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Finally Did It - Animal Husbandry Goal

3 Jul 2019, 12:29 am
From Day 1, I loved the Cloudog minipets. So, from that day, I worked to breed the whole line!

And today, I finally did it! I finally bred the second SR Rainbow Cloudog, after having bred the first one a year ago! It's a small thing, but I'm super excited to finally round off the set.

Here's to all the other Animal Husbandry folks out there working to breed their dream critters! Good luck folks!
Kiko | She/Her | 21
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3 Jul 2019, 12:40 am
Congrats, that's wonderful. My favorite minipet is actually the Rainbow Cloudog and was the first super rare I ever bred ^^
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3 Jul 2019, 1:00 am
Congrats man!!!
Lmao I’m gone