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Everything on my account for art or designs

13 Dec 2018, 9:45 pm (Edited 26 Oct 2019, 5:14 am)
EDIT; Now looking at adopts/designs with a few rules! Scroll to find the rules on this

I don’t really play this game anymore I just use the forums for art sales, and I figure someone who does play the game might be happier with some of my stuff than me.

So, everything on my account is being given away for FD, art, or designs, since I’ll just use the FD to buy art. Save my villagers G8R and Tylenol. G8R’s my sona so I’m uncomfortable with someone else having him and Tylenol is kind of important to me.

I don’t know what any of this stuff is worth so if there’s something in here that’s honestly not worth crap you can offer like 1FD but you’ll have to prove to me it’s not worth anything, provide a stall search or something.


Here’s my toyhouse with the characters I want art of;

I am primarily looking for art of Dolly and G8R, I will consider offers of art for other characters. But nothing outside of my fursonas or mains folder. I don’t want art of Prince right now.

YOU MUST BE ABLE TO DRAW CHUBBY BODIES. All of my characters are fat and I get very mad when people draw them skinny since it’s important to me that they’re fat. Show examples of chubby characters you’ve drawn before to be considered.

You’ll have to complete the art at least part way before I’ll trade you my items, sorry! When I did trades on Chicken Smoothie I’d have a lot of people run off and never finish the art I bought so I’d like to prevent a repeat. Doesn’t have to be complete you can just show me a sketch and I’ll send!


I only want anthros. I might look at some ferals if you’re okay with me making them into an anthro

You must be okay with me possibly changing aspects of their design to fit my aesthetic. Usually body type.

-Wolves/foxes/huskies/similar canines
-Pastel colors
-Waitress base
-Closed species

-Uncommon species
-Weird species
-Big cats (especially lions)
-neons/high saturation
-Cool colors
-Dark colors
-Designs similar to what ForestFright makes
-Things that have a prissy pretty boy vibe
-Things that have a butch angry girl vibe
-Slime characters(?)

If you want to offer anything designed by Forestfright or skymachine it’s an automatic accept.

What I have:
Everything here
My gallery
My menagerie
My toybox
My villagers (Not G8R or Tylenol)

Fill out this form to offer art:

Character/s you’d like to draw:
Art you can do; (Ex, flat fullbody, shaded halfbody. Not themes you can do)
What you want in return:
Art Examples:

I’m subscribed


14 Dec 2018, 7:48 am
Character/s you’d like to draw: I could do G8R and Casher if you wanted.
Art you can do: Literally anything, X3
What you want in return: I'll take the Dark Rumble Runt if you full bodies with no background. I'm really bad at bad backgrounds XD I will shade if you'd like.
Art Examples:
The examples are a little "old" i've improved a love since, you get the idea.
14 Dec 2018, 8:11 am
Character/s you’d like to draw: prince or g8r
Art you can do; colored + shaded bust
What you want in return: im interested in all of your seeds, the paintie ticket and the stardust uni
Art Examples: boop
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feel free to ping me for horse or werewolf adopts!
14 Dec 2018, 9:47 am

Sure that’s fine ! I’ll put it as claimed till you send a sketch !


I really like your art but I don’t really think I want to give away that many items for a bust, sorry!
14 Dec 2018, 9:51 am (Edited 14 Dec 2018, 9:52 am)
oh sorry i didnt realize how many seeds you had. how much would you value all the seeds at total?
vuqkqjm y5n3ejj6 u9do3q5
feel free to ping me for horse or werewolf adopts!
14 Dec 2018, 10:04 am

I added them all together based on lowest stall price and got


I’m not sure what the FC to FD ratio is so whatever the FD equivalents of that is is what I’d value it.
14 Dec 2018, 10:09 am
the fc to fd ratio is 100,000 fc = 100 fd, so that would be like 135 fd, plus the paintie ticket at like 175 fd, plus the stardust uni is like...8 fd, so thatd be 318 fd or $3.18 total.

i usually charge $10 for my busts, and i didnt realize how little the seeds were worth so i dont think im interested anymore. sorry for the trouble!
vuqkqjm y5n3ejj6 u9do3q5
feel free to ping me for horse or werewolf adopts!
14 Dec 2018, 9:20 pm
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30 Dec 2018, 9:27 am

I can make a Sketch of G8R and if you like my style i can finish the drawing.

i dont know if you are trading that Holiday Canine Plush cause its a little rare, i would like to know
30 Dec 2018, 9:40 am

All of it is up for trade like I said I don’t really play this game anymore ^^;

Examples please ? :3
30 Dec 2018, 9:56 am (Edited 30 Dec 2018, 11:13 am)

30 Dec 2018, 10:04 am
Character/s you’d like to draw: G8R or Firewater!
Art you can do: Shaded fullbody!
What you want in return: Your holiday canine and scarf rabbit plushes!! ;w;
Art Examples: Here!! I don't have many examples of chub, but I can do a quick sketch for free and see if you like it, if you want..?

★he/him | 16-19 | beta tester | blue★
too many fandoms

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30 Dec 2018, 10:19 am (Edited 30 Dec 2018, 10:19 am)
Character/s you’d like to draw: G8R
Art you can do ;flat halfbody
What you want in return: Holiday Canine Plush
Art Examples: https://imgur.com/a/biQCq42

sorry forgot to make this
30 Dec 2018, 11:53 am

Cute! Sure why not ^^ I’ll put it on hold until you finish a sketch


Hi the holiday canine has been spoken for but the rabbit is available. Please provide any art examples. I wouldn’t want you to do work and then have me say no ^^;