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Change Log

  • Regenerate now heals for 75 per tick instead of 50 (excludes Flowering Regeneration).

  • Hidden Earth Amulet is now available from the tournament shop for 3,500 valour points.

    Deadly Monsters now drops salt 20% of the time, and monster meat 10% of the time.

  • Golem battlegrounds have had festival loot removed.

  • Battlegrounds that previously dropped soup 27% of the time now only drop them 4.3% of the time instead.

  • Harbinger Whip Schema is now available in the Tournament shop for 1750 valour points.

    Mystery Meat is now available in the recycle shop.

  • Hello everyone, Mod-Pseudonym and MOD-Shroomy are hosting another Vista contest! Please make sure to check it out!
    Contest Thread
    Contest Discussion Thread


  • Quick note, putting the winning vistas into the plunder shop was mostly so people could spend their leftover points on if they had them. But no worries, once the Plunder Shop is closed we will move them to the Recycle Shop!

  • "Create Basic Mast" now requires 15 Basic Sail Fabric & Length of Rope instead of 20.

    "Create Basic Sail" now requires 25 Basic Sail Fabric instead of 30, but requires 15 more Driftwood.

  • Map 9 is available again, and now additionally awards 1-2 basic sail fabric upon completion.

  • Map 9 is temporarily unavailable (It'll be back in about 5 minutes).

  • "Create Basic Sail" requires 5 less Basic Sail Fabric, again.

  • "Create Basic Sail" requires 5 less Basic Sail Fabric.

  • Explorers now have a button on their career page to continue unfinished events. If your map closes or errors before you can continue the event, you should be able to proceed through the appropriate villager's career page.

  • Map 6 --> Sail Fabric:

    Now has a 48% chance to provide Basic Sail Fabric (4 - 7) instead of a 35% chance to receive 4 - 8.
    --> Other sail fabric types have decreased from this option.

  • Hey everyone, just wanted to come by and point out a couple new threads for you to check out!

    Vista Contest!

    Huh. I could have sworn that my list had 4 threads on it...Looks like someone tore the bottom part of this paper off, weird.

  • An issue resulting in maps being taken despite being unused has been resolved. Additionally, Map #1 giving out old materials should be fixed.

  • Salt now drops twice as often from Wandering Monster battlegrounds (was 10%, now 20%).

  • Over the next two hours or so, you may experience issues accessing various pages of the site as some updates are being implemented. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

  • Seeds now display their required fertilizer in your inventory and when planting individually, as well as have seed information in the Item Museum.
    Village changes are now unlimited, and your theme is not reset when changing villages.

    If you experience issues with either change, please make sure to file a report.

  • The following combat pets can be found in specific battlegrounds:

    Timber Wolf - Mountain's Peak (TEP)
    Electric Eel - Open Waters (OD)
    Incredibly Deadly Serpent - The Graveyard (DMM)
    Trained Falcon - Old Caves (OFB)
    Armored Alicorn - Serpent's Head (QP)

    The drop rates for these items is 0.04%.

    Fearsome Winged Tempest no longer casts Hidden Restore or Hidden Zap.
    - Additionally, it now has 22 - 32 Int instead of 24 - 40.

  • An issue resulting in several items not showing up in the Recycler Shop should now be resolved.

  • Rarity rates for Chester's Hat have been updated.

  • Healing Potions now heal for 1750 health in combat (when used from a tool-belt).
    - The improved healing potion heals for 350 health per turn instead of 150.

    Outside of combat, Mini HP Potions now restore 4000 health and regular HP Potions restore 8000 HP.

  • Welcome back to the site! You may experience some broken pages while updates continue. We'll have a news post out for you all once updates have concluded for the day.

  • Friendly reminder that the site will be going offline in just about an hour to proceed with some scheduled updates! Downtime is expected to last around half an hour.

  • Destruction Amulet has been redesigned:

    It now deals 270 - 310 physical damage, increasing against heavier armour types, coupled with 370 - 450 fire damage.
    - It no longer stuns the user or causes delayed damage; it still counts as a spell.

    Lor's Amulet (Consuming Frost) no longer has an execute effect, but instead deals 170 - 220 frost damage when used.

    Dark's Embrace (Faeli's Cursed Amulet) now reduces all damage you deal by 30% when worn.
    --> Looking for feedback on this!

    All "Fearsome" monsters have gained 15 endurance (to min/max).
    "Deadlier Monsters" now awards 570 - 1040 FC instead of 500 - 1000.

    "Gulper" "Ancient Pyre" and "Storm Dragon" have all received 10 endurance (to min/max).

    The Harbinger (Regular) has received 7 endurance (to min/max), and +50 to all min resistances.

    Feral Lion Hunter/Huntress, Goat Devil, Greater Fanged Mouse, Greater Baku and Greater Dread Bull have all received 15 endurance (to min/max).

    If these changes make the above monsters too difficult, please let me know! I intend to the impact to be relatively minor overall.

  • A new event has been added to Ocean Dome which yields a Deep-Sea Dunkey. This event is very rare. (1 in 10,000 odds).

    The Warehouse event now occurs very rarely (1 in 10,000 odds) for all villages.
    The Super Fun Happy Wheel now occurs very rarely (1 in 10,000 odds) for all villages.

    The Yeti Cave, Ruins, Haunted House & Sunken Ship are now available once more (5 in 10,000 odds) for their respective villages.

  • Fire Serpent Scalemail - Tripled Resistances
    Lightning SSM - Tripled Resistances
    Frost SSM - Tripled Resistances
    Dark SSM - Tripled Resistances
    Light SSM - Doubled Resistances
    Ascended SSM - Doubled Resistances, excluding Dark, which is now 200 (was -100).

    There may be some issues with Chocolate Candycorn - we're looking into it.

    Also, in the previous update: Chill Amulet --> Chilling Wand & "resistances have increased significantly."

  • Chocolate Candycorn now heals for 1500 Health instead of 500.

    Abel's Folly now has an extra detrimental effect:
    - All damage you deal causes 200% of that damage dealt to be returned to you. You also lose 125 health per turn as pure damage.

    Deadly Poison no longer reduces dark resistance. (was -200).
    - It no longer reduces dodge chance (Was -200%)
    - It no longer increases damage taken. (Was +15%)
    - Its base damage is now 440 instead of 500.

    The basic amulets have had their damage increased by 30.
    (Fireball, Frostbolt, Fusion bolt, Jolt & Chaos Bolt).

    All the original "Magic" category amulets have been improved:

    Backlash now deals 570 - 700 damage instead of 460 - 550.
    Blizzard now deals 150 damage per turn to both players instead of 50.
    Chaos Flames now deals 400 - 800 damage instead of 50 - 800. It now always causes burning (was 50% chance).
    Creeping Darkness now deals 200 base damage (was 50).
    Destruction now deals 800 fire damage (was 650).
    Fiery Retort now deals 500 - 650 fire damage (was 350 - 500)
    Flame Sunder now deals 350 - 450 fire damasge (was 175 - 225).
    Each Frost Volley Bolt now deals 150 damage (was 75).
    Furious Flames now deals 375 damage per round (was 250).
    Lightning Strike now deals 400 - 800 damage (was 100 - 750); it now always leaves the target electrified (was 25%).
    Unstable Elements now deals:
    - 150 dark damage (was 50)
    - 275 earth damage (was 50)
    - 195 fire damage (was 50)
    - 175 frost damage (was 50)
    - 200 pure damage (was 50)
    - 220 lightning damage (was 50)

    All items in the "combo" category have been improved drastically:

    Chill amulet now only chills your opponent.
    Combustion now deals 550 - 550 damage (was 350 - 350).
    Ember now deals 1000 fire damage (was 500).
    Electrify has been reworked. It now deals 1000 lightning damage to an opponent if they're afflicted by electrify.
    Extinquish now heals for 700 (was 200); this healing still scales with intelligence.
    Frostfire is unchanged.
    Fusion Blast now deals 120 - 170 of each element instead of 30 - 40.
    Pollute now deals 475 - 525 base damage to your opponent; self damage is unchanged.
    Shock now deals 275 - 420 damage. (Was 75 - 325).

    The following items have resistance changes:

    Scholary Robes: All resistances tripled.
    Wizard Robes: All resistances doubled.
    Quality Robes: All resistances dobuled.
    Amethystine Robes: Fire Resistance doubled; frost resistance increased by 200.
    Oasis Robes: All resistances doubled; now has 200 lightning & dark resistance.

    Reinforced Leather Armour: All resistances doubled.
    Dark Leather Armour: All resistances doubled.
    Light Leather Armour: All resistances tripled.
    --> Light Leather Armour is now classified as light armour.
    Improved Reinforced Leather Armour: All resistances doubled.
    Flowering Leather Armour: All resistances doubled.
    Studded Leather Armour: All resistances tripled; now has 250 dark resistance.

    Enchanted Hood: All resistances tripled.
    Amethystine Hood: All resistances increased by 100.

    All Rings now provide significantly more endurance:
    Bronze Ring - 6 END (was 1).
    --> You can now purchase Bronze Rings in the recycle shop for 2500 FurGems.
    Silver Ring - 10 END (Was 2).
    Gold Ring - 17 END (Was 3).
    Platinum Ring - 24 END ( Was 4).
    Enchanted Ring - 27 END (Was 3).
    Fire Signet Ring - 15 END (Was 2).
    Lightning Signet Ring - 15 END (Was 2).
    Frost Signet Ring - 30 END (Was 10).
    Dark Signet Ring - 0 END, was -2 - now provides 15 SPD and 4 STR. (was 2 / 0).
    Enchanted to be Awesome Signet Ring: 40 END (Was 6).
    Gem-Rings: 17 END (Was ~1 END).
    Hale's Ring now increases damage dealt & taken by 37% (was 25%).
    Laura's Ring - 12 END (Was 0).
    Obsidian Ring - 17 END (Was 2).
    Petrified Wood Ring - 11 END (Was 1).
    Lion Form Ring - 24 END (Was 0).
    RROA - 40 END (Was 7).
    Tourmaline Ring - 10 END (Was -1).


    A Brief Explaination:
    This should make old amulets more viable, and make "cheaper" warrior builds more accessible to a larger number of players. The large endurance increase is a temporary solution to a larger problem - once we're able to code changes to endurance, these bonuses will be gone.

    To off-set the damage increase from various elements, resistances has increased significantly. Ideally, this should make duels a bit more interesting, but has the intentional side-effect of making PvE content easier & more accessible.

    Please post feedback - I've made sure to list the previous values so we can revert these changes if need be.

  • Arnoth is sick of fighting such weak warriors, and has resigned to a life of luxury at his secret oasis home in the desert.

  • The Zeboran Space Suit now has 150 mitigation (Up from 60), and its "Power on" abilities description has been corrected to actual function.

    The Zeboran Ray Gun now interacts with opponents which have the "Powered suit" status effect.

    -MOD Tempest

  • Warrior's Boxers can now be found in the recycle shop for 42069 FG.

    -MOD Tempest

  • The Flame Utility crystal now provides 100 fire resistance instead of 10.

  • New Stuff:
    - You can find a damaged spacesuit in OD's reef exploration event (1% chance).
    - You can find a functional spacesuit in the Black Tarot card event (0.2% chance).
    - You can find an Unsettling Feathercloak from the Black Tarot card event (0.45% chance).
    - A couple independent events have been added to various villages for new plushies.
    - OFB has a basement again (Thanks to MOD-Pseudonym).
    - Steel Plate Helm is now available from WM4.
    - Elaborate Plate Helm is now available from Deadly Monsters.
    - Both of these helms also drop in deadlier monsters.

    (Updated for clarity).

  • The "Mindbreak" effect on the Crying Feather Knife now correctly displays its cleansing effects.

    The Spells "Flame Sunder" and "Combustion" now correctly state the caster of the spells.

    -MOD Tempest

  • A new exploration event has been added (all villages).

  • Salt & Monster Meat now drop 10% of the time from Wandering Monsters battlegrounds. The recipe is now available for purchase. (Drop rates to be adjusted!)

  • Deadlier Monsters has been re-enabled; no changes have been made to loot drops.

    QP Exploration Changes:

    You are now twice as likely to find an Ember Meteorite when going left in the maze.

    Right --> Left --> Straight --> Straight --> Lie

    This path now provides 2 - 8 Twilight Sky Mushrooms instead of 2 - 4.

    Right --> Left --> Straight --> Straight --> Truth

    This path now provides 1 - 4 Twilight Sky Mushrooms instead of 1 - 2.
    This path now has a 40% chance to yield a Granite Sky Rock instead of 25% chance.

    You can no longer fail to climb the stairs in the spire (was 50% chance).
    - The chest now provides 1 - 2 Sky Coins instead of 3 - 5, and 100 - 200 FC instead of 500 - 1500.

    The tower will no longer be an illusion.
    - You'll no longer lose charges for entering the study.
    - You'll no longer lose charges when leaving the tower.

    You're now three times as likely to find an Azure Feather in the Lodgings.
    - Failure at the lodgings will no longer cause you to lose charges.

    You're now twice as likely to receive a topaz feather when descending from the Grand Hall.

    TEP Exploration Changes:

    You're now half as likely to fail when investigating the stone, and doing so will no longer cause you to lose exploration charges.

    You can no longer fail when taking the path.

    Taking the left path is now half as likely to fail, and no longer causes you to lose charges.

    You're now three times as likely to find an Azure Feather when resting.
    - Failing to rest no longer causes you to lose charges.
    - Successfully resting now restores 20 charges instead of 15.

    Looking for a way Around no longer causes you to lose exploration charges.

    Failing to go through the pass no longer causes you to lose exploration charges. You're now much more likely to succeed when picking this option.

    Searching the shrine is now twice as likely to provide materials; failing to explore the shrine now provides a small amount of FC.

    Attempting to interact with the ladder still yields in exploration loss on failure.


    Unicorn Lance - Now requires 1,000,000 Candycorn instead of 2,500,000
    Qurious Blade - Now requires 3,200 Dark Mythic Tablets instead of 4,000.
    Traveler's Amulet - Now requires 100 of each feather instead of 200 / 190 / 3000 (Elegant Feather is now required).
    Ridiculous Ring - No longer requires: Shining Light, Mystery, Super Fun Happy, Fortune, Superior Light, Fusion or any tremendous-tier crystals.

    The following items are now stocked in the valour shop:

    Dark Mythic Tablet
    Light Mythic
    Azure Feather
    Item Upgrade Ticket


    The Kitsune Bags can no longer contain: Arctic, Silver, Red or Foxfire Kitsunes.
    Instead, they may provide Rainbow Cloud, Howling-Were, Classic & Modern Bard Kitsunes.

    For reference:

    12% Chance: Dark Orchid, Star Guardian, Vampire Spooky, Lil Witchy, Happy Holly, Winter Wonderland.
    8% Chance: Rainbow Cloud, Classic Bard, Modern Bard
    3% Chance: Howling Were-Kitsune
    1% Chance: Armour of the Divine Kitsune

    It's available in the FDE for 750 FD, and drops very rarely in Deadlier Monsters.

  • Traveler's Amulet Recipe Changes:

    300 --> 200 Azure Feathers
    5000 --> 3000 Emerald Feathers
    250 --> 190 Topaz Feathers

    Traveler's Amulet Changes:

    250 --> 190 Mitigation
    100 --> 70 Resistance


    Barrel Shield Recipe Changes:

    3000 --> 1700 Birch Lumber
    3000 --> 1700 Cherry Lumber
    10000 --> 6000 Lumber

    Barrel Shield Changes:

    50 END --> 37 END


    Armour of the Divine Kitsune Recipe:

    No longer requires: The Legend's Armour, Vali's Golden Hammer, Alure's Flames, Peaches' Poison, Kyla's Trinket, Saul's Cursed Hammer

    Armour of the Divine Kitsune:

    1000 --> 770 Mitigation


    Qurious Blade Recipe:

    7000 --> 4000 Dark Mythic Tablet
    100 --> 50 Amethystine Steel

    Qurious Blade

    +6 to all stats --> +4 to all stats (ability unchanged).


    Mace of Infinite Light Recipe:

    250 --> 175 Light Mythic Tablet
    75 --> 50 Amethystine Steel

    Mace of Infinite Light:

    6 --> 4 Int
    6 --> 4 End
    150 --> 75 Mitigation (ability unchanged).


    Unicorn Lance Unchanged.


    Ridiculous Ring of Absurdity no longer has any sockets, but now provides 7 to all stats and 77 to all defensive categories.

    The recipe is unchanged.

  • Amethystine Steel recipes drop 3x more frequently.

  • Due to a bug, Sunny's Inquisitive Blade can no longer be used as a keepsake.

  • Just a quick correction!

    Agate's War Fan: Drops 1% of the time from a new opponent, which can be found rarely in Wandering Monsters IV.

  • New items are now available:

    Risktaker's Coin:
    1.25% from black tarot cards.
    1% from the black wheel.

    Risktaker's Sword:
    0.5% from black tarot cards.

    Risktaker's Shield:
    0.75% from the black wheel.

    Agate's War Fan: Drops 1% of the time from a new opponent, which can be found rarely in Deadly Monsters IV.

    Talenti's Tome: Found 1% of the time when taking the trail in TEP (this event will be updated soon).

    Sunny's Inquisitive Blade: Available in the recycle shop for 2000 FurGems. Note that the damage bonus & reduction on this item does not stack with similar effects.

  • Users now have the ability to adjust their browsing font size, which should help with some accessibility issues. If you notice any sections you believe are being improperly affected, please let me know!
    There are also now options to hide the Contests and Painties sections from the Town Hall page.
    All three options are available on the User Settings page.

    A fix has also been implemented that should now display the birthday gifts you've received when you first claim them.

  • A Questioning Button has been added to the Recycle Shop!

  • 5 new Pride Buttons have been added to the Recycle Shop! Androgyne, Intersex, Autochorissexual, Pangender, and Polysexual so go on over and check them out!

  • Shattered Greatsword has been renamed to Broken Greatsword.

  • Amethystine Hood now provides 300 to all elemental resistances.
    Amethystine Robes no longer provides any stat bonuses/penalties, but instead increase all resistances by 600.
    Amethystine Kite Shield no longer decreases speed, but instead increases it by the same amount.

  • Amethystine Mace now deals drastically increased damage to heavy/medium armour types, applies Sunder to your opponent, and Battle Cry & Fortitude to yourself - all effects last 6 rounds. However, it now only has a single charge.

  • Momentum has been fixed for the Steel Zweihander.

    Amethystine Hood/Robes no longer decrease mitigation.