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Fursuiting Chat

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Fursuiting Chat
Posted by Admin-Mat
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[LF] Fursuit maker OR good fursuit makers
Posted by PlushGiraffe
2 Last post by Frostie
1 day, 8 hours ago
Fursuit construction questions
Posted by Dakota_Skullwolf
7 Last post by Varinis
1 day, 23 hours ago
How do you guys carry around your fursuit heads?
Posted by OmenTheTalentless
4 Last post by SnowgemCopi
4 days, 5 hours ago
tutorial site for beginners.
Posted by kestral
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clay fursuit?
Posted by twotailstm
8 Last post by kestral
4 days, 10 hours ago
The Making of Her Sovereignty's "Fursuit"
Posted by Pendulum
12 Last post by Pendulum
4 days, 14 hours ago
Show me your fursuits!
Posted by StellarHyena
138 Last post by Jared_Kleinman
6 days, 13 hours ago
First PDW Fursuit Heads n stuff
Posted by Gilda
34 Last post by RoseGem
8 days, 11 hours ago
OMG a Gemraptor!!!
Posted by RGDlightteam
14 Last post by MOD-Thaleia
8 days, 16 hours ago
Oops, I started a thing
Posted by FartNugget
34 Last post by JujuPlays
9 days, 11 hours ago
Posted by fiskybitz
1 Last post by Graffiti
12 days, 4 hours ago
digitigrade legs
Posted by twotailstm
6 Last post by Jifi-Dawg
15 days, 15 hours ago
Making My First Partial
Posted by PriestGuts
41 Last post by Gilda
21 days, 1 hour ago
Questions about my first fursuit head
Posted by LuminousDrago
3 Last post by Kittydatefriend
1 month, 6 days ago
Realistic Raptor Suit WIP!
Posted by Nebulonyx
72 Last post by Nebulonyx
1 month, 18 days ago
huge ears! (fursuit)
Posted by twotailstm
2 Last post by Imhereimqueer
1 month, 18 days ago
fursuit sculpting help!
Posted by twotailstm
3 Last post by lillmonster
1 month, 21 days ago
make it or commission it? (fursuit)
Posted by twotailstm
3 Last post by twotailstm
1 month, 22 days ago
Budget fursuit?
Posted by meeyontokki
1 Last post by meeyontokki
1 month, 25 days ago
My very first Fursuit!
Posted by Demongirl10
31 Last post by Demongirl10
1 month, 30 days ago
Anyone Know Some Good [Cheap-ish] Fursuit Makers?
Posted by RedlaSunShowers029
6 Last post by twotailstm
2 months, 19 hours ago
Commish a Fursuit Hype + looking for fursuit tips!
Posted by ZombiSteak
11 Last post by ZombiSteak
2 months, 1 day ago
Making a goat fursuit!
Posted by kaninee91k
12 Last post by nyaago
2 months, 2 days ago
making my fursuit commissions
Posted by Gela98
123 Last post by meeyontokki
2 months, 2 days ago