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8 Aug 2017, 11:40 am
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14 Mar 2017, 10:37 am
in Exploring the Exploring Career (go to post)
This idea sounds really well thought out and actually really great! although the villages and their settings would make some impossible to get to (then again people can move from Ocean Dome to Quetzal Palace easily apparently).

Yeah, I think my idea is partly to remove that necessity to switch to other villages simply because you need materials. I feel like it sort of removes the idea of having a "home" if you are just moving for the sake of getting items.
14 Mar 2017, 8:13 am
in Exploring the Exploring Career (go to post)
(Initially submitting in the other ideas form but bring it back because, why not?)

My idea, suggestion, proposal, endeavour if I may, is that I would like to put some "FUN" in exploring.

I've always like exploring in any world/game. I feel like this kind of experience is sort of lacking for my characters right now. Are my villagers hobbits that never go beyond their own homes? I would hate to quit and move to another village just because I need cloud seeds or whatever. I think that there should be an option to explore further to other towns or even better, exploring for a chance to get rare items. That's the fun of exploring! I know this is a game of probability, but hey, 1% chance of finding a pattern, coming home with a new pet, or finding the one ring that rules them all in a river is much better than the same old stuff, different day that we are now used to,

Summary of proposed idea: (names of course are just for basic understanding of what I have in mind):
Add new "Explore Other Village" button to Explorer career
Add new "Explore Further" button to Explorer career

"Explore Other Village" (30 mins per exploration maybe with limit on how many times a day? Could be random, or maybe selected in a popup window?) - Allows villager to go beyond their own village to seek new goods. Has possibly higher chance of coming back sick.

"Explore Further" (1.5 -2 hours and maybe a hp potion? or other reagent(s)?) - Allows villager to journey for a longer period and return with a higher quality item. These would be uncommon to super-rares or possibly even just a bundle of coins or an FD or 2?

It seems reasonable to me that you will have to pay in either time or cost or both in order to get the benefits of longer explorations, however, it is only fair since most other careers can take more than an hour or two for crafting and require reagents to begin the task.

That's about it! Hope this sparks a good conversation and is something other people are interested in making happen as well.
23 Dec 2016, 12:42 pm
in Help on making more FC! (go to post)
I just gave him/her 5000 FC EXPLORER IS THE WAY TO GO!

You are so amazing!! I can't thank you enough! I will have to go the way of the explorer then. *salutes!* =)

*hyena loves*
23 Dec 2016, 12:37 pm
in Help on making more FC! (go to post)
I am pretty new here. Loving how cute everything is! I currently have 3 villagers and struggling to make the 5000 FCs for getting that 4th one. Is really grinding exploring the only way to go? I am having bad luck and keep getting sun burned or sick so I have to pay to get them cured making me lose money. I tried being a warrior and herbalist but seems like those were also money sinks since I had to keep buying weapons/armor/bottles. The items I find exploring sell for dirt cheap on the stalls so not sure if I should hoard them instead and keep them for the long run or sell them in the stalls for some quick cash.

Are there any guides or pro-tips on this?

Thanks in advance from a fluffy yeen. :)