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I need a little bit of orientation help...?

9 Sep 2019, 1:51 am (Edited 9 Sep 2019, 1:53 am)
Eep, not sure if this is the board or a good title idek gyffhfycjfsss I'm so tired...

Anyways, getting to the chase.
Things have sort of been all flippy dippy with me finding out I'm trans, and worrying about coming out to my parents and stuff... But I haven't really taken time to explore my sexuality...
Here's the complicated bit; there's only one person I like out of the 7.5 billion on this stinky giant space rock... My best friend, and my biggest supporter. I've know him for what... Almost a year? But holy tittle he's what I get so excited over when I get up in the morning... I'll be real, when I first saw him, I legit thought he was a girl... Ooonnnllly to find out he was a boy, and I got HECKIN bamboozled... But that's beside the point gydhcufdd-

Me and him had a month long falling out due to some extremely serious drama, which I won't talk about of course... But we made up, forgave eachother, and we're close pals... Heck, I let him into my personal life some, and I go to him when I need serious advice or a comforting blurb and some 'I love you's to cheer me up... During our falling out, and any other time issues arouse, I tried to see if I could shift my course and find another person to love... Which sounds harsh in a way but I love him too much to actually just drop my feelings vhfhvudg
But everytime I just... Found myself dashing back to him with our silly role-playing and character designing.

I'm sorry for rambling on about that, I love him so much aaaa
But, I've always labeled myself as a pan person, but I don't really... Feel pan... I did a little research on other sexuality things and came across demisexuality, which sounds close to my situation (I fell in love with him after we started to bond more closely, and stuff, and I normally only tell him about all my mushy gushy love crap gdtcudtcy)
But I don't know what other sexuality identies could fit me... I'm not really asking for someone to label me... But I'm limited on lgbt knowledge... So, any help is good...

sorry for going on I'm so tired and it's almost 3 Am and I have so many classes uGh SORRY FOR THE FREAKING NOVEL TOO??? Shoot I should sleep... And sorry mods if something isn't OK emoji fdgdhddx

And one small edit before I die for a few hours... Look at my shy butt asking for advice for once instead of hiding Awe yeah woo
*Kokichi crying sound*
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9 Sep 2019, 2:54 am
Grey/Gray - May experience romantic attraction but not often.
Some people use it as an umbrella term for their sexual/romantic orientation.

Some members of the LGBT community also like to mix & match to better suit them.
(e.g. a pansexual + demisexual person - a person who is sexually attracted to people regardless of their sex or gender yet only gains this attraction if they have a strong emotional connection with said person)

Someone better versed in this, feel free to correct me
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9 Sep 2019, 3:24 am
Don't feel pressured to find a label for yourself or for others. I see a lot of people getting hung up on it these days but it's not something to stress over or need to research. Girl, boy or anything in between, you will like who you like and putting yourself in a category doesn't change anything. The only thing that matters is how you feel when you're around the person/people you like. Don't sweat the small stuff and enjoy what you have.
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