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[B] angelic fox [O] custom profile css!

7 Dec 2016, 6:26 pm (Edited 9 Dec 2016, 12:40 am)
hello everyone! im currently offering custom css (user profile or villager) as payment for another paintie of my villager argus. you can see some examples of css from his profile, but also from ouroboros and my profile (it is currently a wip tho!). i can provide more examples if need be! i can do pretty much anything with the profile, as long as it follows the site rules. i can also do a matching user profile & villager profile.

as for the paintie, it would be on the angelic fox or normal fox base, holding a cane (cane like the one he as currently, pretty much in the same position). the style of clothing would be steampunk (steampunk armor). id like him to have goggles up on his forehead. here are some inspiration pics (paintie does Not need to be as detailed!): x, x, x, x (angelic, i like the gear style & wings, you dont need to change argus's wings, but if you do this style would be good), x, x. feel free to take any elements you like from the inspo pics!

i do not mind if you redraw the base or imitate fv style! please provide some examples of your work. for the profile, i would 100% be willing to stream progress so you can have me edit how you like as we go. thank you for your time!