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Guide to Daily Wheel Drops

20 Oct 2020, 12:28 am (Edited 25 Oct 2020, 9:57 am)
Most up to date.
You do not need to post button drops.

The daily wheel is an event that can be done once a day. Each section of the wheel gives a different box, which will give you a different set of items. There are 10 different boxes you can acquire.

This guide covers which section gives what box, and what box gives which items. The google document can be sorted by box type as well as item type. There is also a text version in the forum

Feel free to post your daily wheel results so I can keep the document updated, thank you! Please include the full item names. Please read the existing guide before posting.

20 Oct 2020, 12:29 am (Edited 7 Nov 2020, 10:11 am)
Box of Light
Armour Crystal: Super Happy Fun, Utility Crystal: Super Happy Fun, Weapon Crystal: Super Happy Fun, Shield Crystal: Super Happy Fun

Adorable Animal Box
Animal Husbandry Backpack, Brown Stick Bug, Iron Ouroboros, Pink Wheel Wheelster, Worker Termighty, Cottonwood Longhorn Beetle

What's Cooking Box
Aspen Lunchbox, Clawtooth and Ismene Lunchbox, Mayor Ana Lunchbox, Mayor Chester Lunchbox, Mayor Minstrel Lunchbox, Mayor Octavia Lunchbox, Mayor Polaria Lunchbox, Quinn Lunchbox, The Oracle Lunchbox, The Royal Fox Lunchbox, The Traveler Lunchbox, Xaender Van Buckles Lunchbox, Chef's Hat, Pickle Jar (Pickle, The Crystal Pickle, My Pet Pickle), Pickles on Rye Recipe Card, Rainbow Layer Cake Recipe Card, Spatula, Cook Backpack, Grasshopper Layer Cake Recipe Card, Rainbow Sparkle Sno-Cone Recipe Card

Button Capsule
Any new or old button is available. This includes limited buttons, recycler buttons, FDE buttons, and any other button on FV.

Regi's Special Box
Mini Wheelbur, Plush Regi, Regi Lunchbox, Regi Stamp, Regi Purse, Regi's Very Own Sweater, Wheelbur Button, Wheelbur Enamel Pin, Wheelbur Stamp

Box of Darkness
Armour Crystal: Super Scaaaary, Ring Crystal: Super Scaaaary, Shield Crystal: Super Scaaaary, Utility Crystal: Super Scaaaary, Weapon Crystal: Super Scaaaary, Black Rose Seed Packet, Risktaker's Shield, Risktaker's Coin

The Fashionable Furry Box
Black Raincoat, Carpenter's Sweater, Comfy Cozy Sweater, Duckie Umbrella, Floral Umbrella, Foxy Umbrella, Froggy Raincoat, Froggy Umbrella, Kitty Kat Sweater, Rainbow Umbrella, Rainbowcoat, Rainy Day Raincoat, Rainy Day Umbrella, Spiral Umbrella, Time Heals Sweater, Toadstool Umbrella, Snake Raincoat, White Umbrella, Black Umbrella, Cheerful Umbrella, Home Cookin' Sweater, Octobrella

Artisan's Pride Box
Calipers and Tongs, Crafter Backpack, Neon Construction Vest, Tailor Backpack, Well Loved Carnotaurus Plush, Well Loved Chicken Plush, Well Loved Cow Plush, Well Loved Deer Plush, Well Loved Dragon Plush, Well Loved Lion Plush, Well Loved Lobster Plush, Well Loved Mouse Plush, Well Loved Mushroom Plush, Well Loved Seal Plush, Well Loved Skunk Plush, Blacksmith Backpack

Heart of Adventure Box
Bath Bomb, Camping Backpack (Blue Plaid Camping Shirt, Golden Plaid Camping Shirt, Green Plaid Camping Shirt, Purple Plaid Camping Shirt, Red Plaid Camping Shirt, Teal Plaid Camping Shirt), Buer, Creepy Trunk (Creepy Canteen, Creepy Plaid Camping Shirt, Creepy Otherworldly Lantern), Hero's Chest (Hero's Blade, Vermillion Scale Porch), Roll of Newspaper, Warrior Backpack, Wheels of Wind and Fire, Kusarigama, A Rolled Up Newspaper

Power of Flowers Box
Alchemist Backpack, Aster Seed Packet, Brewer's Retort, Carnation Seed Packet, Daffodil Seed Packet, Daisy Seed Packet, Gladiolus Seed Packet, Golden Pocket Watch, Silver Pocket Watch, Hawthorn Seed Packet, Larkspur Seed Packet, Marigold Seed Packet, Mortar and Pestle, Mum Seed Packet, Narcissus Seed Packet, Rose Seed Packet, Violet Seed Packet, Watering Can
20 Oct 2020, 12:32 am
Power of Flowers Box - Item - Brewer's Retort
The Fashionable Furry Box - Item - Black Raincoat
Button Capsule - Button - Carnation Button
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20 Oct 2020, 12:36 am

Hero chest also opens and dropped 6383-heros-blade.png



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20 Oct 2020, 12:39 am
The Fashionable Furry Box - Froggie Raincoat
The Fashionable Furry Box - Duckie Umbrella
Power of Flowers Box - Violet Seed Pack
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20 Oct 2020, 12:39 am
I've gotten the regi box twice, both times it had the miniature prize wheel in it, and the food box once, which had an Ana's lunchbox inside. I assume the lunchbox opens too but I haven't opened it yet.
20 Oct 2020, 12:40 am
button Capsule = button = questioning button

power of flowers box = daffodil seed packet = 1 daffodil Seed

power of flowers box = hawthorn seed packet = 1 hawthorn Seed

artisan's pride box = neon construction vest (construction worker +5%)
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20 Oct 2020, 1:21 am
whats cooking box - spatula
the fashionable furry box - comfy cozy sweater
adorable animal box - worker termighty
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20 Oct 2020, 1:38 am (Edited 20 Oct 2020, 1:40 am)
what's cooking box - royal fox lunchbox
(haven't opened it yet)

got 2 button ones in a row but those are all formerly released items so i won't hunt down the names. one of the old feast rewards (salad?) and an ofb (one of the monsters) event
20 Oct 2020, 1:44 am
I also got a Royal Fox Lunchbox from the What's Cooking Box
(And have yet to dare open it, it seems... foreboding)

From the Adorable Animal Box I recieved an Iron Ouroboros

And I received an Artisan's Pride Box this is morning and it contained a Well-Loved Carnotaurus Plush!
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20 Oct 2020, 1:44 am (Edited 20 Oct 2020, 1:45 am)
Heart of Adventure Box - Warrior Backpack (outfit)
Button Capsule - 2 Spoopy Button (button)
The Fashionable Furry Box - Kitty Kat Sweater (outfit)
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20 Oct 2020, 2:16 am
Got the Box of Darkness 6205-box-of-darkness.png from the black Skull section and got a 6408-armour-crystal-super-scaaaary.png

Got an Adventure Box 6208-heart-of-adventure-box.png
from the Sword section and got a 6218-bath-bomb.png

Here's an image of the wheel:

Starting from the Star Section (named in the News post) and proceeding clockwise I would guess:

Star Section = Box of Light
Pawprints = Adorable Animal Box
Chef's hat and Roller pin = What's Cooking Box
Badges = Button Capsule
Regi's face = Regi's Special Box
Skull Section = Box of Darkness
Yellow Dress = The Fashionable Furry Box
Blacksmith tools = Artisan's Pride Box
Sword = Heart of Adventure Box
Flower = Power of Flowers Box
20 Oct 2020, 3:46 am (Edited 20 Oct 2020, 3:46 am)
1st day Box of Darkness => Black Rose Seed
2nd day (today) Button Capsule => DragonsMow Manour Crest Button (hope I spelled it right rjwjfk )

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20 Oct 2020, 4:08 am
What's Cooking Box - Chef's Hat
Artisan's Pride Box - Tailor Backpack
Button Capsule - Anchor Mimic Button
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20 Oct 2020, 5:01 am (Edited 20 Oct 2020, 5:05 am)
Fashionable Furry: 6270-spiral-umbrella.png Spiral Umbrella
Power of Flowers: 6345-golden-pocket-watch.png Golden Pocket Watch
Fashionable Furry: 6267-toadstool-umbrella.png Toadstool Umbrella
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20 Oct 2020, 5:35 am
Box of Light - Armour Crystal: Super Happy Fun
What's Cooking Box - The Traveler Lunchbox, Xaender Van Buckles Lunchbox (opened the traveler one, got a few food items!)
20 Oct 2020, 9:01 am
Button Capsule: 5526-mashy-button.png Mashy Button
Regi's Special Box: 6330-plush-regi.png Plush Regi

The button capsule can reveal ANY old or new button, event and pride included.
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20 Oct 2020, 9:07 am
Button capsule= Literally any button on FV

Heart of Adventure Box= Camping Backpack (Openable, haven't opened yet)

The Fashionable Furry Box= Time Heals Sweater
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20 Oct 2020, 9:12 am
What's Cooking Box - Pickle Jar
Artisan's Pride Box - Neon Construction Vest
Power of Flowers Box - Narcissus Seed Packet
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20 Oct 2020, 9:15 am (Edited 20 Oct 2020, 9:29 am)
Regi's Special Box -> Regi Purse
Regi's Special Box -> Regi's Very Own Sweater
What's Cookin Box -> Regi Lunchbox -> (I haven't opened it yet)
Heart of adventure Box -> Camping Backpack -> Red Plaid Camping Shirt
Heart of adventure Box -> Creepy Trunk -> Creepy Canteen
Fashionable Furry Box -> Tailor Backpack
Power of Flowers Box -> Floral Umbrella
Power of Flowers Box -> Daffodil Seed Pack
Adorable Animal Box -> Iron Ouroboros
Adorable Animal Box -> Worker Termighty
Adorable Animal Box -> Pink Wheel Wheelster
Artisan's Pride Box -> Well Loved Seal Plush
Artisan's Pride Box -> Well Loved Cow Plush

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20 Oct 2020, 9:20 am (Edited 20 Oct 2020, 9:27 am)
Fashionable Furry Box: - Rainy Day Umbrella(+5% Tailor and +1 Explorer Charge)


Fashionable Furry Box: Rainy Day Raincoat (+5% Tailor and +1 Explorer Charge)


Powers Of Flowers Box: Watering Can (+%2 Herbalist Yield)

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20 Oct 2020, 9:22 am
heart of adventure box--- roll of newspaper
box of darkness-- black roses seed packet
adorable animal box-- worker termighty or something like that
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20 Oct 2020, 9:23 am (Edited 20 Oct 2020, 10:56 am)
Regi's Special Box Regi's Very Own Sweater
Adorable Animal Box Iron Ouroboros
Adventure Box Treasure Chest and when opened Vermillion Scale Pouch
Adorable Animal Box Animal Husbandry Backpack
Artisan Box Well Loved Mushroom Plush
Flower Power Box Larkspur Seeds
What's Cooking Box Quinn's Lunchbox
Adorable Animal box Brown Stick Bug

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20 Oct 2020, 9:27 am
fashionable furry box=6287-carpenters-sweater.png
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20 Oct 2020, 10:17 am
The only box I've opened is the What's Cooking Box and I got the Pickles on Rye Recipe Card from it.
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