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5 Nov 2017, 12:55 pm
in Post a random, obscure animal (go to post)
I see your agouti and raise you a black throated magpie-jay.
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4 Nov 2017, 1:50 pm (Edited 4 Nov 2017, 1:52 pm)
in Does anyone get sick anymore? (go to post)
Ayla caught some illnesses near the beginning of the event but once I cured her... she kept "catching" them, but was never affected by them. It surprised me quite a bit.
Edit: To clarify, it stated that she actually caught an illness while harvesting pumpkins, but the message saying she has an illness never showed up on the worker page.
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17 Oct 2017, 11:58 am
in Drowning in SR Batbats (go to post)
Looked away for half an hour and saw six of them in my stash.
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16 Oct 2017, 7:27 pm
in It's Pumpocalypse! (go to post)
I finally got on Furvilla for the first time in many, many months. Heard about a Dragon's Maw Manor event, so I popped in... and I'm hooked on pumpkin growing.
Oh my poor herbalist...
How many jack-o-lanterns do you guys have at the moment? As of posting this I have 5,188 pumpkin seeds and 3,460 jack-o-lanterns.
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12 Apr 2017, 4:55 am
in Create a Villager Species Contest! (go to post)
Anatomy and traits
Eshue take on an appearance resembling bipedal, anthropomorphic Earthan avians. They always come in dark colors, with simple, bright, glowing markings on their joints and faces. Most Eshue are feathered, though some may be covered in a layer of fur like peach fuzz.

Eshue used to be a primarily winged species, but thanks to the introduction of technology, most of them are now wingless. This does not mean they are flightless, however; many can still hover using electromagnetism.

The color of an Eshue's electricity is the same color as their markings. Their markings, blood, and the inside of their mouths all glow, but their eyes do not.

Evolutionary traits
Eshue do not need to eat. However, if they need a quick energy boost, they can consume just about anything-- Fruit, meat, even metal or rocks, if they're hungry, they will eat it. When they move, their blood creates chemical reactions and supplies them with new energy. If they get low on energy by not moving for a long time(meaning days) then they will become lethargic before eventually dying.

Their vision is remarkable; Eshue have amazing color vision.They can see beyond what humans can, with colors other than the visible spectrum; though it is mostly centered around nighttime usage. They have very good hearing as well, as they need to be able to pick up the sound of electricity in order to communicate with most other Eshue. They are also very, very intelligent.

Unlike earthan species with carbon-based cells, Eshue have an unknown chemical makeup. Their body consists mostly of a powerful, conductive glowing acid, which gives them almost total control of electric energy. They do not need an atmosphere in order to survive; if the planet has none at all, they can create their own and prevent any other cell-based life forms from settling.

Eshue sweat is like battery acid, and it conducts electricity very well. If pools of it collect on the ground, it will ignite easily. Their markings are where their skin is thinnest. If the markings are punctured, blood will quickly flow out, endangering both the Eshue and the attacker. They naturally produce an oil that will leave their fur/feathers with a greasy texture, and if it is left on the skin for too long, it will start to corrode the skin cells and most likely cause infection. Eshue have to bathe several times a day to remove this oil, even though it does not harm them. It just smells bad to them. A large group can create electrical storms and trigger an Aurora Borealis.

An Eshue’s markings are the most important part of their society. Every Eshue has two types of markings: Large circles and thin lines.
The circles on their foreheads represent age. A new one appears every 7,500 years or so.
Lines under their forehead dots represent health. These do not change over their lifetime, and the more they have, the healthier the Eshue is predicted to be.
Lines running under the eyes represent intelligence. It is always one line, with several breaking off at the very end and getting smaller as they reach the beak. Five breaks means the Eshue is predicted to practically be a genious, while one means the Eshue is of average intelligence.
“Target” shaped markings appear on their knees. These represent strength. With more circular lines around the center dot, the Eshue is thought to become very powerful in their later years.
Lines on their feet represent agility. One means they are average, and five means they are going to be a true athlete.

A common mutation is a “gear”-like pattern, where all facial markings come off in squares rather than sleek lines. This is thought to bring very good luck and health.

Occasionally, an Eshue may create a hybrid species, and these will have very strange markings that do not conform to their average predictions.

Aside from the forehead dots, the markings do not actually affect their health or intelligence. It is merely superstition. The only thing that is affected with fewer markings is their glow strength, which will decrease as the marking number does.

Wing Types
15% of Eshue have wings. This is not considered a mutation, and it is not vestigial either.

-Feathered: Most common. 75% of winged Eshue have feathery, bird-like wings.
-Mammalian: Very rare. 20% of winged Eshue have leathery, bat-like wings. Mammalian-winged Eshue always have fur and shorter tails.
-Insectoid: Super rare. 4% of winged Eshue have insectoid, dragonfly-esque wings. Most Eshue with these wings will have the gear-marking and spike mutations.
-Other: Unknown. Considered almost nonexistent. These wings can be a combination between two wing types or something entirely new, but they have not been recorded in recent history.

Hybrids are rare and not well studied. Some Eshue can breed with other sapient species and create odd crosses, and like most hybrids, will result in sterile offspring. The offspring of a hybrid will take on more of the mother's phenotypes.

Hybrids can be as simple as creating buglike anatomy or even as weird as ending up with extra arms. They are known to have many mental issues and do not often live long.

Mutations are unusually common within the species.

The most common mutation is the gear-like patterns on their faces. Around 30% of Eshue have this mutation.

Another, slightly less common mutation is small horns or spikes. 25% of Eshue that have the gear mutation will have this. Eshue without the gear markings cannot have this mutation. These spikes will either occur on the knees and elbows or on the head.

Around 10% of Eshue will have stunted tails. This chance increases to 50% when a hybrid is created. These Eshue will have poor balance and cannot run for long.

5% of Eshue are born with odd teeth. These serve no purpose and are thought to be vestigial from their ancestors.

1% of Eshue will have no tail at all. They usually do not live for long due to severe spine issues.



Log entry #5
A Dangerous Species

These beings are unlike any we have ever discovered. Alarming intelligence and an unorthodox means of obtaining energy… They have the power of electricity at their fingertips. The pollution they leave behind is unfathomable, yet it seems to feed them further.
We could almost describe them as the perfect biological being. They need no atmosphere, no food, no water. All the things we thought were fundamental to life. Their acid is so powerful that it could burn a hole through the flesh of Whenothian fauna, yet they keep it contained in a fragile membrane covered in feathers. The acid is so strong that our most powerful alkaline will not make it falter.
Their flaws… are miniscule, in comparison to ours. They are disgustingly odorous and greasy. However, they seem to contain a very normal sapient mindset… yet they are much kinder than almost everyone back home on Yfskar.
We have reason to believe that they could be of a higher level of civilization than us…
Everything about them is dangerous. Everything about them is beyond our capability of understanding.
Do not attempt interaction with these creatures, unless you have a death wish.

End Log
Researcher: Elbaki N. of planet Yfskar, sector 14

Log entry #7

Just after we thought the Eshue could not get any more amazing, we discovered a mind-blowing ability: regeneration. An Eshue can get sliced in half and survive; so long as the core is intact, they will simply regrow the missing body and move on like nothing ever happened. This regeneration takes several days, but it is still remarkable compared to our primitive healing abilities. The only way you can tell that an Eshue ever needed to regenerate is through scars on their bodies. These scars act similar to markings; they are areas where feathers do not grow and where the skin is much thinner, making it dangerous for a predator to puncture.

End Log
Researcher: Elbaki N. of planet Yfskar, sector 14

Log Entry #8

We know very well that acids are highly conductive and very powerful. However, we collected a sample of Eshue blood and ran tests on its components.
We have learned something very interesting: Their blood has high amounts of liquid silver flowing through it, along with a mainly hydrogen-based liquid that gives their acid the kick. Their inner flesh and organs are made of a different material too, and they appear to be able to generate silver by swallowing minerals in the ground.
Silver is the most conductive element known to us. Eshue do not produce it when hatching, but their intelligence appears to have surpassed this. Many planets in this system have silver-rich soil and they can extract it via consumption to make themselves more of a threat.

End Log
Researcher: Elbaki N. of planet Yfskar, sector 14

Log Entry #10

All Eshue are very thin, slender, and tall. We wondered why, so we finally gathered the courage to approach one and offer to do some tests.
Needless to say, the results were very interesting.
We fed the Eshue, "Bikil" as they called themself, several kinds of food and other minerals before we noticed them getting thicker. Once we found the substance that gave them the weight, we fed it to them in large amounts until we felt it necessary to stop.
The Eshue had gained around 20 kilograms, and could no longer walk. We were surprised to learn that Eshue do not have organs, but rather a single core that controls all bodily functions, and one function included balance. The increased body mass led to an offset of the core. It was no longer in the center and the Eshue always fell over. We apologized profusely for our very mean test and sent them back home with a large supply of Yfskaran treats, some food that they especially enjoyed. We did not include what made them gain weight.

End Log
Researcher: Elbaki N. of planet Yfskar, sector 14

Log Entry #13

It's only been a week. Bikil has returned and they burned off all the extra weight. We were appalled by this, and immediately asked how it happened. Bikil responded with a very complex answer which boils down to "I threw up a lot". Yes, all of that weight was not integrated into cells. Eshue are not cell-based beings. It merely collected around the core and upset the balance until the Eshue ejected it.
This raises another question: How do they function?
They have no cells, therefore they have no organs. They also do not have bones. We placed some touch tests on Bikil, and learned that aside from the disgustingly greasy texture, Eshue are very pleasant to touch. They are very squishy and warm.
We gave Bikil a bath and learned that an Eshue without its grease will be the softest thing you have ever touched. Hands down. Please bathe and touch an Eshue. It is like handling a living, solid cloud.

End Log
Researcher: Elbaki N. of planet Yfskar, sector 14

Log entry #345
The Aquatic Beasts

The breed we commonly call the 'aquatic' Eshue is not a true Eshue, but rather a branch in evolutionary paths. They are primitive, unintelligent, and aggressive, as well as aquatic. How they became so reptilian while their true Eshue cousins ended up avian is a mystery. A common theory is that they reached the peak of evolution and did not need to develop any further, while other specimens of their common ancestors needed constant evolution in order to adapt to the wildly changing environment of their homeworld.
They make very good use of the standard Eshue's core compression ability, and their thick, hollow necks act as a resonating chamber for the sonic energy. Alongside that ability, they can spray liquid acid to cook their prey alive and poison an entire body of liquid to make it suitable for their living.
They will cannibalize on themselves and true Eshue, and are much more of a threat than we thought their passive cousins were at first. Take care when studying these creatures.

End Log
Researcher: Elbaki N. of planet Yfskar, sector 14

Log entry #346
Core Compression

Eshue have an interesting ability that I have nicknamed “Core Burst”. Instead of hearts, Eshue have cores. These cores regulate body temperature, energy usage, and just about everything our cellular organs do, all in one mass of solid acid.
Core Burst happens when Eshue use inhaled air or swallowed liquid to compress their cores into a smaller form, which causes more pressure to build up in the core. As more is inhaled and compressed, more pressure builds up and the situation becomes increasingly dangerous for the Eshue. During this process, the Eshue’s chest and stomach puff out, before they can no longer build pressure. After a peak pressure is reached, the Eshue either releases the pent up energy in a powerful burst of air, or they fail to execute the defense and their core collapses, causing immediate death by implosion.
In normal Eshue, this defense is extremely flawed and most often takes lives rather than saving them. However, their aquatic brethren have it mastered, in exchange for several other important defenses.
Core compression is an aquatic Eshue’s main defense after acid spitting and electricity.

End Log
Researcher: Elbaki N. of planet Yfskar, sector 14
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6 Apr 2017, 12:08 am
in Custom Paintie Base Collection (go to post)
It's not in personal use only. Go for it.
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17 Mar 2017, 5:08 am
in Things that Happen in School (go to post)
We have a teacher banned from the sign language room for some reason.
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4 Mar 2017, 7:13 pm
in Post an Artist problem. (go to post)
-draws something for myself-
Person: Omg, this is terrible and not what I wanted! Change it or remove it because my say means everything and yours doesn't!
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3 Mar 2017, 6:19 am
in Question to those of you with Reptile Villagers! (go to post)
I'd love to have a corn snake... those things are dang cute.
Unfortunately, my house is very unfit for the life of a snake, being cold and occupied by a cat.
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1 Mar 2017, 4:27 pm
in New FD pets are in the shop!! ♥ (go to post)
Omg, the sneeps! I love them. </3
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1 Mar 2017, 2:12 pm
in Events over, How did you do?! (go to post)
Got every plush, at least one of every color of cloud pet, and three serpent eggs! Didn't care much for the weaponry/armor, so I didn't participate in that.
I was honestly looking forward for a few weeks' grace before the next Big Thing happened so I could move back to DMM and stock up on medicine again.. but nope, gotta stay here in OFB so I don't screw myself over. :U
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27 Feb 2017, 2:22 pm (Edited 27 Feb 2017, 2:23 pm)
in can I use these? (go to post)
Those look user-made, so I'd assume yes.
Edit: didn't realize that was in the official drive.
Not sure, if they're not on any costume or limited bases then go for it.
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27 Feb 2017, 4:43 am
in Dailies - Certified Furvilla Fan? (go to post)
I'm waiting for more information before claiming it. This is weird.
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26 Feb 2017, 9:50 pm
in Ever feel like "that" person? (go to post)
same. I always wonder if I said something wrong, but whatever. I'll probably never look at that thread again.
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26 Feb 2017, 10:43 am (Edited 26 Feb 2017, 10:46 am)
in Festival pet totals! (go to post)
Edited the thread title to be more specific.
I got all the colors for all the pets of this event. <3 With a couple days to spare as well!
And a whole bunch of stormy pets to spare too...

White cloud pets: N/A, all casualties
Stormy cloud pets: 61
Sunset cloud pets: 17
Rainbow cloud pets: 7

How have you guys been doing this event? Good luck, bad luck?
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25 Feb 2017, 8:34 am
in does anyone even like the koi/fennec (go to post)
I don't really like any of them-- except the dragon. Koi is my least favorite.
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24 Feb 2017, 1:43 pm
in MISTAKES WERE MADE (go to post)
why would you ever lick a salt lamp
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24 Feb 2017, 8:39 am
in #1 Girl Scout Cookie? (go to post)
they don't have thanks-a-lots anymore? :c Those were the only ones I ever had. They were addicting.
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22 Feb 2017, 1:34 pm (Edited 22 Feb 2017, 1:34 pm)
in How long how you been in the fandom? (go to post)
Furry: Only really joined last year, though I've loved the stuff for a long time.
Pokemon: 8? 9 years?
TF2 and Don't Starve: 2 years
I've passed through a few others; the longest one I stayed in before leaving was Kirby, which left a bad taste in my mouth.
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22 Feb 2017, 5:30 am
in Draw your villager in their Gala outfit! (go to post)
Posted this on the other one and the official thread, but I think it belongs here too!
Tom doesn't get the point of these funny saddles, but at least the gala serves Whenothian food.
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21 Feb 2017, 8:17 pm
in How do you refer to your fursona? (Poll) (go to post)
My sonas are me with exaggerated or desired traits. Luchrokt eats a lot and screams constantly, Gale has the composure of a God and a pretty good haircut, etc.
I do not refer to them as myself, though they ARE me, just symbolized.
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21 Feb 2017, 6:36 pm
in Who's wearing what? (go to post)
I didn't realize the suit would go on your active, so Tom got a suit. I thought it was hilarious, so I kept it on him. Tom is the least qualified villager of mine to go to this event.
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21 Feb 2017, 6:29 pm
in Gala Contest || Outfit Challenge (go to post)
Ramiel said Tom looks stunning in this outfit... Now if only he acted that way too!
Seriously, who decided it would be a good idea to put the Drihali in a tux?
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21 Feb 2017, 6:24 pm
in Doodle Your Villager In Their Gala Outfit! (go to post)
Tom doesn't get the point of these funny saddles, but he loves the food here anyway!
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21 Feb 2017, 4:12 pm
in im going to kill the serpent (go to post)
I've got it, you guys.
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