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14 Feb 2017, 8:17 pm (Edited 14 Feb 2017, 8:33 pm)
in Happy valentines, tag someone you love! (go to post)

Mephisto (idk if quoting works like this but ye, u r pinged!) aaa thank you!!!! ;;W;;

well, i've had an eventful day i'll say that, but it's getting better!! (one thing i'm happy about is getting macromedia flash 8, sorry if that sounds braggy aaa,,) hope you had a better day/night than i did!! you deserve it honestly, you're such a great person and i'm glad we're friends! (even if we don't talk as much as i'd like to, i kinda don't like starting conversations so y e,,,)

my pings: Mephisto Afton EurasianLynx Elcyy ANiceCupOfCocoa OfficiaI zevran (all of these are in a platonic way of course, ur all great people and i'm glad i met u guys aa)
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