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Very Important Question(s)

23 Jun 2019, 5:22 pm (Edited 23 Jun 2019, 5:23 pm)
1. Does anyone happen to know if FurVilla's mayors each have their own fursuit?

2. If they don't: Why Not?!

23 Jun 2019, 5:25 pm
Do they have conventions for the mythical human?
20 Jul 2019, 6:57 pm (Edited 29 Jul 2019, 10:06 pm)
Bumping this, because I demand to know.

Edit: I just Googled "Furvilla Mayor Fursuit" and got nothing, so I'm thinking the answer to the first question is no. We need to get a band of five together to cosplay as the mayors! (I'm imagining a Chester fursuit with a bunch of detachable zippers all around the limbs, hehehe)