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25 Oct 2017, 5:51 pm
in I need someone to talk to [FtM Trans] (go to post)
I apologize for the overly long text, it happens often when I'm passionate about something

I'm probably not the greatest help, but I think you're amazingly strong. It takes a lot to think about possibilities of how to make yourself feeling good in the body you where (accidentally) given and pointing the things out that are bothering you. I really hope that your parents will at some point see that it's nothing that you can simply "get over with", because that's just who you are and it's not "a phase", nothing that needs to be "corrected", because you are you and that's beautiful.
I think i might be gender-fluid/non-binar and after hearing so many people having struggles/fight/problems with there parents, I'm more then thankful for my own... When I first heard about non-cis people getting kicked out or worse from the people who raised them, I was shocked - simply shocked. Even now I can't understand why they do that... it's not that their child has changed in any way, it's still the same as before, only that they don't fit into the tiny box of century old stereotypes and out-of-date world views. The world changes, people are getting smarter and discover themself like they do since the begin of time. It's our right to feel what we feel and to be who we are!

Little rant over, back on topic:
I love the tips that where already given, like
- shorter/"boyish" haircut (I have for the first time in forever my hair a bit over shoulder-long and pulling them into a bunny-bun does make my face look more masculine, while open or in a ponytail it's more feminine); experiment and try different styles; even half long hair can look "manly"
- bigger cloth; might be a challenge with a big chest, but now with the winter coming it can get a bit easier, maybe grab a friend and take them shopping in the "boy/men" section (btw mostly less pricey then then girls section, higher quality since "females LOVE shopping and buy more frequently cloth" [... yeah tell that my parents [both over 50!]; dad loves shopping for hours, mom hates it and is done after ~30 minutes] and look better), some pullover do hide it when the collar is higher and the wider shoulders take a bit from the chest away; plus there are lots of cloth when it's not obvious that it's mean for males (I have a bunch of neutral shirts/pullovers/jackets)
- neutral or sports deodorant/perfume; smells nice, makes you feel good and when someone asks you can simply say that "flowery and sweet doesn't work for your" (for real.. I stink! with sweet notes and my mom prefers natural ones for the same reason)
- getting a binder (shipped to another family member/friend); okay this one can be really hard for someone underage. I think gc2b has a few options where you can hopefully get a free binder, not sure how helpful this will be, but I think I should share it when there is a chance
I'll also ask my parents if they are willing to help someone out... maybe they will order one not my size along with my Christmas present (they spoil me a bit now that I'm out of the house and over 8 hours away... I PM you when I can, hopefully before the WE)

Please stay strong! You've got so many positive responses and I think a lot of people are willing to help when you need someone to talk to privately