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Help for a Beginner? ( Dragon, Non-Traditional)

6 Dec 2018, 9:53 pm
Hello! I've been thinking a lot lately of starting a new project. I've done a couple dragon skull masks in the past using fursuiting techniques, but nothing too intricate (or particularly high quality). Now I'm wanting to make a full dragon suit and I just have a few questions and a lot to learn. My main questions are:

What's the best material to work with as far as the base of the mask and other parts of the body? I don't want it to be any bulkier than it needs to be and I want to keep it to a more realistic (Idk how a dragon can be realistic but you get what I mean lol) style rather than a traditional furry style. I'd want the suit to be as tight as possible without being too hot/uncomfortable while also having some sculpting to make parts of my body such as my legs appear more animal-like. The mask, of course, would have a lot more shape to it but I would prefer it be as close to the actual size of my head as possible (that of course is ignoring the large addition of a snout lol). I almost want a catsuit-like bodysuit portion with a head proportionate to the body.

What's a good material to use for horns and how do I keep them stable? I love extravagant/long horns, but I've had trouble keeping them up in the past. Is there something light but also solid which could work? I'm not sure exactly what length I would like to make the horns, but I'd probably keep them around 6 inches just to make them easier to manage. Would wood work if I could secure them properly?

This is where the tricky part comes in. I want to make the surface more similar to scales. I don't mean like hard individual scales, but maybe like a textured pleather/rubbery layer. I've found fabric in the past made to look and feel scaly, but it's hard to find where I live now and it only came in black when I found it. I want rose quartz scales with maybe some lighter tones around the body/under the chin and possibly some old rose markings. I know there are special paints for leather/rubber textures, but are there any better ways to get both the colors and texture I want with possibly some glossy finish in some areas to seem more dragon-like. Also It would be nice if the end result could be reasonably flexible.

What are some good ways to make eyes that are not cartoony, but also not too realistic. In a perfect world, I could have intense amber eyes that look incredibly realistic but also don't drastically impair my vision, but I'm gonna have to settle.

I've seen a lot of tutorials/diagrams for moving jaws, but does anyone have any other tips for that? Any information is good information.

What's a good way to sculpt teeth and keep them stable? Would it be easier to make the teeth separately and then secure them into the jaw, or sculpt the jaw and teeth as one whole piece? If I should do the teeth separately, what's the best way to secure them?

What's the best way to make feet that can withstand an awful lot of trecking while still looking nice? I thought about maybe coating the bottom with flex seal, but would that have enough grip if I was indoors on a smooth floor?

What's a good way to make a tail that looks nice (thick because I'm a dragon and reasonably long) without being too heavy or too much of a nuisance. Would a stuffed tail be the best option, or is there a better method?

This is mostly unrelated, but if anyone also knows how to make nice looking imitation armor that can last a long time, I'd love to know! I want to wear very light golden armor and I can't decide if I want it to be separate or built into the suit (maybe even make it appear scale-like to sort of blend it in).

Also if there are any other tips you'd like to share I'd love to hear them! As I said, I'm very new to this.