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Lokisenna's Paintie Shop~. (Open)

7 Dec 2016, 4:06 pm
Hello Furs! I am Loki and I make paintie base edits. I can also colour your paintie, I tend to like vibrant colours, but I can work with pastels and natural colours too. I can make feral edits of the Furvilla bases, or create an entire different animal for you from them.

Check out my villagers or ask if you want to see lager sized examples!


Please be aware that a lot of my base edits are OAK, if you see something you like and would want yourself, I'll still have to make you a unique paintie. For example, the Quad lion bases I have are one of a kind so each one has to have a different pose :)

Conversion: $1USD:100FD:40,000FC
Prices will be in USD, but feel free to convert them! I take all currency listed above

Base Edit Only - $7-10USD
Simple Base Additions (I.e. Teeth, claws, eye changes, tails) - $1USD per edit.
Clothes/Outfit Edits Only (i.e bowtie, Dresses, jackets) - $2-5USD depends on complexity)
Simple Edit and Colour - based on number of edits +$3USd
Base Edit and Colour - $15-$20USD

Depending on the paintie you want, these prices are subject to change!

Need any clarification? Please ask!

Recent Unfinished and Finished Painties!


Arts-waifu (not started) Minty.
Killjoylights (started) Cerberus

Please Ping Me if interested!