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2 Nov 2019, 6:10 pm (Edited 2 Nov 2019, 6:21 pm)
in Can't see all 11 active villagers... (go to post)
Unless I put this guy as my active: http://www.furvilla.com/villager/312904 only 10 of my 11 villagers show up on my side bar at a time. Which I find odd because for a while I could view all 11 active villagers then suddenly, poof! Not unless he's on top.

Edit: As I said before only putting the villager above as active allows me to see all 11.
1 Nov 2019, 10:45 am
in Go From Undead to Zombie! (go to post)
Thank you! He's disgusting I love it!
31 Oct 2019, 9:33 am
in Go From Undead to Zombie! (go to post)
Could you change this villager over please?

23 Oct 2019, 10:01 pm
in Sharing a powerful warrior build (go to post)
Thank you for the assist!
23 Oct 2019, 9:45 pm
in Sharing a powerful warrior build (go to post)
How do I go about adding a socket to my spectral scythe?
31 Aug 2019, 5:51 am
in Who's Excited for Halloween? (go to post)
Well at the beginning of the year I got excited about the possibility of coordinating a schedule with someone so we'd be able to go out of town on Halloween. I told them "If we go on Halloween, I need to know right here and now so I have time to work on a costume." But, they didn't want that week. Okay, I'm fine with that. No need to make a deluxe costume then. I find out six months later they decided to take that week off and we can go on the trip... I don't have the time or the money now to make the costume I had planned on. I don't know what to do now. I don't have a costume. And without one that defeated the whole purpose of going on the trip for Halloween. I made other plans but I guess I'll have to toss those aside because gosh forbid I bring the subject up in an attempt to say, "this doesn't work for me..." or they'll just get mad and ignore me. :/ I hate my life.
5 Jul 2019, 9:38 am
in This poor communication needs to stop. (go to post)
SerenityStarla You've misunderstood, my dad is not my client. XP

No, I have no plans to be a horrible person to him. My mind explodes into a huge rant to which I complain to myself and to a thread on the internet and that helps my mood. Like, I feel better now. XP

I'm trying to find a good way to approach the subject so that he's not making that face like always because what he's changed his mind to doesn't necessarily work for me and my schedule. Maybe I'll just let my head explode? ^^; That way I can avoid the situation.
5 Jul 2019, 8:46 am
in This poor communication needs to stop. (go to post)
I don't even know anymore. My head feels like it's going to explode.

As a party planner I pride myself in planning events well in advance. Meaning there has to be good communication between the client and myself. Yes, I have VIP clients who say "I need you to put together a big party like next week." Only for you because you're my number one customer! My brain has been hardwired to do this type of planning for any occasion. (including my wedding)

Not only have I been slammed with an unexpected trip next week that I had no time to save up for... because I was notified the week after I spent $50 on two dolls I'd been eyeing for years. Taking that leap of faith seems like it was a bad decision. Basically the last few weeks I've been running myself ragged planning. (Checking websites for products, watching pick up dates, comparing prices and who had which product in stock, which products I need for which occasion, how many do I need of each, etc, etc.)

This morning I asked about October/November because the original plan (Back in January mind you) was to go on the trip then. I, of course channeling my inner cosplayer, leaped at the chance to ask about Halloween. No. My dad didn't want that week he wanted a different week. And I was OKAY with that. I told him back then that if we did go on Halloween I'd need to know RIGHT THEN so I could plan. I'd need time to plan a costume and time to pick up all of the pieces. *I haven't attended a convention or needed a costume since 2015 because life happened.*

He says we're going on Halloween.

Excuse you? When did that decision get made? That wasn't the original plan. That's not what you told me back in January when you guys at work were playing 'pass the calendar.' Like, WHAT? No! At no point between January up until now did I get any notification that he changed his mind and decided on Halloween for the trip.

I don't have time to plan for that and I've already made other plans. Nor do I have the money to get a costume together.

This wouldn't be the first time his poor communication with me has led to a big problem. He's gotten a bad habit of telling me one thing then doing something else along with the habit of not giving me crucial details of a plan. I've told him several times, you need to let me know in advance so I know how to plan.

It's annoying. Forces me to change all of my plans. And costs me more money. Work on those communication skills, would you? I've got three birthday parties and a wedding to plan which all have specific dates. I've got a business that needs my undying loyal attention. I can't exactly drop everything at a moment's notice just because someone didn't bother to let me know their plans or had changed their plans.

Naturally I can't say any of these things in real life. It's much easier to vent on a forum that random people on the internet will read and say "you're a huge jerk!" "you need to die and go to hell!" I already live there. Every. Day. Of. My. Existence. I'm only a jerk in my own thoughts in real life I follow commands like a trained puppy. Rearrange my life to better suit other's schedules. And complain to myself about how miserable I am.

I don't even know how to approach the subject.
My dad won't listen. The minute I say anything he rolls his eyes, makes a dumb face and ignores me.
I can't communicate anything to him no matter the approach.
3 Jul 2019, 8:38 am
in Would I be wrong to deny a cat food? (go to post)
No, there aren't any no kill shelters in my area. I don't know of any rescues or fosters in my area either. Pretty much any 'rescue' would be the few people like me who take in the abandoned animal. ^^; Which is how I got my first cat years ago.

Yeah, I'm definitely one of those people who does what I can! But my health has deteriorated so badly I hardly have the strength to get through the day.
3 Jul 2019, 6:40 am
in Would I be wrong to deny a cat food? (go to post)
Cats wandering the neighborhood isn't anything new. It's the ones that come to me emaciated that are the problem.

Sooooo... this little orange tabby wanders through and he's super thin. (I know toms are typically thin but not to the point I can see and feel all of their bones) Obvious to me he's not being fed even if he does belong to someone. That poses the question: Do I feed him?

If I turn him away I might be sentencing this creature to death by starvation. I don't want to know I might have been the only compassionate human in my neighborhood that could have helped him and didn't.

If I feed him, he might decide to stay. And I don't want another cat.

I'm an idiot and with my 'I care more about the well-being of an animal than that of another human' I started feeding this scrawny cat. How could I not feel sorry for him? People are jerks and can find their own way but animals are different...

Now this tabby boy thinks my home is now his home. :/ He hangs around the house all the time. You don't live here. I don't want another cat. I don't have the strength or mentality to take care of another living, breathing creature.

But. Keep in mind the only options are to not feed him and that might cause him to go off and starve because people in my neighborhood don't have the compassion to care for an animal in need. (Heck, they don't care properly for the pets they do have!) Or the pound. And we all know what happens there.

I don't know... would I have been wrong to deny him food in the first place? That just feels like it would have been wrong. And at the same time I wouldn't have had a cat hanging around the house.

Seems like every decision I make in life is wrong. Everything I do is wrong. Just look how my life turned out.
7 Jun 2019, 8:19 am
in [OPEN] SALE Uendo's Paintie & Vista Bin (go to post)
Would it be possible to order a Fictoromantic Pride Rabbit? A recolor using the colors of the flag.
7 Jun 2019, 5:44 am
in [OPEN] SALE Uendo's Paintie & Vista Bin (go to post)
Are you still taking orders? I'm desperately trying to find someone to do a recolor for me.
5 Jun 2019, 6:27 am
in [OPEN] Xavier's Paintie Shop (FC, FD, Item Offers) (go to post)
Any chance you might do a recolor of a rabbit villager for me? I'm getting desperate for a pride month version.
2 Jun 2019, 2:51 pm
in cheap paintie commissions(OPEN) (go to post)
Would you be interested in trying to create the animatronic forms of my Angel Bunny character?
2 Jun 2019, 6:07 am (Edited 4 Jun 2019, 8:43 am)
in LF: Pride Bunny Paintie. Anyone? (go to post)
I'm always disappointed that fictoromantics are overlooked so... I'd like a paintie made that represents a part of who I am.

Basically a recolor of the bunny villager. Seems simple enough. (to me anyway)
Have Fur Cash and Fur Dollars. (though I'm not terribly rich!)
5 May 2019, 7:34 pm (Edited 5 May 2019, 9:06 pm)
in ★Writer for Hire!★ (go to post)
Thank you so much! :D Anything drastically different from what I've done is almost always a good thing. ^^;

SteamJunkRian Yes, that does mean I'm accepting the offer. And I'll pay for that one also.
5 May 2019, 1:15 pm
in Where do I find a Spell Siphon amulet? (go to post)
msjanny Awesome! Thanks for the help. :D Is there anywhere I can get the book other than user stalls?
5 May 2019, 1:01 pm
in Where do I find a Spell Siphon amulet? (go to post)
Okay, cool.
5 May 2019, 12:24 pm
in Where do I find a Spell Siphon amulet? (go to post)
No idea. I am aware it's a rarer item but still, no idea where to get one from.
4 May 2019, 6:23 pm
in ★Writer for Hire!★ (go to post)
I guess it's bio/backstory.
4 May 2019, 3:14 pm (Edited 4 May 2019, 3:56 pm)
in ★Writer for Hire!★ (go to post)
Username/ID: AngelQueen #82861

Character(s): I don't own any artwork as Angel Bunny as her animatronic form but here's her as my very first villager: http://www.furvilla.com/villager/208310

Writing Type: (Is it for a villager bio? Is it character lore? A story?)
Definitely something that is a representation of my life and how things are now and how I feel right now through my animatronic persona.

Details/Specifics: (Are there certain things you want included? What genre should the writing be? Things like that.)

Five Nights At Freddy's. That's where I reside right now. ^^; Apparently the animatronics are my only friends.

Angel Bunny was one of the newer animatronics at the new location of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. At first her life seemed promising she loved who she was and everything about her job. But, that quickly changed when the reality began to sink in this wasn't a dream job. The hours were long, the children screaming and worse Angel's right knee broke because of them climbing onto her.

No one wanted to take the time to fix her. They let Angel become more broken and unhappy over time. Until she became Withered Angel Bunny. A shadow of her former glory, trapped in the solitude of a building, forced to live a meaningless existence wandering from room to room alone most of the time. And that's how she felt, trapped. There was no way out. What was her purpose anymore? All of her friends were gone. Sure a security guard would come in to check on things but even he put no effort into helping her. All Angel wanted was to escape, to feel freedom and be someone again. She longed for the glory days of being on stage again, to be loved and have a purpose.

Nightmare Angel Bunny, how she feels. The inner turmoil, those depressing thoughts, the feeling of hopelessness being nothing more than a caged bunny. Despite those sharp claws and teeth the Nightmare version could do little. She hates daytime, bright lights and loud noises. She roams the hallway, still with that broken knee, at night.

Like Angel Bunny is who she was, Withered Angel Bunny is who she became and Nightmare Angel Bunny is how she feels.

Payment Offer: I've got FC and FD! Whatever you think is fair.

Other Notes: (Anything you think is relevant that doesn't fit in the above categories)
I'm super bad at describing things! Just message me for whatever problems I've caused. or just ignore me haha. (everyone else does except for Springtrap... he seems to follow me wherever I go for some reason)
3 May 2019, 8:33 pm
in Worker Slot Coupon? (go to post)
Thanks for the quick responses! Now I know. :D And now I'm a little less dumb to how things work.
3 May 2019, 8:22 pm
in Worker Slot Coupon? (go to post)
Never owned one before, wondering how long does the effect last? A month? Like, I didn't even know I didn't need to activate the pretty golden scroll for it to give me an extra slot. I was like, I'll save it and... (Yup, I'm dumb)
3 May 2019, 6:45 am (Edited 3 May 2019, 9:41 am)
in LF: Villager Created May 2, 2019 H: Food/FC/FD (go to post)
Pretty much what the title says. :P
Any species, any gender, and job or not! So long as they were made yesterday I won't be picky!
I have Fur Cash, a few Fur Dollars and x15 Phoenix Fire Hot Wings freshly cooked today.
3 Apr 2019, 5:43 am
in Help me battle? (go to post)

Warrior: Level 21
Infected with: Vampirism

Yes, I'd be willing to buy. Budget wise, I can't afford anything outrageous. ^^;

Amulet of the Undead
Bison Shield
Dark Trinket
Disarm Amulet
Dragon Tooth Knife
Dragon Tooth Shield
Ember Amulet
Energizing Amulet
Execution Amulet
Fire Serpent Scalemail
Fire Trinket
Fireball Amulet
Frost Trinket
Furious Flames Amulet
Great Injustaxe
Heal Amulet
Hidden Freeze Amulet
Hidden Power Amulet
Hidden Zap Amulet
Ice Barrier Amulet
Icy Sword
Intricate Hood
Intricate Sash
Iron greathammer
Iron Greatsword
Iron Hammer
Iron Kite Shield
Iron Mace
Iron Plate Armour
Iron Scythe
Iron Tower Shield
Iron Zweihander
Jet Ring
Jolt Amulet
Lightning Signet Ring
Lightning Trinket
Malachite Ring
Minor Healing Amulet
Nightshade Dagger
Opal Ring
Over-sized Belt
Pirate Fox Battle Buddy
Rocky, King of Rocks
Ruby Ring
Rusted Mace
Scholary Robes
Shock Amulet
Silver Lance
Silver Plate Armour
Silver Ring
Silver Tower Shield
Silver-Crested Heater Shield
SImple Belt
Simple Robes
Simple Sash
Sophie's Hammer of Justice
Standard Leather Armour
Steel Bardiche
Steel Greathammer
Steel Greatshield
Steel Kite Shield
Steel Plate Helm
Steel Scythe
Steel Tower Shield
The Biggest Bite
Thorns Amulet
Tourmaline Ring
Wooden Axe
Wooden Buckler
Wooden Greathammer
Worn Hood

Alva's Terrifying Frost Amulet
Barnacle Sword
Basic Clothing
Basic Leather Armour
Broken Axe
Broken Hammer
Bronze Ring
Bronze Tournament Lance
Caeo's Earthen Barrier Amulet
Captain's Cap
Cheshire Staff
Cheshire Sword
Legacy Coral Shield
Cresent Moon Scythe
Crying Feather Knife
Dane Axe
Deadly Rays Meteor Hammer
Deep Blue Sea Amulet
Diamond Ring
Legacy Dragon Claw Knife
Dragon Tooth Knife
Legacy Dragon Tooth Shield
Endure AMulet
Execution Amulet
Fang Club
Legacy Fang Spear
Legacy Feathered Dagger
Legacy Feathered Helm
Foxbury Shield
Frost Serpent Scalemail
Horned Helm
Legacy Ice Shield
Intricate Hood
Intricate Sash
Iron Axe
Iron Heater Shield
Light Trinket
Lunar Diadem
Obsidian Kitsune Fang
Pirate Fox Battle Buddy
Pumpkin Plate
Runic Amulet
Legacy Slime Shield
Solar Flare Collar
Sooth Amulet
Spectral Amulet
Spectral Armour
Spectral Scythe
Spell Siphon Amulet
Staff of Wisdom
Steel Heater Shield
Steel Plate Helm
Steel Scythe
Legacy Steel Sword
Sturdy Lance
Legacy Tusk Sword
Unity Ring
Vampire Bat Battle Buddy
Viking Fox Battle Buddy
Werebeast Gauntlet