with crystals.

    The following items have already been altered and are live in the system:

    Lightning Form Amulet
    Lightning Form Amulet Recipe
    Desolated Amulet
    Drained Amulet
    Depleted Amulet

  • Items that are classified as "crystal" and "scrap" are now searchable in the item museum, stalls, and inventory. Searching one's storage now functions similarly.

  • Bonus FC in "The Tournament Grounds - Very Difficult" has been decreased to be more consistent with other battlegrounds.

  • We've finally been able to nail down a starting date for the OFB Fest, be on the look out for the special festival news post on the 24th of May! It's coming soon furiends!

  • The following Amethystine items can now be obtained from the Amethystine recipe:
    Amethystine Zweihander
    Amethystine Tower Shield
    Amethystine Bardiche

    Please note that Lorelei will not be able to trade for these items at the moment.

    Whenever you create Mini HP or HP Potions, you'll now receive 5 bonus potions of their respective type.

    All Crystal Template recipes have had their material costs reduced by 20%, rounded up.

    The following items have had their rarity changed:

    Sunny's Inquisitive Blade - Rare
    Rusty Battle Moo - Uncommon
    Steel Battle Moo - Rare
    Dark Battle Moo - Super Rare
    Amethystine Battle Moo - Super Rare
    Mystery Meat - Common
    Flowering Amulet - Super Rare
    Flowering Hammer - Super Rare
    Flowering Hammer - Super Rare
    Flowering Plate Armour - Super Rare
    Flowering Reinforced Leather Armour - Super Rare
    Flowering Steel Axe - Super Rare

  • OFB Festival will be coming soon, we are still working hard to get it released as soon as we can. Keep a watch for the official news post when the Festival begins!

  • Villagers will no longer get sick while performing career tasks.

    If you have a villager that is currently sick, they can still be cured with the appropriate medicine, or by taking them to The Clinic in your village's medicine shop. Once they are cured, they will never get sick again.

    This update has been made in preparation for upcoming Doctor career changes.

  • Training Dummy now has random armour types.

  • Lion equipment no longer drops in village-specific battlegrounds.

  • The Lacerated effect has been changed:
    - It no longer deals physical damage, instead, it deals 170 pure damage per turn.

    Bleed now deals 85 damage per turn, up from 40.

    Chilling Aura (Timber Wolf) has been improved:
    - Mitigation is now 30% less effective.
    - Dodge chance is reduced by 70%.

  • Apologies for my slight tardiness but you can now purchase the Sapling Treeceratops in the Recycle Shop in honor of Arbor Day!

  • Happy Earth Day!

    The lovely new Spring Garden Grazer can now be found in the Recycle Shop.

  • The e-mail for appealing bans has been updated in the rules page.

  • The Imaginary Lance That Doesn't Exist no longer stuns blocking opponents.

  • Crescent Moon Scythe will have its level requirement increased to 12 in 3 days. If you'd like to equip it on a low-level warrior, you may do so within this time-frame and it will remained equipped even when the level requirement increases.

  • Writing Contest threads have been added to the Official Contests forum, happy writing everyone!

  • All staff spells have been updated to state "X Blast" instead of "X Bolt" (Bolts typically indicate lesser versions).


    The Dark Staff's self-damage has increased to 370, up from 125.
    The Dark Staff's damage range is now 360 - 410, up from 340 - 390.

    The Fire Staff now has a 50% chance to burn for 4 rounds, up from 45% for 2 rounds.

    The Frost Staff now has a 50% chance to chill for 4 rounds, up from 25% for 4 rounds.

    The Lightning Staff's attack range has increased from 1 - 550 to 75 - 600.
    The Lightning Staff now only has a 50% chance to apply electrify for 4 rounds, down from 100%.

  • There was a slight confusion between Mayor Ana and the Serpent. Mayor Ana's announcement on the Town Hall has been corrected to state that feathers will be collectible until the end of the 4th, rather than the end of the 3rd!

  • Custom Orders are temporarily closed. Please do not make any new orders until they open up again.


  • Some various changes and bugfixes have been made around the site this afternoon!
    - Attempting to purchase Gala items with no inventory space should no longer take your points.
    - Selecting an "invalid hors d'oeuvre" should no longer use up your chance to collect one. The page has also had some visual changes.
    - Collecting from the Serpent's Pot with a full inventory should no longer make the items disappear.
    - Threads in 18+ sections should no longer appear in the recent activity sidebar.
    - Contact Us now has a wider selection of general subjects to pick from.

  • Dab Master now has 5 strength, up from 1, and 200 END down from 600.

    Floop now has 12 int, down from 33. It no longer casts Beholder's Gaze, but instead opts to cast The Frost Ring's version of blizzard, which chills both players.

    Carrot's Mitigation has been reduced from 2200 - 3100 to 600 - 900, his armour type is now Medium. His speed has increased from 20 to 30.

    Cash "Money" McGay has had his defenses slashed by 80%.

    Bessie has retired from the Battleground; the battleground now only requires lv 10, down from 15.

  • Sprimkle no longer uses Take out the Trash, and dances for an additional turn. Thanks for the feedback everyone & apologies for spamming the changelog!

  • More Sprimkle Changes: The Tyranny ends, as Sprimkle now has no resistances as well.

  • Sprimkle No longer has armour, but has drastically increased health; they now dance for 4 rounds, up from 3, but continue to spam execute beyond that point (instead of only once).

  • Furvilla's Folly now only costs 5 charges to enter! Wow! Also some free elixirs on the way~

  • Buster's Average stats have halved.

  • The Purple One no longer disarms. It still dislegs.

  • The Purple One's non-667 stat array has been halved.

    Carrot's Strength has been decreased by 6.

  • The uh, new battleground, will be nerfed in like.. an hour, maybe two? Sorry about that.

    'Cause I'm meant to actually change stuff with this, Pretty Poodle's Soup of Noodles now takes 14 minutes to craft, down from 15 minutes.

  • Hi all! While we work on a bit of restructuring behind the scenes we ask that you DO NOT Bump your threads in the 18+ Forum areas. Normal posting to contribute to the thread conversation is fine but please no posts just to "Bump" the thread. Thanks so much!

  • Tools of the Trade has had its tool-tip updated to be more specific to what it does.

  • Tools of the Trade Schema now drops in Deadlier Monsters & The Abyss.

  • Tremor's Amulet has been reverted to its original design, but the text has been updated to indicate it deals physical damage, not earth damage (and so it can be dodged once more).

  • The winning entry from the long bygone Dragonsmaw Manor lore contest has finally been added to the Knowledgebase.


  • From now on all Paintie fixes have to be emailed to [email protected]


  • The Fur Idol Rules have been updated! It is recommended for anyone who is interested in Fur Idol participation to read these updated rules.


  • The Use buttons on certain items seem to have gone rogue and migrated to the right-hand side. We have wrangled the button back into place on the left-hand side!

  • Tremor's Amulet now deals 400 "earth" damage instead of having a range of 300 - 500. This should prevent the spell from being dodged, as intended.

  • Happy Groundhog Day! To celebrate, we've put a special new Plushie in the Recycle Shop! Dapper Philip is waiting to go home with you today.

    Winning winter vistas are also now available in the Recycle Shop!

  • Due to a minor issue, any feast prizes claimed shortly after maintenance had been lost. I have reviewed all claimed feast awards that may have been lost. If you have lost your feast prize and are not able to re-claim it, or were not directly awarded it, please do let us know!