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Ko-Fi Adopts/Sketches to Help Santa Claus!

6 Dec 2018, 8:03 pm (Edited 6 Dec 2018, 10:01 pm)
This is aside from my usual art sale.

Hello, if you have see me around, you might know a couple of things about me. But if no:
Hey :D Mi name is Alexy and I live in Venezuela, which is a country under a dictatorship and where the people is going througth hard things.

The last christmas (2017) my mother came to me and told me about how most kids on our block wasn't getting any toys. The explained me that she offered to those parents an inked drawing made by me, so the kids could colour it for the crhistmas morning,

After that, i never had a word with any of those kids or their parents, i assumed what i did was mostly nothing of importance and let the thing sit, cause i'm too busy trying to survive the national disastrous situation (and i don't even like christmas, lol).

But a couple days ago, a little girl from my neighbourhood stayed at my home for some hours while her mother was off to work. She entered my room (i have no door, long story) and peeked what i had on my desk. After a short study of my art work in progress she asked if Santa Claus gifted it to me for the last christmas. "He sometimes gives out drawings to colour instead of toys!" she said. And proceeded to tell me all about the drawing she got, how much she loved it, that she put it inside a folder to not lose it, etc.

"Damn, kids are actually waiting for a drawing to colour... Guess I'm Santa Claus now..."

I want to do this again, and if it's possible, do it even better.

But I am broke! This year has been disastrous, a medical emergency drained my savings, I have no paper nor inks, no nothing! I barely have my old sketchbooks with some clean pages and a pen, that's everything. Is not enough to sketch out colouring pages for more than 20 kids.

So, I created (finally) a Ko-Fi page to raise the funds to create...Not just 22 or more inked pages to give out around the neighbourhood, if a complete colouring book that will be printed and given to those kids that will surely have another year without toys for christmas.

-"Okay! Okay! But what do we get for those Ko-Fi coffees?"

I'm glad you asked!.
For some warm Ko-Fi cofees you can adopt an adorable fuzzy creature.
But, before introducing the adoptees, here is How to buy:
1-Click Here to go to my Ko-Fi page.
2-Set up your payment with the ammount of coffes you want to give, and add the following information the Ko-Fi message:
-Furvilla Username.
-Which adopt you want to take.

(Remember to select "No adress needed" when setting up your payment.)
3- Once it's done, i will send to your PayPal email (or via PM here on furvilla) the unwatermarked, transparent background, file with your new adopted character.

Some Rules.
-The buyer can resell the adopts, as is for the same price they paid.
-Character desing can be changed.

6 Dec 2018, 8:04 pm (Edited 6 Dec 2018, 8:46 pm)
Cozy Cat
2 Ko-Fi coffees each.
#1 Cozy tiger cat.

#2 Cozy bear cat.

#3 Cozy lion cat,

Cozy rat.
1 Ko-Fi coffee each.

#4 Cozy squirrel rat.

#5 Cozy Pachirisu rat.

#6 Cozy Pikachu rat.
6 Dec 2018, 8:06 pm (Edited 6 Dec 2018, 9:41 pm)
Custom adopt.
The Baby Yeti

For three (3) Ko-Fi cofees you can adopt a Baby Yeti

The baby yeti is a custom adopt, which means there are no premades to choose from.
Here is how yo buy the baby yeti.

-Send your payment vía Ko-Fi (following the steps in the first post).
-PM me here with the info of how do you want me to customise your yeti.
-You can choose the colour, fur patterns, change expression or add ONE small accesorie (scarf, silly little hat of your choice, or nose ring).
-There is a limit of ONE correction, so please be clear with the custom directions.


In adition to the art sale to fund the colouring book, I am taking sketch comissions through Ko-Fi.
If you just don't like the Cozy cat/rat, or the Baby Yeti is just too fuzzy for you and you want a yeti to shed in your furniture, this is wat you can comission from me via Ko-Fi:

For the low price of 2 Ko-Fi coffees you can get any of this cool artsy things!

-One simple waist up sketch of any character, anthro or human.
( It can be of your pet, your original caracter, yourself, your special other or even your mom!

-A Sketch of a Pokémon of your choice.
(It can be wearing a limit of two simple accesories.)

For 3 Ko-Fi coffees you can order a...

-Fullbody sketch of any character, anthro or human.

-Lineart of a Pokémon of your choice.
(It can be wearing a limit of two simple accesories.)
6 Dec 2018, 8:08 pm (Edited 6 Dec 2018, 9:52 pm)
The Final Reward

-"What? A final reward?"

Yes, yes, my amigos :D

If i manage to complete this little project with your help there will be some little public rewards!

First! The colouring book will be available as a PDF file to anyone to print and use at home. Give it your children, to your little siblings, to that little hyperactive cousin you have to babysit tomorrow night or just print it for your personal use!

Second! I will create a free to use grasshopper/cricket paintie, and probably a beetle one.
(This is a reward that only users of Furvilla will enjoy.)


Aaaaanddd... That's everything.
If you just want to donate that is cool too.
Thank you for visiting this sale,
6 Dec 2018, 9:58 pm
Open, you may post now!

(PrayingMantis Pupdragon
This is how to get the Yetis and Grasshopper.)
7 Dec 2018, 12:09 am
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