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Graffiti's Art Stuffs(semi-open 4 points)

22 Mar 2018, 12:11 am

Lacerne i'd love to draw one of them ! a complete fullbody with a background and all the works would be 1500 fd if you're paying with that alone, unfortunately i can't take usd because i don't have a paypal account, but that fd+fc mix would work perfect if you want to pay that way c:

Ahh, sounds great! Yeah i'd love to find out more about the details, lets see, the classic for smaller coms is usually half at start/first wip, and then the last half upon finish out again, sound good? :)

Now, lets see, i like the idea, yeah i think just one for now is in the budget. (Unless, you'd be willing to take 1.5m pure FC for the second one lol, have a FCpocolypse XD), so lets see, maybe 50% split for the first, 750 FD and then 750k FC at 1:1000 is what i see?

Ooh, and lets see, i'd love to find out more about what you'd be willing to do, i think maybe perhaps, Vaskira would be a new one to have you doodle up!

Ahah, the works! Hmm, and oh, lets see, your backgrounds are quite nice, im primarily interested in the characters though so lets see, any difference in price with vs without? I think all things considered i think i'd be happy to spend 750 FD + 750k FC on one fullbody then with BG, or two for maybe a mix, maybe around 1000 FD + 2m FC for two Fullbodies with BG if you wanted!

Lacerne Yep, and feel free to pay however you want, i don't mind! Without a background i could probably lower it to 1400fd if thats okay :o (idk how that would effect the fc, i'm not good with conversions ;o;) But that last offer would work out fine too if you'd like to do that
When i get around to it would you like me to start with Vaskira? i can draw a few sketches for poses and send them to you and we can go from there like usual! :)

Oooh, that sounds great! Yeah with FC yeah, i don't know, i think back when i played it was 1:500ish but now i see 1:1000 ish so that's just what i'll go by now if that's good with you! :D. Makes the math easy and simple!

Hmm, oh, well if it's not that, i guess it wouldn't hurt to include the bg as well in it!

Ooh, oh yeah! Actually hey i was wondering, i do love Vaskira, lets see, do you have any feral fullbody examples or, ooh, maybe in hindsight i was thinking too, your anthro style is pretty nice! Ooh, i actually do have another anthro character who's a hellynx named Sepati that i think would be fun to think of as a anthro in your style! https://toyhou.se/1296546.sepati-zepati

Hmm, i don't know, there's so many good choices! I've always wanted a fullbody of Lacerne in your style, ooh, they're all good, Vaskira is fun and Sepati as anthro could be fun too!

sounds good! :3
i don't have that many examples, but they'd look a little like this https://i.imgur.com/TVjZUlX.png
. https://i.imgur.com/CZH30rH.png (this one is my most recent for a project)
. https://i.imgur.com/kTUKWLX.png (this one is unfinished and also for a project but just to give u an idea what a feline would look like in that style)
aaah i like all those characters i'm so bad at choosing ;w; if you'd like i can draw out a few quick thumbnails of each of them and you can pick which one you like best?

Ooh, thank you, those are wonderful! That cheetahpurr is adorable and a great example, love how it looks, the deer and fur looks great too!

Oh and yeah, im the same too! ^_^, well lets see i think i'll do two and there's been a lot of times i commisioned out Lacerne before haha, i just love getting different pieces, ooh, I would absolutely love that but wouldn't demand it! I really love both your anthro and your feral style haha. I even have one of a anthro Lacerne out as well [Could be 2 armed or 4] or collecting more art, ooh, it's just so much to think about! Hope im not too much trouble haha.

Maybe.. Hmm, so to spice things up, you could doodle Lacerne either way you wanted, Feral or Anthro if you wanted, with the normal set of 4 arms or 6 if you wanted, If Vaskira a feral most likely! (Don't have any anthro refs of her yet!), and Sepati as a anthro if done! And then of the three, commission two or so if you wanted! Doesn't have to be too big, just a quick scribble so i can get a idea how they would come out would be really useful if you wanted but it doesn't have to, ooh, which ones are your favorite! :3

that sounds like a good idea! i'll send some sketches over as soon as i get around to yours! we can work out details then c: