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[GUIDE] Welcome back from your hiatus!

9 Feb 2019, 9:11 pm (Edited 1 Nov 2019, 12:08 am)
> The Google Doc <
(And here's a mobile-friendly version!)

Shoutout to noll , my co-author!
Special thanks to Galaxtea + Dreki for editing!

if you'd like to help, please feel free to comment feedback, additions, and errors, both here or in the document!

I myself took a break from Furvilla for about 9 months, so I know how much of a pain it is to sift through old news posts! We have compiled what we believe to be the most important changes to the site, organized in reverse chronological order.

Especially important changes are bolded, like new species, new mechanics, and changed rules.

Please click the links above.

Starting September 2019, we will only be updating the document.
Thank you for understanding!
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9 Feb 2019, 9:12 pm (Edited 19 Oct 2019, 9:15 pm)
Latest news from mid september 2019. check the google doc instead.
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Remember to check out the latest redeemables/freebies!
Here are the newest or current...

SpeciesEventRevampBirthday Gifts

The Annual
Treasure Hunt
Stable rot

Birthday Gift Box

None!Spirit Lions,
Fiery Invasion,
Fierce Fighters

The Treasure Hunt
ends 7 Sep 2019.
The Trove closes
14 Sep 2019.

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9 Feb 2019, 9:13 pm (Edited 19 Oct 2019, 9:16 pm)

Birthday gift boxes awarded with your birthday this year! Opens to reveal a birthstone crown, magic gemraptor sticker, birth flower button, and a birthday cake.

out of date! please check the google doc.

▶  Warrior minievents:

  • There is only one ship upgrade path this year and only one map.
  • A new item category, the stone, makes a debut. Similar to event plush and stickers, they can transform a villager into a new appearance.
▶  Animal Husbandy gets a slight rehaul:
  • Stables no longer break but instead limit interaction until repaired.
    (No breeding, domesticating, feeding, or collecting.)
  • Animal collection odds raised to 70%; domestication odds raised to 100%.
▶  Elephants stampede into Furvilla.
▶  Warrior minievents:

▶  All of MOD-Shroomy’s monsters move to their own, permanent battlegrounds: the Mystic Gardens, Caves, and Depths.
▶  Villagers can finally craft and use a Lion Warrior Costume.
▶  Custom orders open again.
▶  Blacksmiths can now make the second tier of upgraders.
▶  The summer solstice brings with it a season-long picnic minievent, with new exploration events and a warrior battleground.
▶  Warrior minievents:
jess #7302 | she/her | links
9 Feb 2019, 9:14 pm (Edited 24 Jul 2019, 5:04 pm)
June through January
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▶  Villagers can now smith the first tier of upgraders, and the associated recipes stock in the NPC weaponry shops.
▶  The summer solstice brings with it a season-long picnic minievent, with new exploration events and a warrior battleground.
▶  Warrior minievents:

  • The Jousting Tournament does not make a return, and this year’s festival has no focus on PVP.
▶  Blacksmiths can now scrap common and limited rarity equipment.
▶  The stalls, inventory, and item museum can now be easily filtered by ‘crystal’ and ‘scrap’. ‘No transfer’ is removed from the storage dropdown.
▶  Several items receive much-needed art updates.
▶  Warrior minievents:

▶  Village icons are replaced for the third time. This set thematically represents each village: narwhal, dragon, crown, evil eye, & mountain for OD, QP, OFB, DMM, & TEP respectively.
▶  SoupVilla announced on April Fool’s. It lasts two weeks.
  • Soupacalypse 2019 showcases the Souper Star, featuring the first set of guest artist villagers.
  • Village icons are all replaced with soup.
▶  Lorelei opens up their Amethystine Swap Shop
▶  Xyumika is now listed as a Former Programmer in the credits, and coder-twister is added about a week afterwards.
▶  Elefight chests added to the Fair Exchange.
▶  Warrior minievents:

▶  The first Great Shamrock Hunt commences. Explorers, for two weeks, can find shamrocks which can be used to craft exclusive items.
▶  Paintie Check Thread reopens.
▶  Warrior minievents:

  • The Serpent begins accepting furniture.
▶  The Beast Gembound wins the costume poll and recieves unique art.
▶  The Feast is revamped.
▶  Prizes are now based on total feast points, rather than placement or percentile.
▶  Village icons (the ones next to usernames) are now food-themed.
▶  The Bug Report subforum is reorganized and now should be used to report bugs.
▶  Warrior minievents:

▶ Certified Fan Badges resume mailing. If you have entered your address previously, you will need to add “I’ve updated” underneath it and update it.
▶ Craft a sludge potion to give your villager a spooky illness.
  (Recipe located at the Recycler.)
▶ Goats become the newest species on Furvilla.
  Cows get udders soon after.
▶ The Button Book and Sticker Book now allow users to show off their collections!
  The Toybox is revamped to allow multiple plushies.

▶ Warrior minievents:
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9 Feb 2019, 9:16 pm (Edited 24 Jul 2019, 5:03 pm)
December through July
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Zodiac plush awarded on your birthday this year!

▶  Inventory, stall, and storage expansions now cap at 50,000 FC. Storage now only costs a maximum of 1,000 FC per slot.
  • Wardrobe slots now cost a flat 50,000 FC.
▶  Seeds can now be destroyed from pots if not yet fully grown.
▶  NPC-Traveler opens the Fair Exchange. (Remember, you can haggle for a 5% discount!)
▶  Village icons (the ones next to usernames) are now winter-themed.
▶  Furvilla celebrates its second anniversary with gift boxes, available from an explore event and very rarely from battling. Opening will give one item from this list.
▶  Furniture, costumes, and costume parts removed from quest pool.
  • New items created for questing are added to the pool instead.
▶  Warrior minievents:

▶  Several new NPCs introduce themselves in explore events, most notably Chief Clawtooth, his wife Sage Ismene, and the Master of Camel.
  • Rumors of a new village Clawtooth surround their arrival.
▶  Black Friday Minievent:
  • Last year’s items do not return.
  • Gemlin boxes added to the FDE, starting a breeding frenzy.
  • Buck makes his first appearance. Don’t call him Xaender Van Buckles!
▶  Minievents:

▶  Gallery expansions now max at 50,000 FC. This is surreptitiously announced in the change log.
▶  Chibi stickers now cost 500FD each, with the exception of Gembounds.
▶  Aspen and Quinn take ownership of Furvilla, and with them comes a heavier focus on user engagement, bug fixes, revamps, and lore.
▶  An official Discord server, complete with a direct link in the navigation bar, replaces the long broken on-site chat.
▶ An old staff account is repuposed to become NPC-Lorelei. It is rumored she will help complete collections eventually.
▶  Warrior minievents:

▶  Warrior minievents:

  • Aquatic Gembounds now have unique art.
  • 2017 Treasure Hunt crafting items are still floating around despite Wisteria’s promises.
  • The treasure hunt does not change significantly.
▶  Plantimal seeds now drop from explore events. Herbalists can compost expired foods and grow these seeds into unbreedable minipets using fancy plant drinks (made with compost by an alchemist).
▶  Your own stall items show up as "Unbuyable" in stall search.
▶  Item upgrade tickets now cost 1750 valour points.
▶  Explorers can continue unfinished events if the window is accidentally closed.
▶  The first battle buddies were introduced into Village V battlegrounds.
▶  Warrior minievents:

▶  Currency transfers can be cancelled and are no longer automatically accepted.
▶  User blocks have a note section (only visible to you!)
▶  Shifty species and color can be custom set. Costume and color are now separate.
▶  Helpers make a return!
  • With their return brought a revamp to the forums to include a new Helper Central section.
▶  Rules receive an update.
▶  The Traveler returns with the third round of item upgrades.
▶  Warrior minievents:
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9 Feb 2019, 9:17 pm (Edited 5 Sep 2019, 11:49 pm)
June through January
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Zodiac plush awarded on your birthday this year!

▶  The mystery kitsune bag enters the FurDollar Emporium.
▶  A new shifty species and magic heart gems mark a change in the paintie rules.
▶  Shifties get some lore.
▶  Introduction of many buttons, such as the pride buttons, to the recycling shop.

  • Golem cores are not specific to the tournament.
  • Steampunk Saggitari get some unique costume art!
▶  Galactic Shifties arrive.
  • They allow users to have off base and heavily edited rare species painties (Dutch AD, Manokit, Wickerbeast, Saggitari, Snuffle, Leodon, Flailadon).
▶  Original Magic Heart Gem arrives (now called the magic diamond heart gem). It lets you make off-base Gembound painties.
▶  Warriors can now fight in the Abyss.
▶  Privacy policy changes to comply with GDPR.
▶  Serpent’s pot from the Quetzal Palace festival is reintroduced.
▶  Battle text is now color-coded.
▶  The Town Hall receives a face-lift. Say goodbye to village news.
▶  You can finally get your DMM event rewards from 2017. Dragonsmaw pie buffs now properly display. Hallowed potions still cost 500FD (never increased).
▶  Warrior minievents:

▶  Vibrant gemstones drop from the abyss for Abada crafting.
▶  Warrior minievents:

▶  The first Spring Eggstravaganza minievent releases little plastic eggs into explore events. Check the new item thread to see what’s inside!
▶  Warrior minievents:

▶  Breeding cap permanently increased to 100 per day.
▶  Houses no longer break; instead they decrease one durability per day then sit at 1 forever.
▶  Bashful blossoms added to wandering monsters.
▶  Minstrel makes the first mention of NPC-Maple.
▶  The permanent training dummy battleground added.
▶  Items can now be marked keepsake and equipped to villager profiles.
▶  The Flailadon from the Create-a-Species finally released through the recycler with 2 default colors.
▶  Warrior minievents:

▶  Custom orders added to site. Users can now pay to have their visions for an item on Furvilla realized. Past orders are listed in this Knowledge Base guide.
▶  Warrior minievents:
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9 Feb 2019, 9:19 pm (Edited 24 Jul 2019, 5:02 pm)
December through July
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Non-magic birthstone Gembound Plush were awarded on your birthday this year!

▶  Furvilla celebrates its first anniversary with a trophy and mayor vistas in each village costume shops.
▶  Warrior minievents:

▶  Crystal stats and cost overhauled.
▶  Monthly contests stop for a little while.
▶  Black Friday sales include the exclusive Black Rose Gembound and some outfits.
▶  Warrior minievents:

  • Users must grow pumpkins for Jack o Lanterns and pumpkin guts.
  • They have the option to either gift or smash these lanterns for karma and candy (the latter to be exchanged for points in the prize shop).
  • Users are very quickly overwhelmed by candy, and both glitches and rewards from this event take several months to resolve.
  • Candy shop content.
▶  There was an attempt to make it so the chance to get battleground drops would increase after each battle until you recieved the item; however it did not work and the idea has been in limbo ever since.
▶  Warrior minievents:

▶  Deinmaar steps down as head of community. Admin-Mat takes her place.
August - New Items, Event Only
  • Leodons arrive! They are exclusive to this event and will appear in the Plunder Shop every year.
  • Users must explore and craft treasure maps to gather reagents and treasure. Reagents can be used to build a ship to find more treasure, which can be converted to points for the shop.
▶  Oceandome becomes the only encyclopedia entry.
▶  Glorious Return Box released.
▶  New permanent minipet species can be found in Oceandome:
▶  Shark villagers released through an Oceandome exploration event.
   Legged versions only obtainable through the potion.
▶  A new exploration event introduces gem raptors to Furvilla.
▶  The first Unofficial Official Fur Idol Contest held through the forums, focused on sharks, leodons, and gem raptors.
▶  The official on-site polling system makes a debut with a revote for the Create-A-Species contest.

▶  Voting for the Create-A-Species contest begins.
▶  Medicine potency now affects how long a villager becomes immune to sickness, rather than its chances of heals. The village clinic now heals a villager for permanent immunity.
▶  Tourney reopens for a new round each fortnight.
  • You can now see your ELO.
  • The tourney shop stock does not cycle regularly.
▶  Koafox briefly joins the team as a developer after the previous one vanishes.
▶  First batch of chibi villagers added to the Furdollar Emporium.
▶  Custom vista system released.
▶  Registration bugs got fixed.
▶  Warrior minievents:
jess #7302 | she/her | links
9 Feb 2019, 9:20 pm (Edited 24 Jul 2019, 5:02 pm)
June through January
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▶  Helpers deactivated until 2018.
▶  New village colorations:
▶  The Traveler gets a paintie!
▶  Spread the Love event happened giving users a maximum of 10 minipets or plushes not in their menagerie or toybox.
  • There will not be another STL event due to the hassle of handing out prizes.

  • The tourney is accessible after the event, resetting every fortnight.
  • Valour Points can be earned by battling in PVP (player versus player) or in PVE (player versus environment) with an entered villager.
▶  Warrior career overhauled by Admin-Wisteria. Please see these guides for more help understanding these changes!
  • Legacy equipment can be converted from your inventory.
  • Any equipment crafted after the update does not need to be converted.
  • Warrior career achievements are not updated and can no longer be completed.
▶  Bovines introduced to Furvilla.

▶  The Create-a-Species contest begins. It will not resolve for almost a full year until Flailadons are added in February 2018.
▶  Discarding items now awards furgems to use in the Recycler.
▶  Explorer mini-events released to break up all that clicking with even more clicking (but now there is also reading involved).
▶  Ladybirds and buzzes swarm exploration events for a limited time.
  • Both remain breedable.
▶  Inventory and storage upgrades now cost furcash instead of furdollars. Refunds go out for those who have purchased slots using FD.
▶  Frostbite gets a paintie (actually 5 painties).
  • It is later revealed Frostbite is actually a Gem Raptor.

▶  Cooking career is released.
  • This is the first career added after the original 10.
  • Villagers can now eat competitively for The Feast or donate for the Food Drive.
▶  Idea Development reworked to increase staff engagement with users on forums.
▶  The first craftable pets (mechanical mini-pets) make an appearance.
  • Each village has its own recipe (drops in village battlegrounds) and animal.
  • Other recipes involved in crafting them can be found in the Quest Shop.

  • Users turn over animals or equipment to the serpent in exchange for feathers to be used in the Gala (the prize shop).
  • The first Fashion Show (thread) lets people enter a maximum of 5 themed painties for a chance to win something off their wishlists.
  • There was a poorly planned mystery quest for the event. Due to its unpopularity, it was scrapped for the following years, but you can read more about it here.
▶  Certified Furvilla Badges added to login streak and with a $50 purchase of FD. If you have been waiting several months for your badge to ship, make sure you have updated your address to include “I’ve updated” below it.
▶  Shifties can now wear costumes.
▶  New costumes and species:
▶  Furvilla begins to incorperate interactive NPC accounts.

▶  Ten more breeds of canine villagers invade Furvilla:
▶  Paintie Tickets get their own item art and are added to the FDE permanently. They can now be purchased in bulk for discount of up to 30%.
▶  The Furvilla Store is released. Users can purchase products from both the myshopify and storenvy until both eventually closed.
  • Some prints from the store include codes for wall art furniture.
  • The plushies also have codes for their online counterparts (fox, horse, wolf)
  • Online merch sales are slated to return eventually, but they are not a priority.
▶  A new set of villager-themed vistas replace the old ones in the FurDollar Emporium.
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9 Feb 2019, 9:21 pm (Edited 24 Jul 2019, 5:02 pm)
December through Beta (July–Dec 7)
(to top)

  • In the first site event, users can explore and battle for fairies as long as they are able to fight through the lag.
  • Fairy drop rates start at 20% and decrease by 1% for each fairy found with a minimum 1% drop rate.
  • The first snowpets can breed once per day for the two weeks of the festival. Users are limited to 50 breedings per day.
▶  Staff updates the paintie rules. This is not the first update, nor will it be the last.
▶  Fur Idol now has specific infractions. It is no longer a lawless wasteland.
  • A new rule bans the discussion of beta activity meant to incite drama.
▶  FURVILLA LAUNCHES! ▶  Helpers first introduced.
▶  New species colors and minipets:
Beta (Ended 7 Dec 2016)

There have been many changes since Beta, so many of these updates have been changed since.

▶  Beta forums wiped.
▶  New MODS join in preparation for launch.
▶  Paintie price increases from 100FD to 250FD.
▶  Costumes can now be equipped to any species.
  • Paintie rules are changed in part to reflect the costume updates.
▶  Fur Idol rules instated.
▶  Tigereye Peak finally gets their own rare species: Snuffles.
  • With the new species addition came a price increase for crafting rare species potions (25,000FC).
▶  Villager creation menu now limited to 3 colors of each species. The rest are locked behind morphing potions.
▶  A combination of suggestions on how to fix deflation of minipets is eventually used at various times throughout Furvilla’s life.
▶  The Knowledge Base contest ends, and the entries populate the new help section.
▶  Animal Husbandry villagers who have mastered a species now only require a single turn to fully domesticate all animals of that species.
▶  New rules introduced, and the infractions system makes a debut.
▶  Furvilla holds a NPC contest for plush collector, quests, wardrobing, remodeling, and the giving tree.
▶  New features:
  • Galleries added to profiles in late October, allowing users to show off their collections.
  • Giving Tree donations added in mid October.
  • Users begin fulfilling quests for shards to use in the shop in mid October.
    (Eventually, interest dies out as it becomes apparent that reaching level 10 will cost tens of millions of FC.)
  • The daily streak begins 11 Oct 2016.
  • Plush Collector, and Quests were added but never really announced in News so it was during beta sometime.
  • Villagers can now check off achievements for career mastery (7 Sep 2016).
  • Trading added 14 Aug 2016.
  • Users can store currency in the bank and enter the lottery beginning 19 Jul 2016.
▶  New species and colors:
▶  Rules updated and forums cleaned up.
▶  Morphing potions released for every species.
▶  Caps on worker productivity and a 10 active worker cap replace the cap on villagers. New villager slots after 10 initially scale for 10kFC per slot until it is replaced with a flat 50kFC fee.
▶  Accounts have a 10 active worker cap by default, and worker productivity caps include:
  • Herbalists can only add new pots if they have less than 100 total pots.
    Accounts are restricted to
200 harvests per hour.Breeding is briefly restricted to once every 10 minutes before it is set to 50 breedings per day (later becomes 100).
The hourly limit of 10 animal collections stay.
Explorer and warrior activity is briefly capped hourly.
Villagers cannot be unset as a Worker or transferred for 24 hours after being set.
▶  Furcash shops begin stocking limited quantities of items, restocking every 15 minutes.
This briefly causes significant chaos until certain items are given infinite stock.
▶  Carpentry costs adjust to make repairing new structures cheaper than letting them break and buying or crafting a new one.
▶  Herbalist pots lose 1 durability per harvest instead of daily.
▶  Sales tax added to stalls on FC sales to address inflation.
▶  Users can pay 25k FC to move villages after consuming their first free move.
▶  Item durability affects its color in the inventory and stalls.
▶ The banning of the nipple (but not the breast). There are also other rule updates.
  • There were also various quality of life changes.
▶ TOS updates.
▶ Career change cooldown reduced to 2 hours (every even hour FV time) from 24.
▶ Open Beta announcement.
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9 Feb 2019, 9:22 pm (Edited 24 Jul 2019, 5:02 pm)
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Here are some of our favorite guides to get you up to speed.
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9 Feb 2019, 11:28 pm (Edited 24 Jul 2019, 5:01 pm)
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9 Feb 2019, 11:31 pm (Edited 25 Feb 2019, 3:22 pm)
♡ Lobsters are Amazing ♡
jess #7302 | she/her | links
9 Feb 2019, 11:41 pm (Edited 25 Feb 2019, 3:22 pm)
♡ Lobsters are Amazing ♡
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9 Feb 2019, 11:42 pm (Edited 30 Jun 2019, 5:36 pm)
♡ Lobsters are Amazing ♡
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9 Feb 2019, 11:44 pm
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9 Feb 2019, 11:51 pm
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9 Feb 2019, 11:55 pm
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9 Feb 2019, 11:57 pm (Edited 9 Feb 2019, 11:57 pm)
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10 Feb 2019, 12:01 am
for consistency should i mention new costume colors?
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10 Feb 2019, 12:03 am
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10 Feb 2019, 12:04 am
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10 Feb 2019, 12:05 am
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10 Feb 2019, 12:07 am
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10 Feb 2019, 12:08 am (Edited 13 Aug 2019, 1:52 pm)
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10 Feb 2019, 12:10 am
okay that's enough for tonight hhhhhhh

i forgot that lists on FV are BROKEN* so I will figure out how to export this.... later
*can't have a list item with formatted text after a linebreak....
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