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Help with fursuit eyes?

11 Mar 2019, 1:58 am
I have some Buckram from Hobby Lobby and I need something to color it. I've tried acrylic paints but no matter how thin the layers are the little holes always get clogged. I bought Paint Pens too but found out too late that they're alcohol based and besides, I only bought black.

My questions are:

If I sealed eyes after using the alcohol paint pens, would it be safe to use them or would it make suit cleaning too dangerous?

Can I used Oil Based Paint Pens instead?

How do I get the Acrylic to stop clogging the mesh?
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14 Mar 2019, 5:33 pm
I don't know about pens and such, but with the acrylic it's possible you could water it down and do multiple layers? I've seen that work on dolls and such for a smooth, clumpless look, but it takes a while for the colour to build.

And this one I'm not sure about, but maybe spraypaint? not very delicate but it'll get you a thin matte coating. unsure how it handles cleaning, though.
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