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16 May 2017, 4:57 am
in Anonymous Fairies (go to post)
One last Thank before I have to log! I don't know which fairy, if any, but thank you for the compliment and the gift! nn
16 May 2017, 4:51 am (Edited 16 May 2017, 4:54 am)
in Anonymous Fairies (go to post)
Raise your, er, seed mastery? ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Thank you Lenny Fairy :D!

ETA: There's a saying that god moves in mysterious ways, which is ironic if they're actually stationery (hurr, homophone puns! Lol, thank you Envelope!)
16 May 2017, 4:48 am
in Anonymous Fairies (go to post)
Hehe, and thank you to the majestic Envelope as well!
16 May 2017, 4:44 am (Edited 16 May 2017, 4:44 am)
in Anonymous Fairies (go to post)
Thank you for the gift Scarf Fairy! Your joke made me chuckle, so it can't be that bad :D
11 May 2017, 5:32 pm
in Killed a Mimic! :D (go to post)
I've killed a couple (lucky spawns, not too strong (still needed my hp pots though!) and got a super-rare material off of each (the gold scales and dark mythic tablet), but I've killed one that just dropped candycorn; after dropping a pot on it that felt a little insulting, hehe.
9 May 2017, 11:54 pm (Edited 9 May 2017, 11:54 pm)
in Battling userstyle (LF: feedback) (go to post)
Oh, by 'free space' I just mean that FVs content generally only takes up 2/3 to 1/2 my screen (depending on monitor and resolution) with large empty spaces on either side, so I moved the stat box to the empty space on the left side as part of my I-refuse-to-scroll adjustments, hehe.
example with your own fantastic scripts:
This is one my husbands laptop, which has a higher resolution than the monitor I usually battle on, so the space is even larger than what I'm used to.
9 May 2017, 5:52 am
in Are people getting varied explorer events? (go to post)
I've had pretty bad luck with my last few explores (IE, no events at all) buuut I'm only running a couple so, not sure if that's useful as a data point.
Just gotta hope it'll turn around soon I guess!
8 May 2017, 11:05 pm
in Battling userstyle (LF: feedback) (go to post)
This looks great! I have a few customizations set up to make use of the space and just condense the page a little (inline-block on the loot so that even up to 5 drops can be seen without scrolling down, + the end stats and candy-corn div I move to the lefthand free space), this is going to be a fantastic addition!
7 May 2017, 8:07 pm
in Sneak Peaks! May Event (go to post)
So beauty, much maiden ;-;
6 May 2017, 9:19 pm
in Anyone Else Loving the Thundercats? (go to post)
A person who doesn't play FV but saw the Thundercat announcement over my shoulder also agrees with you: Squall is their fave. I like the Rare (can't remember the name, the blue and yellow one), the tabby markings make it look like it is the angriest.
4 May 2017, 6:51 pm
in New or just rarely happens? (go to post)
Looks like you can visit another villagers house (going through their profile to their decorated house) for a few FC; wasn't aware of that, may have always been there though 'cause I've not done anything with houses.
27 Apr 2017, 1:28 pm
in We're missing something here (go to post)
eat too many potato and become potato
source: am potato
12 Mar 2017, 1:35 pm
in how the heck do you get sick WHILE BAKING (go to post)
I can just imagine you screaming at your villager like Gordon Ramsay x3


r e f e r e n c e
1 Mar 2017, 4:47 pm
in !!!!!!!!! (fd pet related) (go to post)
Thank for luck! I saw this post, gave in and got another box and got a Maneki snek! (AKA Spotted Sneep, the one I wanted XD)
Congrats, give many boop!
1 Mar 2017, 2:14 am
in New Item discussion - Food Recipes!?! (go to post)
A ping?! Thanks for the kind words! The real heavy lifting for the items was done by the person who provided the concept art, I just made them... item-y? Unfortunately I'm not sure the username of the originator!
21 Jan 2017, 3:41 pm
in Do you judge people based on their icons? (go to post)
Sorta, but usually not negatively. Most of the time I think avatars are pretty neutral, but if a person has a really adorable avatar I might think of them as a more warm-hearted person? I mean, I have been proved wrong, believe me, but just talking about first impressions that's the feeling I get.
17 Jan 2017, 6:29 pm (Edited 17 Jan 2017, 6:30 pm)
in Did something change with CSS? (go to post)
Strange! The following code turns Kin's description text white;
.villager-data{ color:#FFFFFF !important; }
What's your code for the section look like?
17 Jan 2017, 5:11 pm
in Furvilla Derp Stories (go to post)
I did sweet all during the beta! School and work kept me away until the end of December, I feel like I missed so much. I probably would have made the same mistake as others have though, and failed to stock up on rare stuff, that sort of thing.
17 Jan 2017, 1:57 am (Edited 17 Jan 2017, 1:59 am)
in Did something change with CSS? (go to post)
I haven't done anything with profiles but have you tried using 'Inspect' on the portion of text you're interested in changing? It's a feature in Chrome, not sure what other browsers call it. Just put your cursor over the text (or any element you want to know more about), right click, and choose 'Inspect'. A box will show up to the side with the specific div element that you're inspecting highlighted. You can also mouse over other divs in order to see a bounding box of what they encompass. The divs will have 'classes' that you can select, or target, in the CSS using .classname.

If the class is already in your custom CSS and has the white font property (color: white; or color:#FFFFF;), try appending !important before the semicolon. Generally it doesn't need that, but it might be worth a shot.

Sorry if you've tried all this already!
17 Jan 2017, 1:24 am
in Um I can't find things gotten at the giving tree (go to post)
Try sorting your inventory by 'newest', that's what I do when I'm having trouble finding something! :D
16 Jan 2017, 4:50 pm (Edited 16 Jan 2017, 4:51 pm)
in Tips for snagging pattern books? (go to post)
Another double post >.< I'm on a roll!
16 Jan 2017, 4:50 pm (Edited 16 Jan 2017, 5:09 pm)
in Tips for snagging pattern books? (go to post)
Definitely keep in mind the last bit of Hawkfeather's first paragraph; I never saw anything restock until I realized it wasn't updating exactly on the quarter mark. That means I was missing who-knows-what simply because I thought I had given it enough time to see something, but I hadn't. That said, even though it's not exactly on the minute, it is pretty predictably 'late' each time, so you don't have to worry about too much variability.

Ideally it takes about 30 seconds to know whether or not you're gonna get something: head to the shop on or just before the minute (nothing shows up early, so you don't need to spend 3 minutes refreshing), refresh for roughly 15 seconds, and then another few more until it's definitely too late for anything to stock, then return to your other activities :D

(Haha, I just wanted to add; notice my last paragraph makes the default assumption that you won't see anything. The books and whatnots are really quite rare, as was mentioned, so don't let a few non-stocks deflate you!)

As for actually grabbing them when they stock? I like to browse Furvilla zoomed out so that I can see the buy button even if I haven't scrolled down (in case you're on a smaller monitor like me). It also helps with warrior battles, fwiw. Other than that just stay cool to avoid stress-induced misclicks that would close your modal and cost you time.
11 Jan 2017, 7:43 pm
in Light vs Darkness (go to post)
11 Jan 2017, 7:21 pm
in February/serpent event info (bird & lighting moth) (go to post)
Grabby hands to the Corvid, that robe is perfect QP aesthetic.
10 Jan 2017, 4:44 pm
in [S]QP Schemas: Helm, Flail, Dragonheart (go to post)
Absolutely, thank you!

Sorry, not really interested in seeds I'm afraid

Going to be stepping out for a few :)