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Help with Forum BBCode

6 May 2019, 7:25 pm
So, even though i've looked through the BBCode guide, and even tried to, i don't get how to put images into forum posts. Can someone help?
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6 May 2019, 7:28 pm (Edited 6 May 2019, 7:30 pm)
[img]Put link here[/img]

The code would look like this vvv
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6 May 2019, 9:05 pm (Edited 6 May 2019, 9:28 pm)
You need to make sure your image is hosted somewhere that allows hotlinking (so, not deviantart). Imgur and imgbb are popular choices.

Once you've uploaded your image to a host, just right click + copy image address/url/location, and use that between [img][/img] tags.

edit: discord is mentioned below, and while the image URLs tend to expire after too long or too many views, it works well enough that I will use it myself for something that doesn't need to be permanent since it's so convenient.
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6 May 2019, 9:18 pm
Pics from discord work too if you sent it out, I used discord to do it a lot and it's kinda fast for me