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[Guide] Serpent Festival Basics!

18 Feb 2019, 11:04 am (Edited 1 Mar 2019, 1:50 pm)
The Serpent Festival can be challenging and confusing when you don't know where to start or are new to the site. This guide aims to clear up some common questions! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them here.

What is the Serpent Festival? 
The Serpent Festival is an annual festival where Quetzal Palace's serpent (the one they live on) descends to the land of Furvilla. Each year residents honor the serpent by bringing it certain gifts!

The Gala happens during the second half of the festival. A festival outfit (this varies by year) must be equipped to your active villager in order to enter. The Gala features a variety of event-exclusive items that change each year. Previous years' items cannot be obtained. You can still trade in items for feathers after the Gala begins.

In 2019 minipets, equipment, and furniture are accepted as a gifts. Furniture will only be accepted in 2019.

Where can I give gifts to the serpent?
Simply go to the serpent page! This link can be found in the festival news post (click serpent image) as well as on the Town Hall page at the top in the event summary area. Once on the page, you can choose what you want to give. You must give either 5 minipets, 5 equipment, or 5 furniture. You must select 5 to be able to give the gifts. The serpent will not accept less than 5 items at once.

What does giving gifts do?
Giving the serpent gifts allows your to receive event-exclusive items! Submit minipets to receive new cloud minipets (manta, scorpion, sheep) and the possibility of one serpent's feather (25% chance)! Submit equipment to receive one serpent's feather (100% of the time) and one of the four event equips (not 100% of the time). The equipment are the crescent moon scythe, lunar diadem, solar flare collar, and deadly rays meteor hammer. Submitting furniture gives no special items, but will always give one feather.

What are feathers used for?
Serpent Feathers are the currency for the Gala, which happens midway through the festival. Collect feathers to be able to buy items at the gala! Feathers are exchanged for Gala Points once the gala opens. Usually, event-exclusive villager colors and other collectable items can be bought, however the details and prices of the Gala stock we will not know until it arrives. 

Where can I get minipets for the serpent?
You can buy minipets from your village's animal husbandry shop. These will restock every 15 minutes (:00, :15, :30, :45). You can also use an Animal Husbandry villager to collect new pets ("Collect Here") or to breed pets you already have. Minipets can also be purchased from the stalls or gotten from mistletoe fairies from the winter festival.

What equipment can be given to the serpent?
You may have noticed not all equipment is able to be given to the serpent. While you can give any minipet, there are limitations on equipment. You can give anything uncommon rarity or higher

Equipment that cannot be given: reef shield, barnacle sword, grungy wooden shield, wooden sword, frozen stick shield, icy sword, haunted pine shield, fang club, cracked marble shield, dragon tooth knife, wooden axe, wooden buckler, wooden hammer, wooden scythe, worn hood, worn sash, basic clothing, basic leather armour, simple robes, simple belt, rusted mace, rusted plate armour.

Where can I get equipment for the serpent?

Equipment can be acquired from battleground drops (as long as it is not a common one). The best places to battle are Deadly Monsters (18+) and The Abyss (20+) for high level warriors. For lower level, Wandering Monsters IV and then Wandering Monsters III. For Wandering Monsters IV & III you should dump any wooden or rusted equipment from mimics (keep Wooden Greathammers and Iron equips!). Wandering Monsters II can also work. Do not use Wandering Monsters (lv 0+) as it only drops common equipment.

You can also craft equipment from any of the possible recipes (all crafted equipment is higher than common). Some recipes can be bought from your village's warrior shop. Certain recipes only require explore materials: coral shield schema, slime shield schema, wooden shield schema, dragon tooth shield schema, ice shield schema. Other recipes can be bought in the stalls.

You can also buy equipment from the stalls. Make sure to check if it is uncommon or higher rarity.

What is the Serpent Pot for?
The Serpent Pot is used to brew mystery items. While there are many items you can get from it (including feathers!), there are some festival mysteries hidden inside. Insert a number of items (1-50) to receive pot items in an hour. In 2019, the mystery items are the sun and moon crystals and the gala mask buddies.

Make sure to read over the news post on general festival timeframe and other information!

28 Feb 2019, 3:51 pm (Edited 28 Feb 2019, 4:56 pm)
How are Gala points obtained?

28 Feb 2019, 5:02 pm
NyteFyre you get them when you trade in feathers from the gala page
28 Feb 2019, 6:56 pm
noll Ah! Thank you!
1 Mar 2019, 1:06 pm
noll Thanks for this Guide.

This may sound dumb, but nowhere in the News post nor in this Guide nor in the Town Hall menu have I spotted any link to the actual Gala itself.

So my question is, where do I go to access the Gala and the items that can be purchased with Serpent feathers?

According to the news post it has been going on for some time, and will end March 4th, so it would be nice to visit and see if I want to go to the effort of earning more feathers.

Thanks for your help!
There's no need to ping me on my own threads – I’m subscribed!
1 Mar 2019, 1:13 pm
Aviva At the top of the townhall page, Mayor Ana will have a link to it! It's here. Make sure you're wearing a mask to be let in! ♡
1 Mar 2019, 1:19 pm
Oh, so you are saying that I need to have one of those festival masks equipped to my ACTIVE Villager?

I guess I'll have to move a mask to my currently active one and then look again. Thanks!
There's no need to ping me on my own threads – I’m subscribed!
1 Mar 2019, 1:52 pm
Aviva yes, it needs to be on your active. you will always need to have a mask equipped to enter the gala, even after the first time you enter c: