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[Utility + Recipe] Tools of the trade

5 Jan 2019, 10:03 pm (Edited 5 Jan 2019, 10:10 pm)
Item Order: Custom Item Art + Recipe

Item Description: An Open Satchel with assorted "trap" items visible, bear traps, glue, smoke bombs and the like. MOD-Shroomy can pick what they would like to include in these assorted items if anything fun or devious comes to mind.

Item Name: Tools of the Trade

Item Text: A satchel filled with a heinous assortment of bits and bobs, clearly meant to ruin anyone's day.

Extras: Utility slot item: +4 Agility +4 Strength -8 Intelligence +4 speed -200 fire resist -200 lightning resist +200 Frost resist +200 dark resist

Item ability: "Tricks of the Trade"[Skill]: Applies Silence for 3 rounds when used against "light" armor types, Applies Disarm for 3 rounds when used against "Medium" armor types. Applies 80% Sunder for 3 rounds when used against "Heavy" armor types. (All purge-able effects)

In Addition to these affects ( if it isn't too much or just unrealistic, I wanted there to be a downside to keep it from being too powerful ) 10% chance to apply to either/both players when used: Dynamite effect, Panacea effect, Healing potion effect, 2 round stun, 2 round blind, poison, electrify, chill, burning.

Crafted from a recipe.

Recipe obtained through fighting in the abyss and/or deadlier monsters (Higher chance here, 5 charges and all..)

Recipe requires 1 Healing Toolbelt, 1 Panacea Toolbelt, 1 Dynamite Toolbelt, 1 Disarm Amulet, 1 Sunder Amulet, 1 Dirty Trick Amulet

Extra Charges: 20 dollar tip for Admin-Wisteria for putting up with this nonsense.

Other than that I believe it would be $17 for the item art and $5 for the recipe from the wonderful Shroomy.

$42 total

If you would like me to include the list of armors here, I would be more than happy to. I also understand this will take longer than normal to finalize if it gets accepted either way. It is a bit.. Much.
Always looking to duel and test builds. Happy to share any experience I have to make the warrior career more appealing!

7 Jan 2019, 9:12 pm
noiro18 I'm definitely up for this order! I'll make sure Wisteria and/or Tempest sees this too!
If you need absolutely anything at all, please don't be afraid to ask!
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