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15 Jan 2017, 9:34 pm
in [BK's Body Horror Premades] (go to post)
Oh my gosh YES this is one of my JAMS.

I'm not sure when I'd have a villager slot open for a while, but can I nab the Bloody Worm Deer, please? 83

15 Jan 2017, 9:21 pm (Edited 18 Jan 2017, 3:44 pm)
in [BK's Body Horror Premades] (go to post)
UPDATE: SIX (6) Royal Eye Moths are now available.

THREE (3) White-tail does (or antlerless bucks) are available.
I'm only making these 4 with this particular base.
Duplicates won't be sold. Once sold, the design belongs to the buyer.
After these are sold, this horror edit will be retired.

$4 USD per deer via paypal is prefered.
What you will receive:
Two transparent PNG files of your new deer (fullsize and submission size).


1: Bloody Worm Deer ♥SOLD
2: Red Legged Worm Deer ♦AVAILABLE
3: Purple Worm Deer ♦AVAILABLE
4: Soft Worm Deer ♦AVAILABLE

Uh oh! Looks like a couple of moths got too close to the worm deer!

1: Purple Winged Royal Eye Moth ♦AVAILABLE
2: Red Winged Royal Eye Moth ♦AVAILABLE
3: Blue Royal Eye Moth ♦AVAILABLE
4: Orange Royal Eye Moth ♦AVAILABLE
5: Infected Royal Eye Moth, Orange ♦AVAILABLE
6: Infected Royal Eye Moth, Pink ♦AVAILABLE
(I won't be making more Eye Moths--these 6 are it.)

Basic Rules:
Don't resell for more than you paid.
Credit is appreciated.
Small edits to the base are okay but please don't sell your own edits.

@Khaos @Harmonia @ScissorMouth @Lost_On_The_Moon @ExhaustedGiraffe @hemotypewriter @Rotsuoy @Pippi @Xen @sciencesparrow @Bookmite @Admiral @Lunila
15 Jan 2017, 6:01 pm
in Which Recaller are you? (go to post)
I recall every other dream I have. If the dream was interesting enough, I usually try to write it down or draw something from it before I forget it.

It's not terribly interesting but last night I dreamed I was in Minecraft for real and an Enderman chased me off a cliff.
7 Jan 2017, 4:51 pm
in Spoil Your Story in Three Words (go to post)
It was accidental.

A rift opens.

He's crippled lifelong.

Loving friend dies.

He converts somehow.

(5 different stories lol)
3 Jan 2017, 1:52 pm
in Gift seeds to the person above you (go to post)
headed your way!
11 Dec 2016, 4:56 am
in Post Your Current Thought (go to post)
Was the bee villager ever released?
10 Dec 2016, 9:31 pm
in Where are all the colours? (go to post)
You'll have to get a raptor transformation potion for that, pretty sure
10 Dec 2016, 3:20 am
in Dear hardened warriors, (go to post)
I just use monster claw axes and spiderweb shields.
7 Dec 2016, 6:59 pm
in Snuffle MP Recipe not restocking & not in stalls? (go to post)
The restocking is a little frustrating! I've been checking in the weapons shop often but have only managed to get two schemas. Haven't even SEEN the others.