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Paintie Critique

16 Dec 2019, 10:31 pm

Hey y'all!

I'm like... really bad at making light coloured painties. I don't really have many and when I make them I find it super hard to balance the shading right so that the lineart and shadows don't look super dark, but there also aren't any of those weird spots where the light is really hard on the edges.

I also... hate working with blue LOL. My favourite colours are black and red (and white for accents) so using blue is like... eeeeeeeeh. Rarely do I ever make or have blue characters.

BUT I got this super cute winter Angel Dragon wanderer TToTT and I wanted to make it a nice paintie. Originally I was just going to change the ribbon from red/gold to black/white, then I was going to make the AD red with a black ribbon, then I was like "wait. ok I guess I'll just do the entire thing."

Mainly I wanted to keep the pretty swirly markings it has!! And the ribbon of course.

This is what I have currently:


I'm kind of going for like a Jack Frost kind of theme currently. The eyes were originally red and I was going to keep them that way but I just felt like it looked kind of random since there wasn't red anywhere else (and I like the black ribbon too much to change it back)

What are y'alls thoughts on it? I feel like the eyelashes look a bit weird but again, I wanted it to look frosty and frozen. I'm considering trying to make the ribbon white but like I said, it's really hard for me to make painties have any solid white on them because you get that weird thing it does where the light hits way to hard and makes the edges of the shading look sharp and I hate that. The tail feathers are the best example of what I mean. I'm just really critical of things that are blue... lol.

But I like the idea of it too much now to want to do something different. This will be a much more unique paintie on my page than me just going with my regular themes like I always do. But I'm also considering that maybe he should be like a fir-tree green appaloosa with white spots... hmm...

I'd commission someone else to execute my idea for me but I've actually never bought a paintie from someone else before! All the painties I've ever had I've made myself and I'm really proud of that so I don't wanna stop now lol.

Any critique and suggestions on him are appreciated! And any advice on how to avoid those weird shading issues. Thanks!
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16 Dec 2019, 11:06 pm (Edited 16 Dec 2019, 11:07 pm)
Sometimes when using brighter colours I find that when i implement white, rather than worrying about pure white, i make sure the overlay layer underneath between colour and the base is slightly coloured, in this case a greyish blue may change your life, making all of the white accents still look lighter and read white, but still sort of shift to an icy sky blue... if that makes sense....I can provide an example if necessary. Also it may actually give a slight edge to the ribbon that makes you feel its more cohesive.

Edit: if the overlay is too bright for your liking, something else I do sometimes is create a layer above the lineart, but clipping to the paintie of course, and use soft light, and adjust opacity, to still give ti a SLIGHT hue, without it being SO aggressive.