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how did yall settle on a fursona?

30 Oct 2019, 3:28 pm
or have you ever settled on a sona?

i have quite a few, both adopted and others designed by my sister (i hold those ones more closely since i feel like theyre more accurate w/ the designs) and mainly, the oldest one she made for me, has been my biggest main. the other two twin dogs have a more subdued personality to me, while the lizard is just.. Ape.
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30 Oct 2019, 3:36 pm
I don't know really. I haven't settled one one yet
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30 Oct 2019, 3:45 pm
Honestly? No I've had like, 4 fursonas already but i'm always changing so i don't feel like they fit me anymore after a while

But I don't think that's a bad thing tbh

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30 Oct 2019, 3:52 pm
I always liked the design of mine, and when I feel as though they dont fit anymore, I tweak it a little bit. No major details have really changed on mine.
30 Oct 2019, 3:58 pm
Well what happened with my sona (Cain) was that I found a pretty base and made a simple little design on it with a colour palette I found, and because of the pose on the base I gave him a personality that eventually evolved to represent the darker side of me, and I'd say it was that gradual process that made me settle on him as a character I really connect with! I didn't set out to make a fursona by any means, but that's what happened, which I like.
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30 Oct 2019, 4:22 pm
It took me at least 4 years to settle on a fursona ._. first the species kept changing, then the markings kept changing, and it was awful.

Finally I met some people online, one of which studied color theory in college. They helped me out with a few colors, and I toyed with the design for a while before I finally settled on something I liked.

I have a few other fursonas as well (even tho, starting out in the fandom, I always said "I'm not gonna have more than one fursona) but Veltana (my active) remains my main :3

I don't think changing your fursona is a bad thing, either. They can grow as you grow as a person ^^
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30 Oct 2019, 4:31 pm (Edited 30 Oct 2019, 4:31 pm)
I'm only 4.5 years into the fandom but I've already went through three "main" fursonas.
I think Im going to settle with having two main fursonas (Aussie and a lopped eared rabbit like my original sona) and a bunch of secondaries but who knows. (As someone who loves character designing its almost impossible for me to stick to one). (Also I like change my sona's species like all the time while keeping the designs its confusing and fun at the same time.)
30 Oct 2019, 4:32 pm (Edited 30 Oct 2019, 4:33 pm)
For me, my friends told me how bad these things called furries can be. I looked up the definition and I was shocked that furry was kinda of a character that seems like you. And what I noticed was that there were different stages of how people were as furries. So I understood that most furries weren’t bad, but some kinda gave the furry thing a bad rep. And then about a year and a couple of months ago, someone was selling a design of some lion and I was wowed and felt an instant connection to him. But of course, I changed the gender to a female. And that was Haley. Also, about a month or two later after getting Haley, someone on ChickenSmoothie had done some colour in of these toxxic foxxos. And it was pastel and I immediately thought of the child in me. And that made Seth. I’ve tried to incorporate other sonas, but no one clicks with me like Haley and Seth.

I’d say for a fursona, don’t rush it. It will come naturally, and imagine what it would be like to have them say a few years later? And also, character wise, something could look epic, but everything doesn’t need to be a fursona. Just take your time and try things out, and eventually something you will just have a connection to.
30 Oct 2019, 4:34 pm
imma be real, mine change as i do.
like, it evolved.
everchanging. but that's not a bad thing really!
30 Oct 2019, 4:41 pm
Being a furry is a lot like being a fridge.
you put food in you when you start going empty
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30 Oct 2019, 4:43 pm
If I can remember how to draw them by heart, they're a sona. At least that's how mine work ^^
30 Oct 2019, 4:47 pm
i still havent been able to settle on one...

i dont know why?? ive had characters i made that were supposed to be my sona but i only liked them for a week or so, and the characters i like/relate to the most are made by other people but theres some sort of stigma against that because i didnt make them so i dont know what to do about that. ;v;

maybe ill never have one? who knows.
30 Oct 2019, 4:48 pm
I've had my sona since I was 12, she's been updated through the years, but I just really like foxes, and I've always really liked my sona, and tweaked parts I didn't like.
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30 Oct 2019, 5:04 pm
I haven't really yet, but I do feel like im getting close. I try to have characters of different species, and after a little bit I pick out which one I feel most gravitated towards. I then either tweak it a little or make a sona with that species. I myself have had multiple fursonas. (3 in the past year) but it is not a bad thing if you want to change them frequently!
30 Oct 2019, 5:05 pm
Snerd said:
i still havent been able to settle on one...

i dont know why?? ive had characters i made that were supposed to be my sona but i only liked them for a week or so, and the characters i like/relate to the most are made by other people but theres some sort of stigma against that because i didnt make them so i dont know what to do about that. ;v;

maybe ill never have one? who knows.

Nothing wrong with having a sona created by others! If you still don't like that, maybe tweak them al ittle?
31 Oct 2019, 1:18 am
i once saw an alpaca at a petting zoo and i was like 'this is the most majestic creature ive ever seen' and since then ive had an alpaca fursona for like 8 years now
31 Oct 2019, 1:31 am
Honestly my fursona chose me before I even knew I was a furry. I've always loved horses, and my earliest memory was hugging a pony when I was like, 3 or 4. And during school and at recess I'd always pretend to be a horse, running around chasing people. Gen 1 MLP probably helped me along as well, but by the time I found the furry fandom in late 90's, I was like "Oh, thats what you call my horse on two legs.. Huh, neat."

And bam, a horse anthro was born.

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31 Oct 2019, 2:25 am
A creature you can see yourself as and that feels like you. I have met many furries and they pretty much say the same thing. Even met furries that has changed fursonas over the years. Depends on how to feel and whatvmakes you, you! For example I am a Kitsune and have been since I was very young, foxs are one of my favorite animals, they are stunning, pretty much my spirit animal. My boyfriend is a dragon, friends or met people that are frogs, penguins, bats, butterfly, opossums, gryphs, tigers etc even a Darien. It is really cool who you meet, they all feel really close to the creature they choose or it choose them. Again sort of like a spirit animal just have that connection.
Hope this helps!
9 Nov 2019, 12:10 pm
I’m not really sure... I created my fursona by accident!
9 Nov 2019, 12:20 pm
i was an edgy 11 year old wanting a character and usually drew her in place of me. she's just kinda stayed a sona ever since. she's also a basic representation of my adhd.

i like bird. i like bowtie. i am a very showy person. viola.

edgy 12 year old me wanted more characters. he started out as an oc but slowly morphed into more of a representation of my depression.

my first oc! i wanted a dutch angel dragon so i made one. recently redesigned him.

needed a more human-ish representation of myself. started as a wolf, became a wolf-boy, and is now part human part gremlin or something like that.

a vent oc i made simple to draw. that's about it.

...yeah, i have too many.
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9 Nov 2019, 12:29 pm
So perhaps its because I'm a writer and I make characters and AUs of these characters on the fly, I have only ever had one proper Sona and I meld her slightly as my preferences and favorite animals change. She is currently a wolf ferret and has remained as such for almost a decade now. I made her myself, yes, but my friends I commissioned drew them and i don't have any guilt keeping her as a sona
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12 Nov 2019, 12:31 am
Jus' kinna drew a cat and said, "Oh that cat is me now."
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12 Nov 2019, 12:53 am (Edited 12 Nov 2019, 12:56 am)
Years ago, I spent a good while (about a month-long period) thinking about myself, my physical and personality traits and then research trying to decide on what kind of animal/species would suit me- and built a fursona from that. Since then, I've pretty much stuck by that one character as my 'sona' with the occasional design/character update so it changes and grows with me to an extent.

Of course, I eventually got a few other OCs beyond that, but as much as I love them... I don't see myself in them.

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12 Nov 2019, 1:08 am
My fursona was actually designed by someone else. I saw the design and it just clicked with me. It had both of my favorite colors (blue and brown) and my favorite pattern. A friend of mine purchased the design for me. I haven't altered the design at all, and every time I see art of them I thank their designer for them .
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12 Nov 2019, 1:39 am
I have a lot of OCs but no fursona yet. I do have her idea in my head but there are so many intricate details and so much too her and I would probably drive an artist mad because I would want her perfect :s Would probably cost me a small fortune if I even found an artist willing to try Dx