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The Queendom Q&A

11 Mar 2019, 11:05 am
Summary: The Queendom is a roleplay/book series I'm currently working on. It is mostly (except through the portal worlds) a medieval setting, with some things mixed in. It’s a absolutely huge planet, which doesn’t have a name as of now. You can add suggestions for the planet name or other suggestions having to do with this thread or the roleplay if you want! I have made it pretty far with the series but I have to actually write/type the books for it out. I lose interest in things very quickly, so I thought this Q&A might help motivate me. I figured my outright love of compliments in general would help with that as well.
This is exactly what the title states. You ask me questions, preferably one per post, about the roleplay The Queendom, and I answer them, or you can ask my characters themselves questions directed towards them and they will "answer." Pretty simple. I do have technical "rules" although they are really just preferences. If you reealllyy want to know a erm.. awkward question go ahead and ask but I may not answer it.

11 Mar 2019, 11:07 am
Rules: Absolute Rule: Nothing very inappropriate! This is still Furvilla and they have their own rules you must follow.
Ask as many questions as you want!
Most questions I would prefer to be about my characters.
If you wish you are allowed to add some suggestions, whether about the roleplay, or how to improve this thread!
11 Mar 2019, 11:08 am
Vague Questions: Who is _________?
What is your roleplay?
What is _________s past?
Irrevelent: Do you like popcorn?
Who are you?
Better: Who are you in the rp?
Does _______ have a element?
Who is _________s known direct family?
Who is ______s brother?
Are _______ and _______ related?
Does your character have a pet?
What is ______'s career?

I prefer specifics. I suppose you can ask some irrevelent, non-personal questions if you want.
11 Mar 2019, 11:11 am (Edited 11 Mar 2019, 11:12 am)
Character "names" with a # in front of them mean they have no actual name yet, and I will gladly take suggestions!
Main Characters so far(be ready): Slush, Flare, Brooke, Rosie, Savannah, Krissy, Glitch, Virus, Prince, Apocalypse, Nico, Zin, Cora, Candy, Jewel, Bob, Alexstraza, Rathalos, Spencer, Alex, Sera, #"Evil One", Carrotcake, Luke, Wade, Merle, #Captain, Ilrune(Midnight), Alaion, Heartbreak, Jasper, #Nature Guardian, Titus, Eych Tu-O, Scorpion Queen, #Scorpion King, Noodles, Daisy, Gale, Azure, Baz, Dakota(Dak' oren), Starflyer, #Alien 1, #Alien 2, #Alien 3, #Alien 4, Star, Bananas, Ben, Bridget, 19, 17, Amber, Iris, Claw, Luna, Zazul, Hrojo, Louis, Sunburst, Sterling, Xavier, William, Clash, Ivy, Gala(Galaxia), #woodpecker, #monkeysister, #monkeysister, Percy, Faera, Moon(Moonwatcher), Tail(Tailchaser), Katy Kat(Katy), Julius Griffin, #ferret assasin, #iguana assasin, #chef, #farmer, #farmerbrother, #alchemist, #innkeeper, #NewBoss, #owlbear, #Zinbear, #wizardbro, Reese, Jane, #steed, #bard, William Lew, Bethany Griffin(Beth), Faera, Sparrow, #wildchild, Dash. Whew. Didn't realize how many I have... For more information, go to apocalypticpets.pb.online It’s in the Characters section at the top.
If you can, of course.
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ApocalypticPets ooh, i absolutely love that idea!! questions about settings and worlds can sometimes help making it more detailed!! :3
i have a "couple" of questions, please excuse my interest in your setting! i'm sorry this is questions mostly about your *world*, not characters ":D
you are not obliged to answer, of course! ":0 if you want specific questions about your characters only - please say about it! ":0
you said that it is a "medieval setting, with some things mixed in. It’s a absolutely huge planet, which doesn’t have a name as of now" so
>how world map looks like(even if this is just concepts)?
>how much continents on that planet?
>what those continents are called?
>what races are living on this planet and where(continents, preferred climate and landscapes)?
>what race is most developed(have better technologies etc)?
>do races have their own cultures and what they are like?
>#"Evil One" sounds intriguing! who is this "Evil One" character, and for what he/she/it/them called evil?
>does this world have any cursed forbidden places everyone tends to avoid and why?

sorry i guess that's too much ":D
i really hope you have a nice day :3
+8 hr FV time / senior year highschooler / planning to be an artist / non native english speaker
12 Mar 2019, 12:54 pm (Edited 12 Mar 2019, 1:18 pm)
Sabh For the first question, a lot of it is medieval, though all the regions are like different cultures and time periods mixed. For example, Sterling, William, and Julius all come from a steampunk airship region that floats in the sky above a wasteland desert. Moon and Tail come from a modern high school with common things like cellphones, kind of like in a lot of anime. It’s all different, but nothing too "alien."

Being huge, most of it is unexplored. So it is currently unknown. There have been 15 found right about now, those have no names either.

As for races, there are mostly anthros. There are other worlds in which a character can change their form, such as anthro to human, or vice versa. That’s a whole other complicated thing though. For this planet, anthros are any common animal, or other basic things such as bugs and birds. Even fish. Dragons, Pegasi, unicorns and such are rare and are often royalty, feared, respected, and even worshipped because of that rarity. Aliens are from other unknown planets and are treated about as they would be here on Earth. Sentient monsters are possible, and I mean those monsters are usually born that way or they used to be a regular person then became a monster in some way. Prince is not considered a monster. He is considered a collie, lycanthropy is more of a ability or transformation than a species change. Sorry if that’s confusing. Most races have spread very far across the planet and have mingled together for many generations. Oddly enough, hybrids are not very common within a species despite this. Some races are relatively small in numbers and isolated, such as elves. They have stuck to their own boundaries, their own culture, and many know little to nothing of the "outside world." Not to mention they generally guard and hide their territory very well against all outsiders.

Some of the most advanced peoples have just barely touched the Space Age, only knowing about it from satellites, rarely exploring other planets, even the ones very close by and very hospitable. Even the most advanced are still a step behind our own Earth.

Due to the mixed cultures, governments are all very different. You have your usual ones and then some are a combination of governments. In this story, I have myself. I have the title "Queen of Thieves" due to how I formed my Queendom. I, like the rest of the first citizens, was selected by The Fire, (which was a magical, sentient fire that chose our destined careers and became the center of the Queendom) to become the queen. My government is a combination between a monarchy and democracy. I got my name from my thievery skills and my tendacy to readily welcome rogues, petty thieves, liars, and repenting murderers as new citizens. In fact, most of my citizens are just that.

Oh yeah, there are thousands of places people avoid for various reasons. They could believe it’s haunted, there could possibly be monsters there, it’s a bandit hideout, whatever really. Cardinal, Blue Jay, and Azure are all guardians assigned to protect certain treasures and/or areas loooonnngg ago. Azure used to protect a temple in a desert, while Cardinal and Blue Jay are the "bloodthirsty monsters" of the Forbidden Forest. Cheesy name, I know.

Ah, Evil One. I adore him, he’s got to be one of my favorites. He is not a zombie, not a vampire or skeleton. He is undead however. He is a greyhound, looks pretty dead too. He is cold to the touch, has grey skin and fur, dark shadows under his eyes, black kind of greasy looking hair, and a wreath of flames about his neck. If you want somewhere else I can try to put his backstory of how he became what he is now. He has stitches over his heart. There is a rumor those stitches are cursed, because it never heals. If you ask his closest followers, they will say they are there simply because he constantly gets stabbed there, whether from battles or assasination attempts. He is called evil because he is known to be pretty much an all out villain. Conquering the world, seems merciless, pretty vile. He will readily admit he has tortured some people before. According to his followers, he has a kind spot in him for those he trusts. The large amount of children he has as followers supports this, while his actions do not.

That was quite a few questions at once, but I don't mind. Im really happy someone is interested! Its fine that most of them are about my setting. I should try to add a pic of Evil One. Ive been wondering if I should add a thread saying I want art about my characters. I don't really have anything I could give in return though. Hm. Maybe you have some suggestions? I don't know. Anyway, thanks for asking!
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