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Dragon RP *read description*

21 Oct 2019, 9:26 pm (Edited 26 Oct 2019, 9:58 pm)
Welcome! This is unlimited and you just need to make a character. I'll show you mine (you can put a picture in if you want.) If you like Wings of Fire then you can totally do one of those dragons! You don't need to have an OC already you can make one up! it's going to take place in a forest with a large lake. no powers can be to powerful. Ask me if your not sure and i'll tell you if it's to powerful. :D Have fun!
Name: Fern
Type: rogue dragon (unknown)
Gender: Female
Powers: Shape-shifting with small leaf-speak
Description: Light green, darker streaks, one pair of horns, normal dragon wings, thin tail, light brown highlights (underbelly, wing membrane, horns, etc.)
Personality(optional): shy, lighthearted, impulsive, and kind.
Abilities/good at: Sneaking away, digging dens, and deciphering codes
Backstory: She set out very young and made her home in the forest. After settling down she learned all of the plant names and started her own small business. It was sell ing potions and herbs.
Anything else we should know: She is great at potion making and herbology. She knows the names of practically everything in her forest and the lake near her home. She is great at sketching.
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I LOVE DRAGONS (and Wings of Fire :D)

21 Oct 2019, 9:49 pm (Edited 21 Oct 2019, 10:02 pm)
This is Fern! (Sry the image wasn’t working)
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I LOVE DRAGONS (and Wings of Fire :D)
22 Oct 2019, 7:15 am
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I LOVE DRAGONS (and Wings of Fire :D)
22 Oct 2019, 8:12 am
Where and what place and time will it take place?
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22 Oct 2019, 3:19 pm (Edited 22 Oct 2019, 3:40 pm)
I'm not sure, maybe once we have two more players, are you joining? Read the entire description, it’s in a forest, we’ll do current year.
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I LOVE DRAGONS (and Wings of Fire :D)
22 Oct 2019, 3:28 pm
:3 ill join
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22 Oct 2019, 3:30 pm
Name: Aspen

Type: Leafwing

Gender: Female

Powers: Leafspeak (Stronger than usual)

Description: Toyhouse: https://toyhou.se/4893165.aspen

Abilities: Great hearing and, a sort of anti ability, poor eyesight, she's also quite smart

Backstory: (Not really a backstory but eh) Aspen grew up in the Sapwing village and was always self conscious about the fact that she was different, she didn’t even have a hint of green in her scales. To the point where she even tried painting her scales green, but when she was about 6 or 7 she decided to embrace her brilliant scales, she learned of how special she was and that a fully brown and orange leafwing hadn't existed for hundreds of years. She at that point acted a little flamboyant and cocky, but after a while of this she realized how rude she was acting so she cooled off and is not one of the chillest dragons you will ever meet. She can still act a little flamboyant and cocky at times but only to an extent.
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22 Oct 2019, 3:37 pm (Edited 22 Oct 2019, 6:50 pm)
Love it! RoseGem I'll add you. Can you give me a code for toy house? if not that's fine just i've been wanting to join for a while (:
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I LOVE DRAGONS (and Wings of Fire :D)
23 Oct 2019, 5:44 pm
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I LOVE DRAGONS (and Wings of Fire :D)
23 Oct 2019, 6:01 pm
I'll join if this is still open!

Name: Corona
Type: Solarion (Cobra Dragon)
Gender: Female
Powers: Flame breath ; Night Vision ; Extreme Heat Resistance
Description: 17147163_uycPuz4AUoV9hGy.png

Personality: If Corona has a problem with something, you'll be sure to hear it. Although she attempts to keep her tongue in check, her fiery personality tends to override it most of the time, which has lead her to quite some trouble in some cases. And while she isn't afraid to speak her mind, she is appalled at the idea of spreading rumors of the dragon shes mad at, preferring to confront them directly without throwing shade among her or their peers. Like most Solarions, she is passionate about the things she enjoys, getting slightly defensive whenever they are questioned. For Corona, she enjoys collecting bits of scrap metal or old blades, whether it be a rusted knife or discarded sword.
When around strangers, Corona puts off an air of confidence, though she would rather stick to those who she knows. But once you get to know her, she becomes more comfortable, letting more of her emotions seep through into her actions.

Abilities: Corona is rather skilled in combat, and like all Solarions, prefers to strike fast and hard with her teeth and flame breath. The layered scales on her hands and feet are thicker than normal, even by Solarion standards, allowing her to wield open flames for longer periods of time than normal.

Backstory: Born and raised in the distant kingdoms of Icre, Corona served under her the Lord and Lady of Palo. Though, she tended to get stuck with all the lower jobs due to her age and experience. The majority of the time she was running errands for the guards of the Palo prison cells, located in the corridors underneath the royal housing. She often made friends with some of the lesser criminals, usually those who had been convicted of petty thievery, or the unlucky innocents who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately, Palo was one of the nicer places to live, but like many of the Solarion towns the closer one got to the edge, the more living conditions dropped as dragons fought over the sparse food and water. While the city guards tried their best to keep the crime rates under control, and innocents out of jail, it was next to impossible without the full cooperation of the Lord and Lady, as well as without the proper resources being supplied from the Solarion Palace. As for Corona herself, she had an okay life compared to many. It wasn't exactly the high-life, and there was certainly issues with the other servants at times, (That even occasionally broke out into little spats here and there) but for the most part she didn't have to worry about her next meal, or where she would sleep at night. Strangely though, no matter what she did, the Lady of Palo, Mirage, always seemed to have something against Corona...
Eventually Corona moved away from her childhood home after meeting a strange Solarion named Harenam. I'm not going into all of that, because it gets a little complicated after, but for the sake of this RP, Corona still met Harenam, but decides to travel a great deal away, where it joins in with whatever story this will be.
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23 Oct 2019, 6:20 pm
to lazy beans like me:
Name: moss
Type: moss covered stone dragon
Gender: n/a (all pronouns)
Powers: dark matter, flight, stoning ability, heat vision
Description: will post picture
Personality: shy, keeps to self, will become slightly attached it you befriend him, prefers darkness
Abilities: speedy, good at dodging, uses wings in battle, sharp teeth allow for strong bites
Backstory: formed from a rock and dragon horns, moss laid dormant and became covered in moss before coming to life, causing the moss to fuse to her skin. they shed away from the other dragons, until they met a wood dragon that befriended them. one day a fire sparked in the forest, and the wood dragon went up in flames while saving moss, moss vowed never to make a friend who could die saving them and almost completely shut off from the world
23 Oct 2019, 7:01 pm
Name: Winter

Type: Albino Wyvern

Gender: None

Powers: Flight, venom sting (tail barb), sonic boom

Description: A mid-sized Wyvern with blood red eyes and snowy white scales, with bat-like leathery wings that stretch from shoulders to half-way down the tail, and a 20-foot wingspan. Head is saurian in structure, closely resembling non-avian theropods, with a single, short nose horn. Carnivorous teeth, consistent with large reptiles. Scales are pure white, slightly rounded with pointed tips. Thumb digit is detached from rest of wing, and fully mobile. Feet possess opposable toes, consistent with modern birds. Tail resembles that of a scorpion in appearance, and is used as a weapon in combat, as it is equipped with a venomous stinger. Tongue is forked, and pupils are slitted. Ears are external, with leathery frills functioning as earlobes to improve hearing.

Personality: Scholarly, bookish, and soft-spoken. Winter is somewhat socially awkward, and has difficulty reading body language and inflection. Generally good natured, but tending toward hostility around other Wyverns. Known to collect books, scrolls, and tablets. While difficult to befriend, Winter is very loyal, and will defend friends with their life if need be.

Abilities: Reading, writing, and speaking ancient languages; insomnia; woodcutting; fire starting; cooking, misc. survival skills

Backstory: Cast out from Wyvern society for a number of reasons (including the unfortunate mutation known as Albinism), Winter left their native volcanic mountain range to travel the world. Rejecting what most consider to be normal Wyvern behavior (strict gender norms, warrior culture, strict hierarchy), they instead choose the life of an explorer and scholar. Due to this, most Wyverns see Winter as Attack on Sight, and to their credit, Winter is quick to return the favor.
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23 Oct 2019, 8:54 pm
Love them! we'll start soon!
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I LOVE DRAGONS (and Wings of Fire :D)
24 Oct 2019, 11:04 pm
is it to late to join?
24 Oct 2019, 11:58 pm (Edited 29 Oct 2019, 2:06 pm)
I hope it's not too late to join up (my tablet crashed so I had to retype everything for my form information)

Name: Stratus. He sometimes called Stormy by his close friends although it annoys him but he puts up with it since he cares about them.

Gender: Male.

Species: StormWing = SkyWing and IceWing hybrid.

Powers: A highly skilled flyer, he can withstand sub-zero temperatures and bright light; exhale a deadly freezing breath; he has enormous wings, razor-sharp claws and a spiked muscular tail. He can create powerful gusts of wind and deadly ice storms using his enormous wings and icy breath. He tends to defend himself with his razor-sharp claws, horns and his spiked muscular tail, in claw to claw combat. He can freeze others frozen solid with a single touch if he isn't careful and often does so if he gets too angry. In other words due to being a hybrid, he essentially has the ice version of a rare and dangerous condition called firescales, in which the affected dragon has abnormally hot scales and will burn through and/or ignite anything they touch. Also under the right conditions, he can get his body warm enough for him to breath fire, meaning if he is in a very hot place, he can breath scorching flames.

Description: 16162587_CDYmizZuJUllQdO.png Stratus's toyhouse
(Note: I am gonna revamp his design to add some details that help show his SkyWing heritage more and make his IceWing heritage show through better as well. As he needs some warm-toned colors such as red, orange and scarlet in his design. Plus his enormous wings and spiked muscular tail isn't easy to spot so I need to fix that.)

Personality: He comes off as cold hearted, sharp tongued and easily angered around any strangers. As he tends to be cold or distant towards strangers out of his fear that they won't accept him for who he is and what he is. However around his close friends, his true personality is revealed, he is quite warm, outgoing, caring, protective, loyal, honest, adventurous, hotheaded and sarcastic at times. This means that if you can get past his wall (or false front), you'll come to find that he is a great friend that you can count on in tough times!

Abilities: Reading, writing, and speaking multiple languages including ancient ones but has a preference for Latin, Greek and Gaelic. Insomnia; woodcutting; fire starting; cooking, misc. survival skills including celestial navigation.

Backstory: Stratus was grew up feeling like an outcast in the world due to his heritage and because some dragons didn't understand how his parents could even fall in love. His parents, his mother Aurora, a SkyWing and his father Orion, a IceWing raised him by themselves with love and acceptance. This was because they had left their tribes and corresponding territories as they felt that he wouldn't be accepted by them. They taught him to accept other for who are, to treasure his friends and the basics of survival, including woodcutting, fire starting, cooking, hunting and celestial navigation. They also taught him how to read, write and speak multiple languages including ancient ones. He now lives a slightly nomadic life, often roaming the land with his group of close friends, in search of adventure and a safe place to stay permanently.
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25 Oct 2019, 7:11 am (Edited 25 Oct 2019, 7:15 am)
I love them all. I'll start the roleplay. anyone can still join I just wanted a few people to start.
blackfirewolf4932 no it is not too late to join.
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25 Oct 2019, 7:14 am
Fern walked out of her cave and roared a warning call. She couldn't stand to see another young dragon walk through these woods and get killed or captured by hunters. She hoped only the few who came could help her with the hunter problem.
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I LOVE DRAGONS (and Wings of Fire :D)
25 Oct 2019, 9:03 am
(ok :D)
name: Skeleton
Gender: male
Species: unknown
description: black scales with silver claws and spikes. He has white scales on his face looking like a skull. His scales underneath his spikes have are white scales looking like spine bones. His underscales are a dark red. The underside of his wings are the same dark red. The top of his wings are black. His eyes are a glowing red. He also wears a small pouch to hold items.
Personality: sarcastic most of the time but he is kind to his friends. He doesn't trust others that he isn't close to and is hard to make friends with but when he does become friends with someone, he will protect them with all his heart and strength. He is very secretive about his past and often hangs out on a ledge that he says that it reminds him of somewhere. He loves drawing and will gladly talk about art with anyone other than his friends. he also hates being near water unless he wishes to drink it..
Abilities: he can breath scorching blue flames that will catch fire to anything it touches. His fire also harms other dragons very badly and can possible kill them. His scales are fireproof to protect him from his flames and other flames from other dragons. His claws are very sharp and can cut through the thickest of scales which gives him an advantage in fighting.
Backstory: unknown but he might spill it later on
25 Oct 2019, 9:41 am
Winter perched on a rocky outcropping, listening to the warning call. White scales offered no camouflage against the grey, browns, and greens of the rocks and trees. Scanning the forest, the Wyvern took flight toward the call with a beat of their wings, wary of flying too low as to be a target of projectiles. Identifying the cave as the origin of the sound, Winter swooped down to land, not seeing the green dragon at the entrance due to camouflage.
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25 Oct 2019, 4:50 pm
Skeleton looked up as he saw the white dragon overhead. He only saw it briefly though. He narrowed his eyes. He'd heard the cry but damn dragon hunters hurt his wing so he was on his way to his cave to rest it for a day or so. Then he could get back to flying and hunting. He looked down and was still for a moment, his left wing draping over his side. Curiosity won and he followed the white dragon on land.
25 Oct 2019, 6:24 pm (Edited 25 Oct 2019, 10:46 pm)
This is a bit of a W.I.P ^^"
I'll add more as I build the character

Name: Solstice ( Not sure to go with Equinox or Solstice yet )
Species: Fluffy Lung dragon
Gender: Unknown
- Has none on their own, but possesses some sort of orb (Power still to be decided)
- Not sure if this counts as a power, but the species can sprout multiple pairs of wings (Besides the main pairs) for drastically improved flight and agility. These extra wing pairs can go up to five.
- Covered in fluffy, white fur; Occasionally a few patches of shimmery scales here and there.
- They have two sets of wings; One pair in front (Has front wings in place of front legs, kinda like a wyvern) and the second just before the tail. Wings have more of a fluffy aspect, different from feathery wings.
- Doesn't talk much (Somewhat an introvert, actually), but is normally positive/cheerful, always seeing the bright side of things.
- Friendly and open, but has trouble maintaining friendships since they don't socialize much.
Abilities/good at:
- Flying at great altitudes
- Has really good guessing skills for some reason
- Semi-hollow bones intended for smooth flight also aid in speed/agility
- Pointed claws allow for grappling onto rigid surfaces as well as effortless slicing through scales
Weak Spots/bad at
- Due to bone structure, defense is relatively low compared to other species
Backstory: ( In Progress )
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25 Oct 2019, 7:16 pm
blackfirewolf4932 and DuchieDrago I love those guys!

Fern looked up and saw a white dragon.She flew up to meet him. "Hello, did you come here for the call?" She said, seeing some hunters wandering into her den. She did her best with her leafspeak and only managed to catch them. She flew down and killed them before they could do anything bad to her or the wyvern. She flew back up and waited for the answer.
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25 Oct 2019, 7:56 pm (Edited 25 Oct 2019, 8:13 pm)
The white lung dragon, sitting on the edge of a low hanging tree branch, hadn't yet noticed the dragon flying up to greet her.

So the dragon's sudden arrival came as a surprise. The white dragon nearly jolted from her branch before realizing that this person was just trying to say hello, and quickly reorganized themselves.
They managed their best smile, hoping nobody noticed their mistake.

Where should I start?
"Uh, h-hey! Um.... call?"

(oof wait I just realized something xD. Just Ignore this if you weren't talking to me)
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25 Oct 2019, 8:03 pm
Name: Noa

Type: Easter Dragon

Gender: Male

Powers: Water Control, Wind Control, Wip Lash (Witch can use his tail to cut steel

Description: A Blue, Black, And Silver dragon. He has green eyes, And Strips on his feet

Abilities: Fast Flying, Smart

Backstory: (Nothin' yet sorry)
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25 Oct 2019, 8:07 pm
Oh, Sorry I came to the wrong dragon. I saw another white wyvern. I think it was an albino wyvern." She said with an apologetic expression. She flew away trying not to be too rude. She yelled back, "I let out a warning call, just so you know." Fern started to fly looking for the other white dragon.

DuchieDrago I'm not a leafwing. Just read the entire description of my dragon just so you know (;
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I LOVE DRAGONS (and Wings of Fire :D)