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❄️FV's Secret Santa Art Swap ❄️ (closed)

10 Nov 2018, 1:24 am (Edited 14 Apr 2019, 2:13 am)


Welcome to FV's Secret Santa Art Swap!
Update 4/14/2019
Because nobody updated me with their time extensions, I'm not sure who else is missing art. If you're still missing your half, please contact me, if I haven't already.

Thanks again for everyone being patient ♥

Update 1/21/2019
Hey all.
I'm slowly getting art done for those that had their Santas disappear.

Drops: 4/5 Complete (slowly getting there)
Time Ext: 3 Waiting?

Update: 1/11/2019
After a week, I received some time requests and for the rest I will be contacting my helpers for the few wishlists left by the end of the day. So if you are still missing your art half, you can expect it sometime within the next week or so. Thank you for being so patient ♥

Update: 1/4/2019
Updated the list. Reminders have been sent.
Please send me any time extension requests by next friday 1/11/2019.

Thank you to everyone that entered! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays everyone!
Who wants to join in on gifting and receiving art of their characters?
Of course you do! That's why you're here, right? :)

Secret Santa works by submitting a wishlist of stuff you want drawn, then you'll be PM'd with someone's name and list for YOU to draw. You then must finish your work by the deadline and share it with your Secret Santa, while the person that got your wishlist will be giving you yours. Easy!

Sign Ups Closed!
Santas have been sent!
Thanks for entering!

Deadlines for Art Submissions

Earliest Date: December 8th 2018 (loosely)
Latest Date: Saturday, Jan 5th, 2019

Quick Links
Rules and Form
Participants with Wish Lists
FAQs and Banner

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10 Nov 2018, 1:25 am (Edited 14 Apr 2019, 2:07 am)

How this Works
1. After submitting your wishlist (and I have enough entries), I will send you a PM with your Secret Santa info.
2. You will have until Saturday, Jan 5th, 2019 to finish your art.
3. You can post your finished art here starting Saturday, Dec 8th, 2018 (or sooner if you already have it done. no worries)

1. Do NOT Enter if you don't think you'll have time!!
2. Please put effort into your half.
3. Be respectful of others, their art, and their characters.
4. Please LINK to your art if it's not FV friendly or includes Gore, etc.

Submitting your Wish List
Your Wishlist is what you want drawn. So try to make it easy and give your gifter options/choices; you don't want them getting stuck!
1. More than one character.
2. Different themes or prompts.

SignUp said:

Closed ;)

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♥ Ping me about any mustelid and hyena type adopts ♥
10 Nov 2018, 1:26 am (Edited 14 Apr 2019, 2:04 am)

Ping List

☑ Completed
(By user = Posted Artwork)
(By WL = Drawn For)

--1st List-- Santas sent
1. Oliver_WoolfeWL
2. Minty_BreezeWL
3. NoctisEternal WL
4. TheArtsyFurryWL
5. spectralWL
6. TimelusWL
7. bitsiespiderWL
8. SheeperooWL
9. deerSkullz WL x
10. VeskerWL
11. Connor_MurphyWL
12. atillaWL
13. pedroinboxfort WL
14. EgotisticalLobster WL
15. NebbiWL(sta.sh link) x
16. ZombiSteakWL
17. Sinilon > WL
18. DoomyWL
19. AlphaLeo000WL
20. Galaxywolf269WL
21. seafoam852WL
22. Blakes>AbelWL
23. DeadKilljoyWL
24. GojiWL
25. PlushGiraffeWL
26. jakdacroweWL
27. moved to 2nd list
28. RobinikWL ?
29. CaptainAnabelle ?> WL
30. Steampunk_Llama ☑☑ WL
31. Carmabella ☑☑ WL
32. THAX-39WL
33. pollyannaWL
34. UendoWL
35. bandycamWL
36. arbitraryabsurdityWL
37. lunarlicoriceWL
38. GodfatherWL
39. RGDlightteamWL
40. Oneete_EfantWL
41. SupremeWL
42. templetes WL
43. Blaire ? WL
44. AgneVWL
45. 4WL
46. CykesWL ?
47. WaffleRocketWL ?
48. BluDoq WL

--2nd List-- Santas sent Dec. 1st
49. PupdragonWL
50. Pinklion116WL
51. peachesnscreamWL
52. AcrilliWL
53. KreptaWL
54. -removed, never updated post-

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10 Nov 2018, 1:28 am (Edited 14 Apr 2019, 2:06 am)

1. Deadline? - Earliest: Sat Dec 8th, 2018 You can post now if you want.
Absolute Latest: Sat, Jan 5th, 2019
2. I have to drop out! - I know stuff can come up, please try to let me know asap so I can find a replacement.
3. What if my Secret Santa drops out? - I really hope this doesn't happen, but I will either ask others for help replacing or do it myself. No one will go without art. (If you want to volunteer to help, please PM me)
Helpers +5 Thanks!
4. Someone participating is on my Block List. - If this is the case, PM me with the name(s) and I will put this in my notes. This info won't be shared with anyone else, it's for my personal list of drawing prefs and characters that I'm sorting on a spreadsheet for pairing.

(Feel free to ask me any questions here or through PMs)

Add a banner to your signature to help get the word out!

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♥ Ping me about any mustelid and hyena type adopts ♥
10 Nov 2018, 3:36 am
And we're open :)

I'm pinging you all because you expressed interest on my last thread. If you feel I am missing anything or have any ideas, please let me know.
ZombiSteak sylveonsnowplays Ghosteez Media Minty_Breeze seafoam852 Jim-kun slimydeer BeakyBirds Monster LackeyLion Leafeon1010

I'm heading to bed and I will be back in the morning to answer any questions and update this. Thanks :)
I need to update this o_o

♥ Ping me about any mustelid and hyena type adopts ♥
10 Nov 2018, 4:08 am
Your Username and ID#: Oliver_Woolfe / #34957
Will Draw: Anthro, Feral, can try humans but I'm still not very good!
Won't Draw: Gore, NSFW (Little blood is okay, just not too much)


- Chri (Fursona)
- Akio (BNHA OC)
- Jasper (Marvel OC) (blood warning)
- Cooper (Venom OC)
- Literally me
- Herald (Mafia OC)
2. Themes/Prompts [You do not have to pick the expressions given if you don't want to! Those are only to give you ideas and to show what the character is like!]
- For Chri: E1, R1, O1 , Basically they are sadistic, aggressively cares for friends.
- For Akio: C2, A1, D2 , 3D. Shy boy. Easily frightened boy. Easily cries,
- For Jasper: C2, A1, D2 , 3A . Has anxiety attacks easily, just wants to be friends with Peter/Spiderman, flinches a lot, shaky hands, panics easily
- For Cooper: B1 , Any #4 lmao , Any lol (blood warning), Sadistic asshole. Doesn't really care for a lot of things. Likes feeling powerful but is a bottom
- For Myself: E1, R1, O1 , Any Ehm... sarcastic lil shiz, short and grumpy. Ppl say i am the Sterek love child. Finger guns is life. Knives are also life, i love em.
- For Herald: C2 , C1, B2 (Blood warning), cocky, manipulative, doesn't like blood, milk before cereal.
3. Anything extra?
I hope i did it okay :0
Feel free to draw them with your own OCs if you wanna!
·.¸¸.·♩♪♫ Andy | He/Him | INTP | DA | Slytherin | TH| Born Oct 16 ♫♪♩·.¸¸.·
10 Nov 2018, 6:18 am (Edited 11 Nov 2018, 3:11 pm)
Your Username and ID# (incase UNs get changed) Minty_Breeze and #119266
Will Draw: Gore/Humans/Anthro/Feral etc (if everything type ALL): Feral is what I'm best at. I can sorta draw anthros, but I'm not very good at it.
Won't Draw: Gore/Humans/Anthro/Feral etc: Gore, humans/humanoids. NSFW, anything with really bright colors due to migrane and headache issues. Any characters with a sexual theme/aura

1. Character reference links:
Xio: https://toyhou.se/2955237.xio
Loyil: https://toyhou.se/2946320.loyil#1021241
2. Themes/Prompts: Anything christmas
3. Anything extra?: Loyil is feral, and Xio's wings work as hands is you need him to hold something.
10 Nov 2018, 7:03 am
Your Username and ID#: NoctisEternal #34751
Will Draw: Feral, can kinda do anthro too.
Won't Draw: Gore, Humans, NSFW

1. Character reference links:
Cinder, Razcal, Remus and Loki
2. Themes/Prompts:
- Cinder: She is very protective of her friends + family. Though she loves fun she can be very serious and dangerous as well. Loki's partner- will often be found together.
- Razcal: Usually found with Eirlyss (the fawn). Trickster and warrior who loves to play pranks.
- Remus: Father figure. He's the one who talks sense when everyone else is being crazy and is typically wondering how he ended up in this situation.
- Loki: Warrior who loves to train but will do whatever Cinder tells him to. Will often be found hanging around Cinder.

3. Anything extra?
Cinder has scars and braces. Also wears an eyepatch thing on her left eye. These don't need to be included if you don't want to draw them!
10 Nov 2018, 7:19 am
Your Username and ID# theartsyfurry #105603
Will Draw: candy Gore/Anthro
Won't Draw: Gore/Humans/Feral/nsfw

1. the person can choose any one of these
Petra and Sam
2. Themes/Prompts:
anything holiday themed! and Petra and Sam being a couple
3. Anything extra?
Petra is waterproof
Rave is a dj
Lilia is 20 centimeters tall
demigirl/13/she/her/they/them/12+fv timey89d7nyu
art shop
i'm the artist for veroleks
beautiful art by deerSkullz
10 Nov 2018, 7:50 am
Username and ID: Spectral #85877
Will Draw: Humanoids,monsters, short-snouted furries, light gore
Won't Draw: Heavy Gore, Ferals, long-snouted furries, NSFW

1. Character reference links
- General art of Yage
- Alternate outfit for Javi
- General art of Any of these chars

2. Themes/Prompts
- Holiday theme! Holiday outfits, scenarious, foods, etc!
- Dark theme. Edgy stuff
- Cute stuff! Chars being cutiepies and having fun or smth

3. Anything extra?
- Be sure to check their profiles for more info about them, if there isn't any feel free to do whatever~
- I'm sorry i'm bad at this sdbfjahsbdf

TH × Site

10 Nov 2018, 8:06 am
Your Username and ID#: Timelus#53304
Will Draw: Gore, anthro, feral, human, anything else really
Won't Draw: NSFW


1. Character reference links
Carolin (Anthro)
Laine (Feral)
Redd (Anthro)
Monday (Anthro)
WK (Humanoid)

2. Themes/Prompts
Carolin: She loves stars and anything nightime so something around that theme would be nice! She gets cozy often so maybe her sleeping would be nice.
Laine: She likes animals but hates humans, so maybe she’s watching a house burn down or she’s sitting happily amongst some dogs or cats. Feel free to also just use her description for inspiration and go wild!
Redd: He’s a tough boy, maybe ya boi’s flexing or he’s doing some sick stuff with fire.
Monday: She’s kinda lazy but likes collecting things. So maybe draw her irritated over having to wake up on a monday morning, or maybe she’s out collecting feathers.
WK: He’s pretty grumpy most of the time but loves cats. You could draw him reading the newspaper with a cat or two reading with him.

3. Anything extra?
• Feel free to draw any of these Christmas or winter themed!
• You don’t have to draw anything exactly the way it’s written down, I just wanted to make prompts so that it helps! (and bc its in the rules aha)
• Check their profiles if you need some extra help!
• Forgive me for writing so much
• Carolin | 6+FV |Time | She/Her | INFJ | Taurus | Oceandome | #53304 •
✨ Give apolly0n a hug ✨
Formerly known as Sandfall (sorry if this causes confusion ;v;)
Icon by pedroinboxfort / Vista by genie
10 Nov 2018, 8:09 am (Edited 10 Nov 2018, 8:10 am)
ah! how fun~ // Reminder pinglist, please! ^^u^^

Your Username and ID#: bitsiespider #44080
Will Draw: Anthro/Feral/Spiders/Dinos/Bones/Food based charas
Won't Draw: Gore/Humans/Anything against FV's ToS

1. Any of these babs <333
Bella // Jagger // Muppet // Stray // Winnie
2. Themes/Prompts:
Food // Candy // Dancing [[Jagger]] // Pretty much anything
3. Anything extra?
No gore, pls // Bella is crazy // Jagger is an Undead Wererabbit that dances // Muppet is a tiny bean // Stray loves Jazz // Winnie like snug
♡ /ᐠ。。ꞈ。。ᐟ ♡

"Can I help you not to hurt anymore" - Linkin Park
.:: ✞ :: bitsie :: female :: shy spider :: married :: momma ::

10 Nov 2018, 9:55 am
Your Username and ID#: Sheepero/#76885
Will Draw: Humans, Anthro, Feral (although it's not my strong suit aha)
Won't Draw: Mecha, NSFW (nudity, excessive gore etc),

1. Character reference links:
Felix (anthro)
Kaye (human)
Max (feral)
Emett (anthro)

2. Themes/Prompts:

Christmas theme! They could wear some sweater or scarfs and stuff like that
New outfits! for any of em they could use some clothes aha
Mild candy gore!
Make non human species to human or vice versa

3. Anything extra?

Felix can be feral, I mostly just draw him as anthro/ max is small kinda like a size of a Chihuahua/ more info in the link provided~
10 Nov 2018, 11:20 am
Yay! I've added everyone so far. I can't wait for this to start :)
I need to update this o_o

♥ Ping me about any mustelid and hyena type adopts ♥
10 Nov 2018, 11:35 am

Your Username and ID# deerSkullz #49976
Will Draw: All
Won't Draw: Robots or ocs with robotic parts

1. Character reference links
Wendigo (Human)
Raider (Anthro bird)
Yefim (Feral hyena)
Chomper (Feral monster doggo)

2. Themes/Prompts
Chomper/Yefim - can maybe be eating all things Christmas, basically ruining it lol
Wendigo/Raider - can be doing anything, tho I personally don't care for X-mas so maybe you can draw him in an ugly sweater and holding a mug being the literal grinch.
--Wendigo can maybe also handing out questionable(bloody gifts) almost like a Nightmare before Christmas style X-Mas

3. Anything extra?
I usually prefer Wendigo's devil tail. His horns protrude from the top of his forehead, before his hair and not in it.
Yefim can be drawn anthro but please give him clothes
Chomper must stay feral, please don't draw him anthro ever
Spr_5b_586A.pngdeviantART ♦️ ToyHou.se
✨ Wendigo || He/Him ✨
"I really love Cervidae and Corvidae"Spr_b_5b_586A.png
10 Nov 2018, 11:58 am
Heck yes I wanna join!! ;u;

Your Username and ID#: Vesker #35532
Will Draw: Humans, anthros, cartoon gore, light mecha
Won't Draw: Ferals, NSFW, realistic gore, complex mecha


Character reference links:

1. Juke | Fursona, anthro canine!
2. Dexter | Gecko lad, good boy!
3. Corva | Human witch w/crow wings!
4. Murlough | Rat... Bug... creature?
5. Ajaxi | Demon, choice of humanoid form or feral form!


They all have a little info on their respective profiles for inspiration, and honestly, just have fun with whoever you pick! Feel free to add any festive themes there, ugly xmas sweaters are totally welcome, decorating trees, so on and so forth!

Anything extra?

I think I've said everything that needs to be said, though if you have any questions, feel free to message! (I know that kinda defeats the secret part of a secret santa, but I'd rather someone be comfortable ahdfkjs)

Toyhou.se | dA

✩ Jay | 26 | FtM | He/Him | FV+6 ✩

Ping me for replies!

Sig Art by Falorie
10 Nov 2018, 12:10 pm (Edited 13 Nov 2018, 9:39 pm)
Your Username and ID#: Leafeon1010 #92573
Will Draw: Gore/Humans/Anthro/Feral etc : All. Animals are what I'm best at but I can do humans! And I can do simple mecha, and animatronic ocs or whatever.
Won't Draw: Gore/Humans/Anthro/Feral etc: Gutspill. All other gore I can do. Also detailed mecha.

1. Character reference links
1 Trigger- Anthro
2 Jess- Anthro
3 Lea-Anthro Pkmn
2. Themes/Prompts
For Trigger, maybe just have her leaning against a basic gray/brick wall looking bored, maybe holding her gun at her side.
For Jess, she's laid back and kinda lazy at times. Maybe her just sitting on a beanbag sleeping. Or a couch.( You can do anything that's not demeaning or nsfw with her though, so go ahead if you want.)
For Lea, maybe have her wide-eyed discovering a treasure box (look up the pmd boxes for color refs- maybe a glittering box?) Or angry and getting ready to use secret power or bite? (I'd prefer the box thing ngl- but up to you!)

3. Anything extra?
For Lea, follow the ref, but use the second picture for colors. For the other two, read the "please read this". I'd like the prompts, but y'know. You're not obligated or anything. Lea has a kinda determined personality, Trigger is... I don't even know. But for art, serious. And Jess is laid back and lazy.

They're all pretty simple, like all my ocs, so I hope at least one of them is easy to do.


it's never fair to say
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10 Nov 2018, 12:36 pm (Edited 10 Nov 2018, 12:38 pm)
Your Username and ID# atilla #66519
Will Draw: feral and gore (also candy gore! i love candy gore)
Won't Draw: humans and anthro


1. Character reference links (in order of preference)
atilla, my fursona (feral and anthro)
bilou, my werewolf
angel, my monster
jayce, my bfs fursona (feral and anthro, bonus if you draw him with my sona! if thats allowed)

2. Themes/Prompts
for atilla, anything that matches her personality! she loves anything cute, loves snow and winter clothes (sweaters and scarfs), eating, drinking eggnog or hot cocoa, etc!
for bilou, maybe a snowflake landing on his nose and him looking at it cross eyed or confused? hes a big beasty boi but he can also be cute :3
for angel, she lives in the snow so maybe something pretty with an aurora or her being really sparkly or sleeping in some snow or something!
and for jayce, he loves food and being warm in blankets or sweaters, or you could draw jayce and atilla cuddling or exchanging presents or anything cute <3

3. Anything extra?
im not super picky about how any of my characters are drawn as long as their markings are as accurate as you can get them! if you draw atilla, please note that shes very chubby, her nose is shaped like a heart, and her black stripe goes all the way up her face and under her hair :3
feel free to ping me for horse or werewolf adopts!
10 Nov 2018, 8:46 pm (Edited 15 Nov 2018, 8:12 am)
Your Username and ID#: pedroinboxfort #14253
Will Draw: Feral, anthro, human(oid)s, candy/minor gore
Won't Draw: Detailed armor/mechs, heavy/realistic gore, NSFW ;;w;;

1. Character reference links
Rufus - (Anthro) Uh... bear/hyena/fire monster thing
Terrion - (Anthro) Pangolin + Ram
Silvius - (Anthro?) Moth boy!!! m
Pink - (Humanoid) Human + Fox hybrid ((Alt. Outfits))
Pedro - (Humanoid) Human + Fox hybrid, also Pink's brother ((Alt. Outfits))
More characters in this tag! ((The list is getting long so I had to snip it ;w;))
...Or feel free to draw any of my ocs/villagers!

2. Themes/Prompts (This might get a bit long ;w;)
General - Winter theme! Christmas, snow fights, just snow, drinking hot chocolate, etc! Ugly sweaters are absolutely A+

Rufus - Eating. She eats a lot. Or burning stuff, that's fine too!
Terrion - Chilling, sleeping, or planting something
Silvius - Maybe uh... He's small so maybe he's chilling in hot cocoa? :oo
Pink - Snow ball fight. Maybe she's getting hit in the face? Or just her drinking hot cocoa in an ugly sweater!
Pedro - Nice sweaters, knitting, giving/receiving presents!
Team HNBY - Can be drawn together as a team or separately!

3. Anything extra?
• Feel free to draw them with your OCs!
• You don't have to follow the prompts ( ^w^) Go crazy with them!
(buuuuut... maybe not NSFW or gore ;w;)
• Also, feel free to give them new outfits!
• More info can be found on their profiles ( ^w^)b
Pink and Pedro (and Tiar) are from the same universe (Universe A)
Rufus, Sainam, Terrion, and Silvius are in the same universe (Universe B)
Honey, Narcisse, Ying, and Braun exists in the RWBY universe!
• Other OCs are ??? I don't know ;;;;w;;;;
• But, y'know? Feel free to draw 'em all together if you'd like to! ( ^w^)b
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Vista by: Moriae!
10 Nov 2018, 10:19 pm
Great! Added everyone so far.
I need to update this o_o

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10 Nov 2018, 10:26 pm
Your Username and ID# EgotisticalLobster (ID 122693)
Will Draw: Gore/Humans/Anthro/Feral etc: Anthros - anything furred <3
Won't Draw: Gore/Humans/Anthro/Feral etc: ferals, gore, humans, humanoids, anything without fur, nsfw

Art of any of these characters:
2. Themes/Prompts
I'm fine with anything! Just don't send me any gore/nsfw/lewd (: <3
3. Anything extra?
Nope! Thank you!
Hey there! I'm Ego! Any pronouns are fine, I'm Bigender (: I'm 14, and a professional writer! I'm learning to draw still ^^;
tfw your siblings are talking about becoming doctors n stuff and you just want to be a writer for adult swim
I'm the family disappointment
I'm fluent in 8 languages - if you ever need help with translation, don't hesitate to ask!
I know English, Spanish, German, Korean, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian! I'm learning Japanese rn~
11 Nov 2018, 2:32 am
Thanks! Updated. Will check back in the morning.
I need to update this o_o

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11 Nov 2018, 6:47 am (Edited 13 Nov 2018, 4:52 pm)
Your Username and ID# ZombiSteak 36970
Will Draw: All
Won't Draw: NSFW

1. Character reference links
2. Themes/Prompts
Anything really happy like!! Or Sleepy ~ Both work for any of these characters
3. Anything extra?
Nope ~
11 Nov 2018, 12:13 pm
I need to update this o_o

♥ Ping me about any mustelid and hyena type adopts ♥