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[Keepsake] Sinister Manticore Plushie

16 Dec 2018, 3:32 pm (Edited 28 Dec 2018, 6:39 pm)
Item Order: Item Art- $17

Item Description: A plushie of a manticore. It will look like a male lion with a scorpion tail, and dragon wings. The manticore plushie will be in a posed similar to this, x, but positioned so the whole body is seen. The wings will be folded by it's sides and the tail will be hanging above the manticore. For color, it will be mixture of the Black and Red Dragon Villagers' colors. It will have a DMM vibe to it.

Item Name: Sinister Manticore Plushie

Item Text: A perfect gift for anyone living in Dragon's Maw Manor.

Extras: It will be a keepsake and obtain through a DMM Explorer Event.

Extra Charges: N/A

22 Dec 2018, 11:12 pm
Bats_and_Rats_407 Same with this one! I'd love to do it!
I'll have an admin check in with you about the explore event!
If you need absolutely anything at all, please don't be afraid to ask!
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Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom.
28 Dec 2018, 3:39 am
Bats_and_Rats_407 We actually aren't allowing users to write their own explore events. We can add your item to an already existing event or write a new simple event of a similar type to what you have provided.

Please PM me to continue the ordering process if you are still interested.
28 Dec 2018, 6:38 pm
Admin-Mat Can this one be added to the Market DMM Explorer Event then?