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is anyone going to do an art secret santa?

6 Nov 2019, 5:48 pm (Edited 6 Nov 2019, 5:48 pm)
i organized one on here a few years ago and it was really fun, but i learned im terrible at organizing and got wicked stressed out. is anyone going to organize a secret santa? id love to take part in one this year! and im also willing to be a back up artist if anyone flakes out
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6 Nov 2019, 5:50 pm
oo, this seems like a sick idea!!! i might host one if i dont see any others
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6 Nov 2019, 5:52 pm
I think it would be a good idea if a small team was formed to do the event so that way one person isn't made to do all the work.
6 Nov 2019, 6:00 pm
Ooo, if this becomes a thing I totally wanna participate!
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6 Nov 2019, 6:07 pm
I don't know if anyone was planning one, but I'd totally participate! :o
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6 Nov 2019, 6:27 pm
there is usually one every year, though i don't remember who set it up.
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6 Nov 2019, 6:30 pm
Ahh I loved the one last year! It was really fun! <3
I do hope there's another this year :)

I can't remember who hosted it last year, I'm thinking Falorie, but knowing my terrible memory probably not lol


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6 Nov 2019, 6:39 pm
I totally wanna participate! I never got to before so it seems like it would be a lot of fun! ♡ I used to give out art as treats to trick or treaters for a fan made Halloween event on Chickensmoothie. That was always lots of fun! c;
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8 Nov 2019, 8:33 pm
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hey guys, sorry for the random ping! but i set up a secret santa if you want to join in!
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