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Anyone disappointed there wasn't an event shop?

8 Jun 2019, 1:23 pm
I feel kinda disappointed that we didn't get a shop for the OFB festival this year. I missed out on several items (mostly ones from the Discarded Loot Sack) thanks to bad RNG, when usually at the end of an event I would have earned up enough points just from my usual grinding to buy 80-100% of what I had missed. :/

Anyone else a little bummed about this change? or did you have better luck than me? lol
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8 Jun 2019, 1:30 pm (Edited 8 Jun 2019, 1:36 pm)
I'm a bit sad there was no shop. I got all the kitunes but one and my best bets now is user stalls.

Is there any stickers you are missing?
8 Jun 2019, 1:34 pm
It honestly didn't even feel like a huge village event to me, felt like a mini warrior event where stupidly and unfortunately if any of the equips could be useful in a potentially decent build, people would be locked out of these exclusive items... At least warrior events come back lol.
8 Jun 2019, 1:41 pm
Alewolf I really like the kitsunes but I only managed to get one(well two, but they're both the same, no luck trading yet) however I'm glad they're not minipets or that would have been a nightmare trying to get two of each of them for my menagerie! Good luck getting your last one!

Growlithe Omg yes, that's the perfect way to describe it! I'm glad I managed to get a fair amount of the equipment, I don't use my warrior that often, but I like to have options during those mini events and you never know what equipment might be useful in the future...and it's annoying when the one useful thing turns out to be the one limited item I missed >:[
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8 Jun 2019, 1:47 pm
Yes, there were a bunch of people talking in the Official Discord about how the RNG made everything feel just like a regular warrior event, just with way too many items.

It didn't at all feel like an EVENT so much as it felt like being forced into a career you wouldn't normally do.

And then the Explorer part was frustrating too since the stickers have a 50% chance of being non-magical from the sticker packs, and you had to find the other half of the sticker set through Warrior anyway. (none of the warrior stickers were found as non-magical though)
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8 Jun 2019, 1:52 pm (Edited 8 Jun 2019, 1:52 pm)
i was wondering how to get the other stickers because they weren't dropping for my warrior :)

edit: i had to buy them all :)
8 Jun 2019, 1:52 pm
My luck with stickers was okay with explore. it was all the warrior stuff I had such a hard time with.
8 Jun 2019, 1:53 pm
I honestly dont even know how many items there were because the news posts didnt show them all and i forgot the user made item thread existed so....yeah

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8 Jun 2019, 7:39 pm
I'm a bummed I didn't find a 2nd Rainbow Balloon Buddy before the event ended, but it looks like they're going to stay breedable, so I have plenty of time to just breed one, or I could always buy one from the stalls.

Varinis *Headdesk*, I wish I knew none of the warrior stickers had non magical versions in the sticker packs! I wouldn't have wasted so much time opening all of them trying to find the stickers I was missing lol.
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8 Jun 2019, 7:45 pm
I got 2 sticker packs out of the event and that was it. I tried so many times with my warrior and never got anything. It wasn't the best for me if I'm being completely honest.
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8 Jun 2019, 7:46 pm
I definitely missed not having an event shop. I bought items from the stall I could have gotten from the shop instead
8 Jun 2019, 8:00 pm (Edited 8 Jun 2019, 8:00 pm)
Demongirl10 what gender Rainbow do you need?
8 Jun 2019, 8:06 pm
I personally liked being able to only grind for loot but I recognize that’s not a popular opinion. I think it was a little too Warrior focused and expected users to have fully leveled villagers to be able to participate as much.
8 Jun 2019, 8:09 pm
I miss the shops :/
8 Jun 2019, 8:13 pm
PrayingMantis Female, but I have breeding potions. I'm honestly more than happy to pay 100k+ fc for it! <3
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8 Jun 2019, 8:17 pm
Yes I'm very disappointed we didn't have an event shop. It ruined the event for me.
I was actually going to make my own thread about this but I've been too tired to write a proper post.

I really dislike how everything was based off of RNG alone with no chance to grind for event currency to be able to buy items you weren't able to get. Like we have been able to do in the past events and thus you're rewarded for your work.
I was /very/ active during the whole event with 4 warriors and I just barely managed to get all items I wanted and it was just pure luck which is pretty frustrating.

I never want a big event/festival to be without an event shop again. It's bad design in my opinion.
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8 Jun 2019, 8:24 pm
I wanted to collect more corvid stickers - but that's the hoarder in me, eheh. Other than that I think it was a smart move to put no shop. Not everything can be point-based! :) Love me the grind.

8 Jun 2019, 8:32 pm
rains I agree. I only have one warrior who is level 20, so while I am better off than many others players with low level warriors, I don't really use the warrior career other than for events like this one, so I tend to rely heavily on the event shop. Last year/the year before I felt more like I earned what I had gotten, having it be RNG based felt like I was just blindly hoping for the best.

I think during the entire event I only managed to find four loot sacks, despite battling only in the hardest level difficulty battle ground. :x
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8 Jun 2019, 8:33 pm (Edited 8 Jun 2019, 8:37 pm)
Yep. Without and event shop, as people said, it just felt like a typical warrior event with a few basic explore events tied in. Nothing really made it feel like a sitewide event.

And I also agree there were so many items and a lot of them just felt super disjointed from the actual event. Aside from the stickers, at least. Edit: To clarify what I mean, random warrior equips that could've dropped during any other warrior event, had no OFB theming to them. Like... the heckin' lighthouse I was lucky to get in like the last hour. Why a lighthouse lol??

Though I'm not too fussed about collecting everything anymore, so eh.

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8 Jun 2019, 8:35 pm (Edited 8 Jun 2019, 8:36 pm)
I got two weapons some tanned tunics and a magic manokit sticker lmao.

And I think I got a common pet from the giving tree? I had terrible luck oof

Guess I'm buying the cat dragon stickers :'0

I wish there was a shop hh
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8 Jun 2019, 8:35 pm
It feel like a theme park but no any shop in there.
And RNG everywhere, ruined everything.

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8 Jun 2019, 8:50 pm
The event would've been better with an event shop. I wish I could've traded in my extra stickers for points to buy the armor and other items that RNG just didn't let me get. I found one kitsune and that was it. I miss being able to buy what I couldn't find at the end of an event. The warrior part was cool because otherwise I don't use mine very often, and I liked how the very difficult level gave a lot of reagents but a few of the enemies were way too tough for me to fight! It's not fun when the hardest levels have the best drops and j have to skip half of them because they're too hard, but maybe it's my fault for not leveling my warrior better so *shrugs*..
8 Jun 2019, 8:53 pm (Edited 8 Jun 2019, 8:55 pm)
Demongirl10 I do believe I got a few rainbow ones. I can see if I do, if I do I can give you one.

edit: I own two but I can give you one sense I got no desire to breed these. but it's female. I don't know what you got.
8 Jun 2019, 8:54 pm
Yeah I'm with most others in this thread. I HATE rng with a burning passion, because I'm luckless. I had to buy most of everything from the stalls, and I even did try to do a lot of warrior-ing, having 2 warriors that could win 90%+ of the time in the hardest battleground and using warrior elixers. At least with a shop that usually takes away most of the rng and lets me grind for everything (and i know what all there is to get!! I have no idea what 'everything' is this event!) if I want, but with this I just gave up without a shop. It leaves a really sour taste in my mouth, and if this site continues to do this with their events, hhh
Sorry I'm not offering constructive criticism, but I think Rains pretty much put everything I would say really eloquently. But just on a "how do I feel" level yeah I hate this and miss the shop. I love having the ability to 100% get the thing I want regardless of luck, and dependent on time/effort.
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8 Jun 2019, 8:58 pm
RNG was very annoying. Loot bags hardly dropped for my 5 warriors. I managed to get 2 of the kitsunes, one from a bag and the other from a giveaway.