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Good low maintenance pet?

11 Dec 2019, 3:22 pm (Edited 11 Dec 2019, 3:22 pm)
I just moved out and its really lonely being the only one in my apartment, so I was hoping to get a little buddy.

I want something easy to care for, this will pretty much be my first pet that is mine and mine alone.

I want a pet that i get to watch more than touch/play with. Like some sort of fish or insect that I can just take care of and watch them do what they do.



11 Dec 2019, 3:27 pm (Edited 11 Dec 2019, 3:31 pm)
Betta fish are super awesome pets! All you really habitat-wise is a 2.5+ gallon tank with a heater and filter (PetSmart has awesome 5 gallon tank kits --- you'd just need the heater) , and some soft decor so they don't tear their fins. For other materials, you can get some pellets or flakes, water conditioner, and a bucket with a siphon for water changes (you'll want to drain about 20% of the tank water each week and replace it with clean, dechlorinated water). They're super easy to care for, and are very fun to watch when they receive proper husbandry!

If you have a PetSmart around you, they do free water testing. The most difficult part about any kind of fish is just making sure your tank parameters are correct, but Bettas are definitely low maintenance compared to other pets.
11 Dec 2019, 3:28 pm
beta fish are really pretty! ive always had a love for them since i was in elementary. praying mantises are chill too-- the orchid ones are so beautiful. i think theres a catalog where you can order some eggs, actually
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11 Dec 2019, 3:34 pm
I have to agree, Bettas are pretty cool!
I don’t have much to say about them, since it’s been so long since we had one, but I remember that the two females we had actually had a lot more personality than the males we had, so if you get a Betta, get a female (and do NOT put them with other fish, they will kill them. We learned this the hard way.)
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11 Dec 2019, 3:44 pm (Edited 11 Dec 2019, 3:52 pm)
If you're looking for a fish, I'd highly suggest an axolotl! They're basically just big fish, they have a lot of personality, and they're pretty cute imo. You might hear that they're high maintenance, but at the end of the day, they're not any more trouble than a basic fish if you're taking their care seriously.

A 20gallon aquarium, a sponge filter, a bucket, a syphon, water conditioner and sinking carnivore pellets are all you really need. And you're welcome to spoil them with worms and cool new hidey holes when you take a notion to!

Here's my current set-up for my boi, Lychee (everything pictured was bought at PetSmart) and what he looked like as a baby vs adult



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5 Jan 2020, 11:43 pm
I had hermit crabs for about three years and they were amazing!! They are super fun to watch and when you're bored they really don't mind being held! (And they NEVER pinched me lol) A lot of people like to paint the shells too! If you get one try to look for one that's out of the shell more than others - I suggest getting two because they are very social and get a lil lonely u-u
I'd say the only con of them is sometimes they hibernate and bury into the dirt for a week or two at a time - there's things you have to do to help them get out a little quicker but otherwise you can just let em sleep! :)

If you're considering one or more interested please dm me! I love talking about the lil guys ;0;
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6 Jan 2020, 1:19 am (Edited 6 Jan 2020, 1:19 am)
If you're looking for more along the aquatic line but dont want much hassle, I had a snail/shrimp tank going for awhile! Super relaxing to watch and very low maintenance ♡ I've also had multiple beta fish as well! They're very unique personalities wise and when cared for can live for a surprisingly long time.
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14 Jan 2020, 10:12 am
Personally, despite all I've heard, a snake isn't super high maintenance so long as you aren't super squeamish. As per my cousin, that is.

Personally, this is going to seem super weird, but I used to have a pet chicken who was kept inside cause she was being beat up by the others. Gorgeous silkie. If you raise them right, they're real sweethearts and you can just diaper them to be kept indoors. While you do need to give them normal food, they are omnivores (and cannibals) and their diets can be augmented with scraps, so you don't spend as much on food. Yeah, they're a bit more maintenance than a fish, but still not much, and I had one who used to fetch soo.............they can be something to entertain yourself with and such.
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14 Jan 2020, 10:22 am

I am going to suggest a G. porter tarantula, better known as a rose hair- they are wonderful beginner tarantulas (if you don't mind arachnids, if you do, then you may want to stop reading now), very docile and easy going, and very low maintenance.

We got ours as a sling (a teeny tiny baby) a few years back, and she has been a lovely little desktop comrade. She is fun to watch, has a surprising amount of personality, and easy to care for. They only eat every few days, and we just buy her dubias that suit her size.

We got ours from Jamie's Tarantulas, an online shop, and super duper recommend! They also sell starter enclosures, guides, and supplies, even the proper sorts of food, so you can get everything through them.

Definitely has been one of my favorite look but seldom touch companions! Though, now that she is bigger, we do occasionally hold her. She is very docile!

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14 Jan 2020, 10:24 am (Edited 14 Jan 2020, 10:26 am)
I would personally recommend a hamster! They aren't hard to care for or feed, and they can be very fun to hold and watch play!
They only live for up to 3 years, but they can be a great friend during that period!

Something more high maintenance is a rat, which I think is one of the best companion animals you can have!
They are super sweet and fun, and very personal. They are also very smart, and can learn tricks as well as certain sounds, visuals, and even yours and their name!
The bigger maintenance about them is their cage, and the fact that it is better to have two rats other than just one for social reasons!

EDIT: Just saw that you asked for one you can just watch! Oops! I certainly say a tarantula is great for that! An arizona blonde tarantula is great for beginners!

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14 Jan 2020, 3:11 pm
betta fish are a good suggestion!!! my bff had one for a while and they're very pretty and fun to watch. She says the only thing you might wanna do is, and I quote, "I would suggest if they can, a 5 gallon is the preferred minimum for a betta tank and make sure not to get the betta when you get the tank cause the water needs to like figure its life out first XD"
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14 Jan 2020, 3:21 pm
Tarantulas are wonderful pets - I would go for New World species (species from the Americas) rather than Old World tarantulas (species from everywhere other than the Americas)
New Worlds tend to be chiller than Old Worlds

I recommend the Brazilian Black, that's a very relaxed and beginner friendly species

Other inverts you could consider are mantises - there's a variety of species in the pet trade, some are very bright and colourful

Giant centipedes species are really cool - I will caution you to do a lot of research, as these animals can be quite defensive, very fast and most of them pack a painful bite. But they are quite beautiful display animals, usually fairly active too

Fish wise - a lot of people have said Bettas (which I agree with!) but I'll also suggest: guppies!
Guppies are small fish, and you can keep a variety of them in a single tank, there's a lot of different beautiful colours they come in
Tetras, much like guppies, are another species of small colourful fish - very cute
14 Jan 2020, 3:28 pm
Get an adult cat. If you adopt them as an adult, they're usually already litter box trained + grown out of bad habits. All you need to do for them is provide food, litter, and enrichment (toys!). Most adult cats spend most of their time asleep, and they're good for leaving alone. Plus, when you can be with them, they're very lovey.
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14 Jan 2020, 3:31 pm
If you can find them, seamonkeys are fun to watch. They require the water to be aerated each day and fed every few days. I'm sure there are more elaborate ways to house them, they are also called Brine Shrimp.
They don't live long, but they breed so they are usually around for several generations of shrimps.
14 Jan 2020, 5:01 pm
If you don't mind doing about twenty minutes of work once or twice a week, I recommend a betta fish. All they need is a minimum of five gallons, a heater, a filter, and places to hide and they're good to go. The aquarium water has to be changed weekly, but it's not difficult. You can put a snail or two in there, too, if you like snails. They're pretty to look at, they don't require a lot of attention, their food is cheap, and I've personally always found it calming to watch fish swim around.
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