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Custom Item Orders - Order Info - Revised 10/19

5 Nov 2018, 2:14 pm (Edited 12 Oct 2019, 9:56 pm)
Welcome to the official rules and order process information post concerning custom item orders on Furvilla! If you are interested in having our staff create your very own idea to be featured in the game, you have come to the right place! Please read all of the following very carefully.

MOD-Shroomy is our official custom item artist! Shroomy has done some amazing work for Furvulla in the past, you may recognize some of this art...


340.png 316.png 322.png323.png


Item Art: $17
Pet Art (Set of 4): $65
Existing Item Recolour: $10
Recipe: $5
Monster: $65

If you have any questions regarding prices, please PM Admin-Mat directly.

Order Details

When placing an order, please include the following information in your post:

Item Order: Indicate which item(s) you are ordering.
Item Description: Either describe your item, or provide a reference for it.
Item Name: Name your item. It should be appropriate for the site.
Item Text: Provide a description of your item to be displayed in italics.

Extras: Indicate suggestions for recipes, stats, or other properties your item might have.

***Obtaining Items In-Game: Items may be obtained through the recycle shop, a battleground drop, or any specific town shop. By default, custom items will be made available through the recycle shop. New explore events may not be requested.

Items Requiring Code: Items which require any coding not already present in Furvilla are not accepted.

Keepsake and Outfit Buffs For the sake of game play balance, custom outfits and keepsakes may not have buffs requested. Staff may add a buff to these items at their own discretion.

Extra Charges: While it is not required, you may offer an incentive/tip to staff for assisting in the creation of specialized content for your item(s). To do so, simply indicate which staff member you'd like to request, and how much you'd like to pay. Individual staff members may accept/decline a request independently.

***Please Note: Items are commissioned for Furvilla; Furvilla retains ownership of any assets provided through these commissions. Any characters represented remain property of the item creator.

Once payments are made, items cannot be modified. If your order cannot be completed, you will receive a full refund. Staff may alter stats/conditions/obtainment of your item freely post implementation if there is reasonable cause to do so (such as balance concerns).

You may include your name in the description of the item.

While previous custom orders have awarded the customer a 150% version of their weapon or equipment, this will no longer be the case going forward. Based on the power of your item, an appropriate value will be chosen by staff.

Items ordered must be reasonably obtainable by an average player of Furvilla. If you'd like your item to be difficult to acquire, you may not be granted a free copy.

Furvilla does not profit off of the sale of custom items, all payments (minus transaction fees) go to the artist.

Approval Process & Restrictions

Item orders must be available for public viewing for at least three days. Players should be constructive in their criticism; it is not a voting process.

Your item must be approved by the artist in order to be accepted. Admins and Owners also reserve the right to approve an item before it is officially accepted for production.

Items must fit within the world of Furvilla. Some examples of fitting items include, but are not limited to:
- Swords & Sorcery
- Various flora and fauna
- Jewelry, wooden trinkets
- Foods

Some examples that would not fit include, but are not limited to:
- Modern handguns/weapons (a steampunk/pirate weapon would be acceptable)
- Modern vehicles or appliances
- Heavy machinery, or sci-fi themes

Any character requiring a Primordial Shifty to be a Paintie on-site is not eligible for item orders with their appearance, (ie plushies, buttons, ect.) as they are too humanoid to be used for general Furvilla site content.

In addition...
- You cannot order any recolours of existing FD pets.
- You cannot order any recolours of limited pets or retired items.
- Recolours of existing pets cannot be breedable, and must be obtainable through other means.

Due to warrior balance concerns, "Battle Buddy" items may not be accepted at certain times. Discretion will be up to Admin-Wisteria on whether or not a new battle buddy will be accepted.

***Items May no Longer be "Dual Types." For example, a keepsake or outfit may not also be a weapon, a battle buddy may not also be an animal, etc.

Once approved, the thread will be locked and Admin-Mat will proceed with billing details.

Your item will be completed within 1 month from your time of payment to Furvilla.
Payment will only be accepted when your item is ready to go into the artist’s queue, to ensure timely completion.