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[Lf] Art love for my babies.

12 Jun 2019, 11:21 pm (Edited 12 Jun 2019, 11:23 pm)
Stolen format from Flightrising

Type of art you want:


More specific type:
Would love depending on who you choose anything from chibis, to full. I am not expecting art of all of them, just giving artist options.

If you choose Hana I am looking for a reference for her face. So it doesn't have to be a full body if a person doesn't like spider type characters. She is half woman and spider.

If you choose her brother Hasani, would love almost anything, him looking arrogant, laughing, glaring, sleeping or yawning, etc. They are royalty in their story so he is very much full of himself. He is a naga that is half human and snake

If you choose their younger brother Kimoni he is a warrior so anything with him looking fierce, working out or relaxing would be awesome. He is a naga, full snake

For Shane his normal is either looking sleepy or bored, but would adore if anyone was interested in drawing him dressed in mafia attire. ((Has a ref in his gallery)) Him in different clothes then what he has in his gallery or maybe as a naga, mermaid, or beast. ((Kinda has a beast ref in his gallery, but would love full-on beast, maybe with more of his clothes ripped)) He is a skeletal goo lizard

If you choose Keith, he is an arrogant gang member with a talent for art specifically graffiti and would love art of him graffiti something, or emotion headshots ((Angry, annoyed, bored, and curious)) He is a lizard

Would love any kind of art of my new character Caspian. He doesn't have a full backstory yet, so looking for some ideas for him. He is a merman anglerfish

Next to last is Paccia and warning I am very picky about art for her, looking for art of her dancing, hunting or exploring her underworld home. She lives in a dark world where the only light is bio-luminescent animals and fungus. Her horns and various attributes are based on opals. She is based off ancient humanoids with stones growing out of her body, as horns, and freckles.

Finally is Yamiyo. If you choose them, they can be drawn in either the kimono they are in, or would love if they were dressed in a jester outfit in similar color and style as their current outfit. Another option would be a witch or wizard. Honestly anything halloweeny. With any of the outfits a mask to hide most of their face. They are androgynous so anything would be cool. Preferred spooky, but fun themes with them. They may look scary, but it is all in good fun........ most of the time >< Yamiyo is a spidertaur









Can pay 2000 Gems and 600k Treasure. Also willing to part with any items or skins on my dragons, or hoards ((Message me and I can give you more info on what I have)) Lair If you prefer Fc or Fd let me know I will see about getting stuff transferred. Can also offer characters from my toyhouse Characters Ones I am willing to part with. Alessa, Carnelian, Greyson, Hitomi, Romano, Samantha, Tajin, Umeko. Super tentive are Amias, Floria, Lola, Monk,

Looking for most any kind of art full body, knee or thigh up, bust, headshots or chibi would be preferred. Maybe emotion headshots if an artist is interested.

Other than Paccia current art for her, the rest I am pretty open to almost anything.
Warning If I am slow to reply. I just had a baby. Please have patience. ^-^


Art by Cran

13 Jun 2019, 11:08 am
Warning If I am slow to reply. I just had a baby. Please have patience. ^-^


Art by Cran
14 Jun 2019, 12:38 pm
Warning If I am slow to reply. I just had a baby. Please have patience. ^-^


Art by Cran