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Hypothetical Paintie Problem

11 Jun 2019, 5:03 pm
In the Hypothetical situation in which I was to commission a paintie, here is the scenario:

I manage to get myself a paintie ticket (via gifting, payment by myself, or perhaps a trade), and want to make a paintie. One of my villagers I want to make a paintie of is one of the default species (in this example, a canine.) However, what I want is to make a Paintie Fish Villager. How would I tackle this?

A. Find a shifty potion to make said villager into before commissioning
B. Draw it anyway and explain in the bio that it's supposed to be a fish
C. Find another OC, because Fish Villagers are not a thing at the current making of this post.
D. Make the Paintie invisible, and give it a fish companion that is similar to my OC

Why am I asking this now, when I may not be able to commission a paintie? One, because I want to keep this in mind for later, and two, it may help out others with unconventional original characters for this site. (I don't mean unconventional as in breaking the rules.)

11 Jun 2019, 5:06 pm (Edited 11 Jun 2019, 5:07 pm)
shark, maybe? they're fish. I would find a species similar to the one im making a paintie of,
11 Jun 2019, 5:15 pm
get a shifty. they exist in this game for this exact reason
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