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7 Feb 2019, 5:14 pm
I have a character I'm thinking about making a head for and the closest thing I can find to how it looks on the design is corduroy, which I'm fine with.

I'm just wondering how workable the fabric would be on a head or if I should try to find something else..

has anyone here ever worked with corduroy before?
avatar by alienenby

9 Feb 2019, 11:51 pm
i havent worked with it but should work the same as usual fabric but a little harder, making a pattern of it first than sewing it all together like you normally would, although it would probably have a lot of noticeable wrinkles and it would show off mistakes really easily if you arent a master at sewing :o

if you want something thats softer/easier to work with but has the same general 'corded' appearance, i'd go with something like this : https://www.fabric.com/buy/ah-398/10-ounce-chenille-natural?cm_vc=756b1813-cbc1-43b3-84bd-29889bf8fb7b which would be stretchier and lighter and would be easier to hide seams (if desired) you might be able to find a better example closer to what your looking for in that website or google, i couldnt find the exact fabric i had in mind but i know they have soft stretchy fabric that kinda looks like corduroy that people usually use for baby blankets