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26 Jan 2020, 2:40 pm (Edited 26 Jan 2020, 2:40 pm)
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Thanks! Depending on the character design, the size of the icon, and what style it's in, I can do it for between $5 - $20 (500FD - 2000FD).
26 Jan 2020, 10:34 am
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Yes, I can do icons (I just haven't done them in a little while so I don't have any examples). I can do drawn icons and pixel icons.
25 Jan 2020, 8:59 pm
in [LF] Couple Art (go to post)

Hey. I've done a few fox pieces and many cat pieces. Here are a few. I can draw in different styles. I'm mainly interested in USD.





25 Jan 2020, 8:48 pm
in ★ MalGV's Art Shop ★ [OPEN] (go to post)

Awesome, thank you! Added you to the quota.


Yay! So happy you like them! You can credit me at my website: www.MatronicArt.com. Thank you again for commissioning me and thank you so much for the extra FD! I really appreciate it! <3
24 Jan 2020, 11:28 pm
in ★ MalGV's Art Shop ★ [OPEN] (go to post)

Hello, here's your second commission!


I'm quite happy with how nice and vibrant the colors came out on this one, and the water reflection was fun to do, too. I hope you like it, thank you for the FD, and feel free to contact me again any time!


Ok, great! Can do!

Ok, thanks for the descriptions, I think these will do, but if I get stuck I'll contact you or I'll send you a WIP.

When you get the chance, send the payment and I'll get started! (If you're paying in FD, put it in a Trade; if you're paying in cash, my paypal at the bottom of the first post.)
22 Jan 2020, 8:39 pm
in ★ MalGV's Art Shop ★ [OPEN] (go to post)
Hi again, Pineapplefox !

Ah, your Pathfinder group sounds pretty cool! I would be happy to do a piece for them.

Ok, so depending on what you decide, for a sketch of them I can do it for 3300FD ($33), and for lined/colored I can do it for 6600FD ($66).

Luckily I happen to be a big DBZ fan, so I know all about the fun Ginyu Force poses, so I get what you mean by the poses. I always appreciate the creative freedom, and am confident I can work of descriptions of the characters, as I have done this plenty of times for others. :)
19 Jan 2020, 9:56 am
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17 Jan 2020, 12:36 pm
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I just got some really terrible news that has us all weeping. I hate this for my family and I am praying that something can be done to save this person. We’ve lost a couple family members this past decade and almost lost two others. This is so hard for us.

I want to think and believe things will suddenly get better because that has thankfully happened before, but it’s still emotionally exhausting. Please just get better and stay better.

15 Jan 2020, 8:18 pm
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I just noticed the CSS for my Villagers' MiniPets are all a bit off, and have been fixing them.

Everyone, check your Villager CSS, because I'm sure this isn't just on my account.
14 Jan 2020, 11:20 pm
in ★ MalGV's Art Shop ★ [OPEN] (go to post)

Hey there! Here's your commission!


Let me know if I missed anything, I hope you like it and thank you very much for the leaves and extra FD, always appreciated! <3
14 Jan 2020, 4:47 pm
in Paintie glow edit request (go to post)

I can do the edits for 500FD. :)
10 Jan 2020, 8:23 pm
in Fv stuff (food, plush, ect) and steam for art (go to post)

Hello! I would be happy to do another piece for you in exchange for one of your Magic Lilac Rose Gembound Plushes and one of your Budgie Boxes. Check out my Art Shop below! V
8 Jan 2020, 2:18 pm
in ★ MalGV's Art Shop ★ [OPEN] (go to post)

Hello! Your commission is done, and I hope you don't mind me experimenting a little!


I used more textured brushes for the background and for Orion's fur texture. Instead of doing a quick cell-shading I instead went back to some softer shading, and had a lot of fun with the duel-lighting.

Hope you like it! Thank you for the much-needed FD, and I look forward to doing the next piece for you! ;)
5 Jan 2020, 8:41 pm
in LF:Art&Characters H:7kFD,10milFC, & More (go to post)

Awesome! Yes, the alternative FD is perfectly fine, and sure I can do that for him. :)

I take payment upfront; however I won't Accept it until you have the art. Just send the stuff in a trade when you can and I'll get started!
5 Jan 2020, 4:06 pm
in LF:Art&Characters H:7kFD,10milFC, & More (go to post)

Thank you! And great, I could really use the leaves (and I didn't think to ask if they could be given from one user to another. Good to know they can!)

So I checked the Stalls and none of the leaves are listed. However, going by the prices for Uncommon pets (a Dirty Snow Kitty right now is worth 9000FC, the most expensive out of the Uncommon snow pets), so 9000 X 19 is 171,000FC. I think that FC equals to 171FD? (Going by the 1,000FC : 1FD rate.) Rounding off to the highest humber, 200FD is worth $2; since flat-color Chibis are worth $10, I can do the Chibi for you for the 19 Maple Leaves plus 800FD. Is this ok? (And feel free to correct me on my math if I did something wrong.)
5 Jan 2020, 12:31 pm
in LF:Art&Characters H:7kFD,10milFC, & More (go to post)

Hello! I am open for commissions and would be happy to do any art of Krys, or any other characters. :)

My Art Shop with prices and examples is in my signature below. V

I am interested in FD or the following Minipets:

Decorated Snow Phoenix
Blossom Possum
Firefox Kitsune
Blue Doge
Neon Lights Jelliquarium

I am also willing to take any 19 Uncommon MiniPets you have (I'm trying to get the Autumn Squearel.)
3 Jan 2020, 12:43 pm
in Anime Talk Thread. (go to post)

Oh yeah, I also liked Digimon the original series and started rewatching that a little while ago, I'd say it counts as anime; well, I can say I definitely like it better than Pokemon, which is surprising considering I'm a huge Pokemon fan. I always liked that the show was very good at explaining their world and making the connection between the Digital world and the Real World and what Digivolution is; didn't like all the characters (especially Matt, screw that kid) but I really like most of the Digimon and their designs. I especially like the episode when Tai forces Agumon to Digivolve into SkullGreymon and the episode when the two of them go back to the Human World. And I especially love the design of Gabumon and what he is based on; and also Tentomon and his Digivolutions because I love bugs.

As far as other series go, I actually really liked Digimon Fusion, both for the idea of Digimon fusing together, and because Shoutmon is really cute and reminds me of one of my own characters. I have to find the rest of the series in English since TV is stupid now and won't play Saturday Morning Cartoons.


Yeah I think I actually kind of liked this one episode with this guy named "Art Stanley" who helps kidnap someone; I saw him and I was like, "oh hey, this guy's an artist and does comics like me, cool!"

I actually have not seen the original season (I saw the official first season first so I kinda didn't bother), but I did read the original manga and I enjoyed it quite a bit! I like the darker tone of the book.
2 Jan 2020, 7:06 pm (Edited 3 Jan 2020, 11:17 am)
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Well my favorite anime has always and will probably forever be Dragon Ball Z. I saw other anime shows on Toonami and eventually Adult Swim, but DBZ was the one I latched onto; I think it was because the art style was different than what I was used to seeing and I really like the character designs, backstories and personalities. I also like how (for the most part) it kept the focus on what was important: getting the Dragon Balls. I like shows that stay focused and don't muck around with inane filler.

Other anime shows I like:
- ZOIDS (This so hard! Mostly Generation Zero)
- Cowboy Bebop (But who doesn't.)
- Blue Sub. 6 (For the apocalypse setting and the creatures.)
- Tenchi Muyo! (Pretty much all iterations but mostly the first one.)
- Sailor Moon (First ever anime I ever watched ever.)
- Yu-Gi-Oh (King of Games, GX and 5Ds. All others suck.)
- Tokyo Pig (for the ironies)
31 Dec 2019, 11:06 pm
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Happy New Years and Happy New Decade, all!
28 Dec 2019, 5:46 pm
in ★ MalGV's Art Shop ★ [OPEN] (go to post)

Hello! Here's the second field drawing for Raener!


The tail petals were fun to draw; hope you like it!
27 Dec 2019, 11:38 am
in Post Your Current Thought (go to post)
I'm now convinced that Netflix no longer wants to be a successful company.

Why else would they cancel a long-running beloved series supported by millions of dollars with a built-in fanbase of millions, to start with?
25 Dec 2019, 8:17 pm
in merry crimbus! what presents did you get? (go to post)
I got pajamas, cozy socks, new bedroom slippers, new dress shirt, tons of food, tons of candy, long beach pants, and this real nifty mini lighted mirror from QVC. ^_^
25 Dec 2019, 4:15 pm
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So did Niantec just straight up lie when they said we could possibly find (shiny) Stantlers with sleigh bells? They never specified in the News post about whether or not we could find them in the wild or only in stupid Gym raids.


I just went out today with Mum for a nice time out about town getting Christmas Pokemon, but never once did I ever run across a Stantler, much less one with sleigh bells. >:\

In other news, Merry Christmas, all!
24 Dec 2019, 12:27 pm
in Post Your Current Thought (go to post)

Aww, sorry to hear that. Thank you for the well wishes and get better soon to you as well!
24 Dec 2019, 12:01 pm
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Could I trade you my Snow-A-Pult for your Opal Baublin?