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Beach Party Writing Contest

16 Jul 2020, 8:10 pm (Edited 16 Jul 2020, 8:18 pm)
This thread is for the Beach Party Writing Contest entries only, please do not reserve posts or submit incomplete entries 8)

If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, or comments, please post them in the Beach Party Writing Contest Discussion Thread!


Entries must follow one or more of these given prompts,

-Cold Beverages Are your villagers staying cool with a bottle of ice cold Tiger Fizz? Perhaps they're interested in a beverage a little more... magical?
-Ice Cream. Watch out for alien-related disasters that could threaten the life of your cone. Or perhaps just share your character's favorite flavors.
-Unrestrained Summer Fun. Going to the beach! Running in a sprinkler! Forgetting that metal slides become scorching death traps until you're two cheeks deep! Cicadas! Other things that are related to the Optimal Summer Fun Experience™. If you live in a cold climate, what kinds of things are unique to your villagers' summer celebrations?

These prompts are made to be both descriptive and vague, to provide inspiration and allow maximum creativity. If you have an idea but are unsure if it fits the prompt, you are free to post it in the discussion thread, or PM MOD-Pseudonym directly if you feel it needs to be kept confidential.


1. Any entries must be written by you. Plagiarism of any kind is against contest and site rules.
2. Using other people's characters is permitted as long as you have permission. Furvilla’s mayors are allowed in entries!
3. Entries must be situated in the Furvilla universe, but may take place outside of designated/specified villages. This includes any villager which would pass on any of our three Shifty colors.
4. All Furvilla rules regarding content allowed on site must be followed, no exceptions. No shocking or disturbing content, sexual situations, etc.
5. Entries must be at least 500 - 2000 words in length to qualify, word count can reach, but not exceed 3000 words in length.
6. Unlimited entries are allowed but each player can only win once.

Once you have your entry ready to go, either post it in this thread directly or post a link to a Google Doc! Make sure you have the sharing options set to “anyone with this link may view” if you use a Google Doc, or we won't be able to view and judge it!


3 Winners will receive the prizes listed below,

- Entry will be featured in a special section of the Knowledge Base
- Contributor Trophy
- 1000 FD
- Any 3 FDE Pet Boxes

In addition... the First Place Winner will also receive this very special prize to go with the general prizes listed above!

End Date: 11:59 PM on August 31st.

27 Jul 2020, 6:20 am
Prompt(s): cold beverages


A cool breeze, sighing as it shook the tiniest of foliage and stirred nearby critters was relatively nice against the summer heat. This time of the year was typically a time where the temperatures were hottest, causing many to stay inside so they could enjoy the simple happiness of having an air conditioner. Many, unlike this orange fox hybrid Snickerdoodle, did not particularly fancy staying outside on such hot weather. A simple being this unique species was- he enjoyed staying outside to enjoy the fine things in life; nature and his current surroundings to say the least, and most of all he enjoyed spending his time fishing. It was always nice to have a way to escape his thoughts, and fishing was a way he could do so; he particularly enjoyed doing things on his own- making his own meals, doing things his way and just taking care of himself in general. Snickerdoodle was always used to doing things on his own, and he never minded it one bit. Living in a small cabin has granted him happiness on being so close to nature, so he went out every morning to take care of his small growth of plants, his catalogue full of fish and bugs and even his Different fruits, flowers and vegetables that got harvested every once in a while. He quite enjoyed being so out in the open, with only his pet frog puddles and a couple other nearby neighbors as company.

This morning was the same routine; Snickerdoodle got out of bed, and stretched his jaws into a massive yawn. His head fur was all messed up due to him being a restless sleeper; the orange fox shook his fur a little, to even out the fur that lay messy. He blinked, taking in the warm sunlight that had started to seep through his closed windows. As soon as he opened his curtains, Puddles ran into the room, hopping about seemingly excited. The fox chuckled at the small critter’s antics. ‘’another day another adventure eh puddles?..” he said, scooping up the frog lovingly in his arms. His voice was a drowsy; he was not a morning person at all since he had a hard time keeping his sleep schedule in check. The fox walked into his bathroom, and lay his frog gently onto the ground outside it. He grabbed his brush, and made sure to comb every single one of his fur into a more suitable position; he liked to be tidy in every aspect- looks, housing and he even made an effort to organize his catalogue and his array of plants outside. Snickerdoodle did not like seeing things out of order at all. Finally, when he had finished preparing for the day he headed out of the bathroom and towards the door. He grabbed his fishing net, the one he had been working with for years now, and started to open the door.

Before Snickerdoodle could leave, the phone rang. The fox’s ears prickled up in curiosity as he set his net down onto the floor. He walked over to where the telephone was ringing and picked it up. ‘’hello?’’ he spoke, receiving a few moments of silence from the other end. ‘’Snickerdoodle, is that you?’’ a female responded, and the fox’s eyes lit up in happiness and surprise. ‘’oh Adelia! What a surprise.’’ he said cheerfully, his tail wagging ever so slightly. There was a crackle from the other end, then Adelia spoke again. ‘’oh hello! It has been a while hasn’t it?’’ she said. Snickerdoodle nodded. The female voice spoke, sounding more enthusiastic by the minute. Snickerdoodle started to wonder what she was up to, sounding so happy like that.

‘’listen, I wanted to ask If you’d like to go to the colder parts of Tigereye peak with me? I thought it would be a nice experience since I heard from some friends that the colder parts are having more enjoyable things to do this time of year.” she said. Snickerdoodle tilted his head, tapping his fingers against the table. He did agree that it would be nice, since Adelia was one of her closest friends. The orange fox took a good moment to think, then nodded. ‘’alright, when do you plan on going?’’ he said.

‘’now!’’ Adelia chirped. ‘’I'm right outside your door, open up.’’ the phone call ended abruptly and Snickerdoodle was left standing there, a tad bit confused. The door bell suddenly rang. He put the phone back and went over to the door- he could see the silhouette of his friend standing there, peering over a little to see if anyone was home. Snickerdoodle opened the door, and was greeted by an enormous hug. He stiffened in surprise, but quickly returned it, equally joyful at seeing his close friend again. Adelia pulled away, and her tail was wagging. Like Snickerdoodle, she was a canine but she was a husky, not a fox. She wasn’t a hybrid like him but she did have pink and bright green markings on some of her body; green on her paw-pads, and pink on her legs, inner ears, and on a tuft of hair she had. The rest of her body was grey and black, what you would typically see on a husky.

Snickerdoodle smiled. ‘’long time no see!’’ he said, gesturing for her to enter. The husky entered, making sure to take off her shoes at the door. She knew how much snickerdoodle valued cleanliness and organization. The two sat at a sofa Snickerdoodle had. Once they had sat down, Adelia spoke. “you have a lot of interesting plants and bugs outside.’’ she said. The main reason why the two became so close was because of their shared interests in bugs and plants. Snickerdoodle nodded. ‘’i like to keep a collection of the finest ones I can find.” he said. The room was silent for a bit, before the fox spoke again.

‘’so like you mean now?’’ he said, realizing how dumb that question sounded. Adelia laughed, nodding. ‘’now! I wanted us both to have a different experience, so bring as little things as possible. Unless you have something to do instead?’’ she wondered, receiving a shake of her head from Snickerdoodle. ‘’no, nothing to do actually. I'm fine with doing this, just.. I'm not used to going there the same day I’m invited.” he said, chuckling. ‘’it’s a little short notice you know?’’ the husky nodded, looking apologetic. ‘’yeah I know, I won’t do this again.’’ she said, but soon after her face lightened up again. ‘’but hey, it’ll be fun, doing something we haven’t done before!’’ she chirped. Snickerdoodle nodded. ‘’I'll go pack In that case.’’ he said.


It took 2 hours and a half for the pair to reach the coldest parts- the wind was blowing heavily and snow covered every visible mountain in the area. As soon as they stepped out of the car, Snickerdoodle was greeted with a cold blast of wind. His fur spiked up in response, and Adelia seemed to be as cold as him. ‘’gosh, they never told me it would be this cold!’’ she exclaimed, chattering every once in a while. It was good the two had brought warm enough clothes, but it seemed even now it wouldn’t suffice. Adelia led the way deeper into town, and they came across a small store. It read, Tigereye’s frozen beverages

Snickerdoodle gestured towards the store. ‘’lets go get a drink?’’ he said, and Adelia nodded in response. Once the two had entered, Snickerdoodle sighed in relief. Inside was much warmer than the unforgivable climate this part had to offer. He searched the store and found a drink called ‘ice cold Tigereye Fizz’. Adelia chose the same drink as him. The clerk looked at them once they both chose their drinks and chuckled. ‘’good luck with this one, its really got that extra flavor in it.’’ he said, a sparkle in his eye. Snickerdoodle was confused, but he thanked the man anyways.

Once outside, he popped the lid open and took a sip. Adelia did the same. Instantly, Snickerdoodle began to feel queasy. ‘’ugh.. What was in that drink?’’ he asked, but Adelia was nowhere to be found. He looked around, but his vision was increasingly getting blurrier. ‘’i must be really sick, the entire place seems to be getting bigger and bigger!’’ he muttered to himself. It was until he realized the place was bigger. He gasped, and a pair of hands laid on his shoulders. It was Adelia.

‘’hey its me! No need to worry.’’ she comforted, while Snickerdoodle was remained in shock. ‘’did we just.. How- is that even possible?’’ he muttered, while his friend nodded. ‘’ah..’’ she said, clasping a hand against her head. ‘’i should have told you before- this part of town offers.. Well magical beverages as a way to celebrate summer this time of year. I guess we may have stumbled across one of those stores.’’ she said in a meek voice, glancing at Snickerdoodle for his reaction. He stood there, and was about to protest before Adelia added on. ‘’wait! Before you kill me this is temporary so.. Until then we can enjoy living as mice?’’ she said, getting a snort of amusement from the fox. ‘’well I guess so..i mean its not like there’s anything we can do now.” he said, looking up. ‘’the view from down here looks amazing, its as if you’re seeing everything in a completely new perspective.’’ he said, and Adelia looked up as well. ‘’wow.. I guess you’re right.’’ she muttered. The mountains seemed much bigger, and they could see the snow in much better detail. A snowflake even landed nearby, and Snickerdoodle was amazed at how intricate the detail was.’’ he was silent, taking in the sheer amazement of how this experience was to him.

‘’yeah, you’re right. We definitely should have drank those beverages. Who wouldn’t want to see this?’’ he murmured. Adelia nodded, delight spreading through her face. She gathered a ball of snow and threw it at Snickerdoodle. ‘’since we're so small we have a lot of space for a snowball fight!’’ she said, sounding childish but Snickerdoodle didn’t mind; he too was thinking like her and threw a ball directly at her face. The husky laughed in surprise. They ended up playing around for what seemed like a few minutes only before snickerdoodle felt queasy again. ‘’i think the effect’s wearing off.’’ he said, experiencing the same blurry vision as before. It didn’t take long for them both to go back to normal. The two smiled at eachother.

‘’well, that was quite the experience if I do say so myself.’’ Adelia declared, and Snickerdoodle nodded in agreement. Suddenly, the door of the store swung open and the same clerk walked towards them grinning. ‘’if you youngsters liked the fizz so much, you should have a go at the ice cream.’’ he spoke. Snickerdoodle shook his head. ‘’i think we had enough fun for one day, maybe another time.’’ he said. The two thanked the clerk then set off again to explore the rest of this place.


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17 Aug 2020, 2:24 am (Edited 17 Aug 2020, 2:30 am)
Prompt: All of them
Words: 1889

He stepped onto the sand and looked out at the calm waves. A warm breeze lazily drove the sand to erase his footsteps behind him as he made his way to the water's edge. Seabirds flew low, diving down with precision to soar up again with glittering silvery fish as their prize.
He walked along the line where water and land met, the occasional wave creeping far enough inland to wet his feet. Spotting a seashell, he smiled and bent down to pick it up, turning it in his hands.

The first time he comes to the beach he hates it. The stupid sand and the stupid water and the stupid birds in this stupid place his parents insisted they move to. It's his 8th birthday and all his friends are too far away and they have only been here for a week and he is never going to find friends as awesome as those he had to leave behind and no one should be alone on their birthday. He kicks at the sand in frustration and glares at the world in general. "We know you are sad your friends can't be here. We would have waited but we had to move now, there was no other way. How about we make the best of it and get some ice cream?" His mother sounds sad and he knows they are trying. He knows. It still sucks. He steels himself and smiles. "Three scoops?" he asks hopefully and his mother looks relieved. "Three scoops and sprinkles." She nods and they walk along the beach to a small hut selling drinks and ice cream.
Ten minutes later the world is a tiny bit less bad. At his age ice cream still goes a long way towards making things right and he runs along the water's edge with a half melted scoop of vanilla and the endless energy only youth and copious amounts of sugar can produce. He spots a sea shell and decides that he has to have it, steering towards it with single minded focus. What he does not notice in his determination is the small girl already reaching for it and they collide in a heap of limbs and sand and ice cream.
When they manage to untangle themselves his prize is in the girl's hand. "That's my shell!" he yells and grabs for it. "Nu uh, I grabbed it first!" the girl says decisively and holds it behind her back. "But it's my birthday!" he tries. She thinks. Shaking her head she says "Just because it's your birthday doesn't mean you can just ask for things." She has quite a fierce glare for such a tiny thing. He glares right back until suddenly the absurdity of the situation hits him. They are both covered in ice cream and surrounded by more seashells than both of them together could ever gather. And he starts to laugh. The girl looks baffled for a second, then joins in the laughter. "I'm Keera." she says. And that's that. She never gives him the shell but he has gained something much better. A new friend.

With a fond shake of his head at the memory he tossed the shell into the water where it is swallowed by the waves. Close to where it went under an empty bottle bobs in the water, brought close to the shore before being dragged back out.

When he is ten Keera is no longer his only friend. She is his best friend but there is a whole group of others with them, once again running along the water´s edge on his birthday. Something half buried in the sand catches his eye and he stoops down to find an empty bottle, sealed with a cork and a small bit of paper inside. The others crowd around and excitedly he pulls out the new utility knife he got earlier to pry the bottle open. “I bet it is a letter from someone stranded on a remote island!” Nem shouts excitedly. “Noooo, I bet it is a love letter!” Eskra sighs. “Ewwww, no, that would be stupid. You girls are always so sapp…” Ilias does not get to finish his sentence when Keera cuffs him on the back of the head and glares at him, still as fierce as on the first day they met.
He carefully pulls the paper from the bottle and unrolls it. “A map, it´s a treasure map!” he exclaims and hops up and down excitedly. The next few hours are spend retracing the steps marked out on the map. None of them question the fact why a treasure map washed ashore would show the way to a treasure buried just around the corner. Or that said treasure consists of rock candy skulls, when after the hunt they all flop down into the shade sucking on the sweet treats. His parents fawn over the little explorers and wink at each other when hearing all about the day´s adventures. Keera sits next to him and when he drops his candy into the sand and looks upset she wordlessly hands over her last one and smiles. Around her neck, tied to a simple leather cord, is the seashell that started their friendship.

He drew nearer to the stretch of the beach where the currents deposit quite a bit of driftwood. From small twigs to whole logs thrown into the ocean during the last big storm it littered the beach. A few younglings gathered around a bonfire, laughing and spinning a bottle around. He smiled and passed them by, knowing they would never even notice his presence as absorbed as they were in their game. It seems some things stay the same for every generation.

When he turns 16 they build a bonfire on the beach for his birthday. This is the first time they are allowed to party without his parents present and he is so proud, finally they start to see he is almost grown up! The flames licking the logs are turned green and blue by the salt infusing the logs and make for a magical atmosphere. The weather is mild, just this side of too cool but the fire´s warmth keeps them comfortable. Suddenly Nem declares “I know the perfect game for this occasion! Let´s play truth or dare!” There are mixed reactions from cheers to groans. It begins pretty harmless, silly dares like making a handstand at the waterline – Ilias sputters as the waves hit him and make him fall over – and truths that surprise no one as they have all known each other for years. But soon the dares keep getting riskier, the questions more personal. Keera decides on truth every time and the 5th time it is her turn Nem shouts over her “New rule, you only get to pick truth or dare three time in a row. Some people here are just too boring otherwise!” “Yeah, boring!” Eskra parrots and somehow the whole group gets caught up in it, jeering and making chicken noises and being cruel in the way only kids can be when feeling powerful in a group. He does not want to get involved and stays silent. But when Keera looks at him for help and he still does not open his mouth because what is he supposed to do? He knows it was the wrong decision. Her usual glare is absent, there is just a look of disappointment and pain and his stomach roils when he realises that by keeping silent he has deeply hurt his best friend. She stands to leave abruptly and after a split second of indecision he jumps up to follow. “Oh, lovers´ quarrel” someone snickers but he ignores them. “Look, I am sorry. But what did you want me to do?” But the moment he says it he realises that making excuses is not going to cut it. He wants to be grown up and being grown up does mean standing up for what is right, not leaving your best friend to the wolves. It means owning up to his mistakes. Especially when it comes to people he cares about. “Actually, I am just sorry.” He tries again and apparently his tone conveys his sincerity because Keera looks at him quizzically for another moment before nodding. The two sit down and watch the ocean in silence for another few minutes, comfortable in each other´s presence again. They run back to the bonfire when they hear a commotion, finding an angry looking officer lecturing the others on something they did in one of their rowdier dares the game had devolved to. They grin at each other and go back to their quiet spot to let them deal with it on their own.

He carefully picked his way up the cliffs at the end of the beach. The sun was sinking lower and the sunset from up there is spectacular. Reaching the top, he sat on one of the rocks near the edge.

The last time they all come together at the beach for his birthday is when he turns 21. Nem had split from the group of friends shortly after the bonfire episode. Eskra will move across the country to be with the love of her life – her words, she always had been the romantic of the group. Ilias would start a job a few cities over soon and the rest of them had been accepted to schools all across the country. They make promises to meet back up every year but deep down they all know it is not going to happen. None of them want the night to end and they sit around yet another bonfire, laughing and talking until well past midnight. One after the other leaves he and Keera are the last to sit under a sky that is already showing the first light of dawn. “We´ll stay in contact, right?” he asks and she gives him a look that says “Duh, of course” louder than any words could. “No matter what happens, we´ll meet back here in ten years” she says, as if it is fact. “Ten years?” “Yes, right up there on that cliff at sundown.” “Bit dramatic don´t you think? Did you spend too much time with Eskra before she left?” he jokes and gets a shove for his troubles. “Ten years.” She repeats.

It has been ten years since he was last here. As much as he hated the place when he first moved here he now looks back with nothing but fondness and good memories. The sun is barely touching the horizon, painting a trail from the beach into the distance, colouring the ocean a rich gold.
Footsteps crunched on the path behind him and Keera plopped down next to him, handing him a slightly warm bottle of Tiger Fizz with a smile.

It has been a mere five months when there is a knock on his door. Confused he opens it, not expecting any guests, he hasn´t really made any new friends in this town yet. “You know what, that whole 10-year-idea was stupid.” And that´s that, as it always has been with Keera.

Keera handed him a small package and upon unwrapping it he held a seashell necklace in his hands. “It was about time you got your own.”
27 Aug 2020, 10:47 am
Prompt(s): Ice cream!

You can't argue with the beauty of the beaches off of Oceandome- the paper white sand, the crystal clear water, the gorgeous cliffsides, the marine life... It looks like a clip straight out of a magazine here, no matter what time of day it is. I personally like to come out in the evenings so I can watch the sunset.

Whether it's for the getaway, the picture perfect landscape, or even the amazing beach grills out here, summer vacations up here have always been worth the 9 hour trip.

Well, except for the seagulls- I never missed the seagulls. They almost ALWAYS ruined everything.

Right now, they soared overhead, sometimes diving down to steal a sandwich or some poor kid's popsicle. There was even a little gang of them trying to get at MY food.

They squawked and hopped around my paws, pecking at me to try and get my ice cream. Shooing and kicking at them didn't really seem to work too well, so I was stuck with them. At least, I thought I was until they all suddenly flew off. I smirked as they left, sticking my tongue out at the dumb birds.

The cone was starting to melt onto my paw, so I got back to enjoying it in peace. Without seagulls. As I attempted to prevent my fur from getting sticky with ice cream, I looked up at the ocean. What I saw was NOT the ocean.

Some 5 or 6 feet away from me was a large, ugly sea creature that somehow looked like a rotten carcass, a blobfish, AND a sea-slug all at once. I had no idea what it was, but I did know that I wanted it nowhere near me.

I tried moving elsewhere to avoid it, but unfortunately, the monster kept waddling towards me, swishing its long tail behind it. I watched, disgusted, as it plopped down in front of me.

It opened what I assumed to be its mouth and let out an awful noise, which strangely resembled a bark. Its... Snout? Yes, its snout was sniffing at the air. I glance at the cone still in my paw, and the creature barked again, making me jump.

"Do... do you want some?" I asked the creature nervously, wincing as I offered my ice cream to it. The thing paused, sniffing curiously at it. Then it slurped up what was left of the scoop in one go, with the help of a long, slimy tongue.

The creature raised its head to me, clearly astounded. It'd probably never had ice cream before, judging by the way its tail started wagging. I giggled a bit, watching it search around hopefully for more.

"Yeah," I tell it, "That IS good stuff, isn't it?" The creature yipped before rearing up and giving me a long, slimy lick. I didn't know which was worse, that this thing was slimy and gross, or that it smelled absolutely horrible...

"Ewww," I tease, wiping my face off, "I don't know that I can be friends with somebody as slimy as you!" I tried to inch away from the monster, but it followed me all the way to the public restroom, where I had to listen to its panting while I properly washed my face. The sea creature may be hideous, but at least its behavior's adorable.

But was it safe? So far, the thing's only been a sweetheart, giving me kisses for feeding it junk food.

What if its KISSES weren't safe?? I watched the monster uneasily as I imagined its saliva being full of neurotoxins or bacteria that could kill on contact. I also wasn't dead yet, so thankfully, I could rule out the neurotoxins. Besides, I still felt great!!

To my dismay, the creature followed me everywhere, so I was stuck with whatever potential deaths it might cause me. I tried not to think about it too much as we walked up to a food stand.

The attendant was clearly just as unsettled by my new companion as I had been, but nevertheless served us a bowl with multiple different flavors of ice cream for the creature to try out. I'd figured that I should probably keep it happy and distracted until it grew bored and left, lest it try and eat me in the meantime.

I took the bowl away from the stand to give others here a bit of distance from the monster, who waddled happily behind me, making odd popping sounds. We settled for a secluded spot under a palm.

The monster watched in anticipation as I spooned out a mouthful of chocolate and offered it some. Once again, it slurped everything up with its long tongue, and barked, delighted.

It went on like that, with me feeding the monster at least 7 different flavors, but I could easily tell which it liked the most.

As soon as it had finished the spoon of cookie dough ice cream, it started barking loudly, jumping up and down and running in circles. Watching it play was enough to make me laugh, even if it was a bit creepy.

"Do you like the cookie dough?" I laugh, "Should I call you the Cookie Monster?" The creature whirled around, making more odd, but clearly excited noises.

"Okay, then!!" I chuckle, "I dub thee... Cookie!"

Cookie started to calm down, sitting on the sand. Their tail thumped on the sand over and over. I tilt my head, not so much watching as thinking.

"Do you like popsicles, Cookie?" I finally ask, grinning mischievously. Cookie tilted their head back at me, unaware of what a popsicle even was. "It's kinda like ice cream," I tell Cookie, "Wanna try one?" Cookie jumped up and yipped excitedly at the idea.

"Alright then, let's go!" I say, amused. I stand up and wave for Cookie to follow, although I knew they would anyways, as I start heading towards the food stand again.

After I order a lemon pop and held it out for them, Cookie eagerly snatched up the entire thing. Cookie must not have liked the lemon flavoring, though, because a second later I had a sticky popsicle thrusted back into my paw, followed by retching noises. I raise an eyebrow at the sea monster.

"Could I get a cherry twin-pop, then?" I ask, turning to the cat that was on duty. She'd relaxed some around Cookie by now. The cat nods and fishes one from the freezer at the back of her little stand.

"$1.95," She yawns, setting it on the counter. I give her the change and break the popsicle in half. One half I gave to Cookie, who seemed to like cherry far better than lemon, the other I enjoyed.

Once Cookie had spit the stick out onto the sand, they looked out towards the ocean and starting squeaking excitedly, wagging their tail. Curious of what they were looking at, I turned around too.

A very unhappy looking Momma Cookie was headed up the beach towards us. I knew she was Momma, because she was at least 8 times bigger than Cookie, and even less of a charmer. She smelled rancid, and growled fiercer than she stank. Momma Cookie was here for her baby.

Cookie seemed pleased to see her, but I couldn't say the same. How could I, when she towered over me, as if threatening to rip my head off? Instead of greeting her with the same yippy giddiness that Cookie treated her to, I stumbled backwards, intimidated.

"Hel-hello Momma Cookie!" I decided to greet her respectfully. "I promise I wasn't hurting your baby! We were just having a good time! D-do you want a popsicle, too? They're quite amazing."

Momma Cookie snarled down at me at first. Thankfully, however, she eventually lowered her head to sniff at the popsicle, seeing that her baby had, in fact, enjoyed them too, and seemed to be fine.

"It's cherry," I say sweetly, holding it up.

I jump as her long tongue shot out to snatch up the entire pop. She crunched up the whole thing, stick and all. Finally, she gave me a short nod of what I assumed to be approval and turned to Cookie, who'd been playing with her tail.

Momma picked up Cookie by the scruff and started to waddle back to the ocean, where the sun was beginning to sink. The seagulls swooped around, launching up out of the water to avoid them until they'd slunk back into the deep just as silently as they'd rose out of it. I sigh, relieved that they were finally gone.

Oh dear. Not the seagulls! Those rascals were back, despite me not having any food for them to steal.

"Shoo!" I bark at them, "I haven't got anything for you, get a move on!"

However, several of them hopped up and pecked at the wrappers and popsicle sticks. One looked dead at me.

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Prompt - Unrestrained Summer Fun

It was time for summer fun! Which ment it was beach time... to bad Maneki really didn't get along very well with the other villagers so he could not invite them to join. To the beach to swim he decides not even realizing he can't swim till he gets to the beach...
Taking a brisk walk to the beach on the lake near Dragonsmaw as he gets there he gulps.... it's so foggy. Its drifting over the waters like a living breathing creature. Well he thinks to himself I already walked here and I brought my picnic and a towel he was gonna swim.
Spreading his towel out on the beach he walks up to the water and dips his toes in nothing... he can't feel the chill of the water he's all bones. Sometimes he forgets that.. honestly he does not know why. Maybe its attributed to the fact that he can feel pain but not heat or the cold.
Deciding to heck with it he runs into the water. And just goes deeper and deeper but after a moment he realizes that he's not swimming he's just running along the bottom of the lake.... and it's really dark down here and which way was back.
Shivers run down his spine was he gonna be forever stuck in the lake. He falls to his knees shaking his bones making a hallow rattling sound even under the water. Calm down I will not become the next lake monster he thinks to himself taking a deep breath of the water.... I guess that is one good thing about being a skeleton no need for air. But he was starting to miss the other villagers even if they treated him like a he had some sort of disease.
This was not summer fun he thinks to himself falling all the was down into the sand. Should he even bother trying to get out nobody would miss him. Dapper might, Marina was nice but she had her sister to worry about... plus Marina was kinda lazy. Gast was to busy with his animals to notice stuff around him, Red picked up a new hobbie of cooking he had smelled the poodle noodle soup he was making as be walked past his house, Darla was probably out for a fun summer adventure she was taking a break from fighting, Fi was constantly making pots for Scag, who was usually deep in his gardening but had decided he wanted to make a toy today, Twitchy was probably sleeping when she was not running around looking for bones(this was kinda creepy to him why bones was she gonna try to steal his) and Blue... well blues house has smelled like Almonds and coffee these last few days... Blue kept forcing him to drink these strange cups of coffee they were not bad but he wondered why Blue never made one for himself... why did he stop making noodle soup.
At times like this Maneki almost wished he could cry he missed Distia and Ace and Bio his best friends. Why was he forced to move here where everybody thought he was a freak. Just because he was a skeleton.
He then felt something grab his arm and yelped a sea monster it was out to get him was this the end of his Skeleton life he looked up and he saw the light it was the other side wasn't it. He smiles closing his eyes he would see his mom finally.
He feels his body getting pulled up and it was like he was being thrown up into the air wow this ride to the other side was weird he thinks. Then crash he lands hard on some sort of wooden object. Oww this cannot be the other side, opening his eyes he was the sun's light fighting its way trough the dense fog and clouds then it stopped its fight and started to get clouded over. "Maneki are you alright" he hears as the friendly face of Dapper appears above him. Maneki nods his head slightly the motion making water pour out of his nose and eye holes. Shivering at the weird sensation of water inside his skull he gently takes his skull off and pours the rest of it out. Also kinda weird he thinks to himself quickly placing it back on and he remembers Dapper is right there.
"Sorry" he exclaims looking towards Dapper.
"For what? Thats kinda cool being able to take off your head, but you better be careful don't wanna drop it in the water." Dapper says smiling.
Cool, he was cool. Maneki never thought he was cool, weird maybe, kinda childish. But never cool he feels another smile coming along.
"I saw you coming towards the beach so I decided I would join you. But when I got here nobody was here I saw your towel and bag but no you. As I looked around I saw you in the water face down and got so scared." Dapper explains why he was here, "I borrowed Fi's raft to go out and grab you, you were not even the deep what happened."
Maneki laughs slightly rubbing the back of his skull, "Well it turns out I cannot swim. I kinda ran in then I didn't know the way out."
"Oh well that's ok, not everyone can swim, I can but I don't really like it very much. I was just gonna play in the sand you wanna join me."
"Ya that sounds fun," Maneki says sitting up and grabbing the rod used to push the raft towards the shore.
After they landed on the beach Dapper slithered towards his bag and pulled out a bunch of sand castle molds, "let's make a giant sand castle!"
After a few hours of sand castle making Dapper then shouts let's get back to town. Maneki does not fight because he doesn't want to stay at the beach alone so they trek back to town.
It seems to have a strange glow that it did not have before he thinks as they reach their part of the village. There were skull shaped lanterns hanging all about that was new Maneki thinks to himself. Reaching closer to their homes he gasps, pots are lining the road with flowers and plants from many of the other villages. There was a small pen that was holding a handful of animals it said petting zoo in messy script. There was also a very long table that was full of bowls with poodle noodle soup and mugs of Priests Death by mocha. And there was a colorful sign saying happy summer the words were written with bones.
"Wha.." Maneki started when suddenly all the others ran out of their houses yelling surprise! Happy summer! And Meow! Well the meow was from Marina, she was funny that way sometimes.
"What is all this?" Maneki was able to get out after staring for a few seconds.
"Well," Dapper begins, "I had noticed you seemed a bit down lately and I asked the others to help me do a small little party to surprise you with.Plus we were able to invite some special guests!"
"Special guests who?" Maneki questions as he looks around and then sees what and shouts out with glee, "Bio, you got to come visit!" Bio was half asleep leaning against one of the tables shot up when he heart his friend.
"Maneki its good to see you again! Maybe I should come and visit more often." He said with a great big yawn.
"Still falling asleep where you stand?" Maneki said with a laugh.
"Hey its a very serious illness!" Then he changes the topic, "Anyways I was gonna say Ace is around here somewhere too. We were gonna invite your brother but hes so shy and I was not sure how your relationship was."
"Brother... man sometimes its seems so weird finding out you have a brother when your all grown up.... sometimes i wonder what $&#€% did to him."
"Hey now no sad talk its your party lets have fun!"
So they did they found Ace who had been chatting with Scag about making toys. Scag had gifted Maneki a toy he had made, still confusing looking at it and knowing it was made with so many weird items. They played with the animals had soup and even the Mayor came to check out all the noise, he invited both Bio and Ace to say saying we needed more spooky scary skeletons in Dragonsmaw.
Later that night Maneki smiled as he went to sleep he did have friends. And theg had made him an awesome summer surprise party hugging the toy from Scag he went to sleep dreaming of poodle noodle soup and mocha.
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31 Aug 2020, 11:58 pm (Edited 31 Aug 2020, 11:59 pm)
Title: Cold Warmth.
Characters Involved: My villager Kyrie & Oceandome Mayor Octavia.
Prompts: Cold beverage & Ice Cream.
Words: 950.
Link: Read here on Google Docs!