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31 Aug 2020, 2:51 pm (Edited 31 Aug 2020, 10:12 pm)
in [OD EVENT] Trading hub (go to post)
Living Ink x 203
Paint Rags x 76
Painter's Tape x 175
Paint Flask x 110
Watercolor Brush x 105

Wickerbeast Stone x 2
Rabbit Stone x 2
Fox Stone x 3
Warrior Stone x 1
Rat Stamp x 3
Rabbit Stamp x2

Raptor Stone x 1
Fox Stamp x 1
29 Aug 2020, 9:50 pm (Edited 29 Aug 2020, 9:50 pm)
in [OD event] How's your point/boat progress (go to post)
I'm doing pretty good on most materials, I think, except for pencils and water for some reason.
I did finally get my dinghy upgrade, though, so I could find actual treasure and not rocks. Haven't converted my treasure but it's a piddly amount rn anyhow.
22 Jun 2020, 2:14 am
in The Grand Melee (go to post)
Tossing Percy in, why not.

Is it just me or... are his eyes mesmerizing?
24 Mar 2020, 6:00 pm
in serpent festival discussion/feedback thread (go to post)
I'm really glad that the seeds from other villagers drop in the battleground because I saw the prices and limited availability of the cotton flower seed in the marketplace and just crossed the alchemy recipe off the list when the event first launched. Thank you for the seed drops!

I like the new items. Very shiny and aesthetically pleasing.

Noll makes a lot of good points there.
30 Dec 2019, 3:49 pm
in secret santa art exchange!! (go to post)
Thank you for organizing the art exchange, atilla!

Happy New Year :)
23 Dec 2019, 11:34 am
in secret santa art exchange!! (go to post)
BK Hey there! I'm your secret santa! Just let me know if I missed anything on your characters ^^

oh my gosh!! they're so cute! I love the sweaters <33
you drew them so well, thank you ;;
20 Dec 2019, 9:15 pm
in secret santa art exchange!! (go to post)
merry wintermas from your secret santa!
11 Dec 2019, 2:46 pm
in December new items thread (go to post)
Do the Bloop and Floop stamps come from the battleground Furvilla's Folly?

I really like those cute eyeballs and would like to put them in my collection.
25 Nov 2019, 2:36 am
in how much storage do you have? (go to post)
Inventory: 1096
Storage: 750
Shop: 80

I just recently beefed up my inventory and storage because of all the candy from the DMM fest, too. Never bothered with saving up equipment for the serpent, I always just bred animals to sacrifice, lol.
9 Nov 2019, 11:25 pm
in secret santa art exchange sign ups! [closed] (go to post)
Minerva (Female Minotaur)
Mobey (Sparkly Moth Furry)
Annabella (Cyclops Humanoid)
Noet (Feral Gryphon)

themes/prompts: I'd be happy with any kind of generic winter-y feeling. Dress them however you're inspired to at the moment. An "ugly xmas sweater" and/or a tacky hat/headband would be great, for example.

extra info: Minerva is chubby but muscular (also you don't have to draw her in the AT style I just like to), Mobey is thicc, Annabella is a professional dancer. Noet is cat-sized and a menace.

what i prefer drawing: Furry (including insects, etc), feral, humanoids.
Not good with mechanical characters.
4 Nov 2019, 8:36 pm
in How does everyone get so good? (go to post)
my two cents:

Invest in your herbalist.
Selling plants back to the site at the resell price is a good way to make FC.
1 Nov 2019, 2:04 am (Edited 1 Nov 2019, 10:05 pm)
in 2018 DMM Festival Buttons swap (go to post)
all done, thanks!
31 Oct 2019, 6:14 am (Edited 1 Nov 2019, 1:09 am)
in Event pet gender swap (go to post)
all done! thank (:
31 Aug 2019, 5:54 am
in Eat it or leave it (go to post)
Leave it!

31 Aug 2019, 5:20 am (Edited 1 Sep 2019, 10:39 pm)
in OD Event Trading Hub (go to post)
edit: all done
28 Aug 2019, 4:15 pm
in Unofficial Ocean Dome Event Discussion Thread (go to post)

I didn't! But I just checked all my explorers.
If it was there it might've been reset by the hour refreshing.

...I'll just pretend it was one that would've given me bronze, lol
28 Aug 2019, 3:59 pm
in Unofficial Ocean Dome Event Discussion Thread (go to post)
tfw you accidentally double click "continue" and the adventure wheel window closes before you can choose treasure or material and it's just... GONE

28 Aug 2019, 3:55 pm
in Has this happen to you before? (art talk) (go to post)
Happened to me last month! I sketched out a character, lined it, was about to start coloring it...
and the power went out.

Sitting there in the darkness I realized I hadn't even saved the sketch.

-head desk-
27 Aug 2019, 9:15 pm
in How many Plunder Points do you have? (go to post)

Still gathering seaweed for my final upgrade. Definitely want that ghost ship.

I've crafted 150 Adventure Wheels so far (focusing on materials only until I get fully upgraded--then it's onto treasure).
25 Aug 2019, 4:39 am
in Favorite ___ Pokemon? (go to post)

Favorite gen 1 pokemon?
23 Aug 2019, 5:30 pm (Edited 23 Aug 2019, 5:32 pm)
in post an inside joke with no context (go to post)



*I am the Goat Man.
8 May 2019, 2:36 pm
in Suggest names for my plush pinata? (go to post)
Mâché -- piñatas are made using papier-mâché, plus it's fun to say.

Artie - piñatas are sometimes made using pottery, pottery is often found as artifacts. Thus, Artie.

Penny - honestly, just short for piñata lol

Francis - gender neutral and there's a statue of a Franciscan monk hitting a piñata in Mexico

Coral - no explanation, just think it'd be cute
4 Mar 2019, 7:46 pm
in Event pet gender swap (go to post)
Looking for a

MALE Rainbow Cloud Manta

I have a

FEMALE Rainbow Cloud Sheep
MALE Rainbow Cloud Scorpion

to swap.
25 Feb 2019, 6:02 pm
in What are you eating right now?? (go to post)
I just ate rice ball with soy milk for breakfast.

That sounds kinda nice!
25 Feb 2019, 5:55 pm
in What are you eating right now?? (go to post)
Stuffed bell peppers! Om nom nom