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●free giveaway● winners posted!!

9 Dec 2016, 3:40 pm (Edited 11 Dec 2016, 7:39 pm)

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giveaway: all the costumes, paintie ticket, 350 FD, vistas, maybe more!

It was my farvellu goal to create all the costumes myself, and on the eve before launch, I managed complete that goal. (After spending like 300,000+ FC to blast my way through it, lol) I don't really play much anymore, however, and I don't really feel like trying to sell them--I'd rather give them away to someone who wants them. This giveaway is 100% free, all I ask for is your time (to enter), of course. 15 people will win one costume each, and then 2+ more people will win a Pantie Ticket and some FD. Cool stuff, right? You have nothing to lose but a few seconds of your life that you would have spent on this site anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



prize pool

Angelic Costume | Fairy Costume | Galaxy Costume
Aquatic Costume | Pirate Costume | Diver Costume
Beast Costume | Reaper Costume | Spooky Costume
Fluffy Costume | Sorcerer Costume | Mythic Costume
Royal Costume | Steampunk Costume | Warrior Costume
Paintie Ticket | 100 FD | 250 FD | Forum Vista: Bear
Forum Vista: Dutch AD | Forum Vista: Velociraptor

Click here to view the winners!!!

vvvv see how to enter in post 2!!! vvvv
"you're beautiful as you are, courage"

9 Dec 2016, 3:41 pm (Edited 11 Dec 2016, 7:38 pm)

how to enter

1. Post a short paragraph / sentence / few sentences / blurb / photo about yourself.

2. Tell me two costumes you are interested in.

how to win

Click here to view the winners!!!


1. Don't be an asshole.
2. Not really a rule, but it would be cool if you actually used the costume and not just turn around and sell it, buuut I can't really stop you. You are welcome to give anything you win away to anyone else.
3. I kindly ask that you please don't send me anything, and instead pay it forward and be kind to someone else.
4. You can post more than one time/chat a little on here if you would like to but if it's like you and one other person having a long conversation I politely request that you take it to PM/to your own group chat.
5. Ping me directly if you have any questions please.
6. See the top of my original post for any updates I post.

end date
This will end on Sunday, December 11, at 5 PM server time (CST).

"you're beautiful as you are, courage"
9 Dec 2016, 4:54 pm (Edited 9 Dec 2016, 4:55 pm)

● good luck! ●

I'm so sorry that this is super text-heavy. I just tried to anticipate any questions that would come up. D:
If I think of anything else I will add it to this post.

But you are now free to post!!! Good luck everyone!!!!! ヽ(´▽`)ノ

"you're beautiful as you are, courage"
9 Dec 2016, 4:55 pm
me plz ty
9 Dec 2016, 5:00 pm
Hey Pesh, nice to see you again. Guess I'll be that cheapo BETA that enters. Hah. No shame.
I'm Jade, 18 but turning 19 the day after Christmas. I live in Fairfax, Virginia and go to college at Mason and I major in History and Economics. I'd describe myself as a jack of all trades; I want to do everything, and have thus acquired hobbies in many things, ranging from drawing, singing and dancing to plastic model painting, bionicle/lego moccing, and target shooting (This is one expensive hobby). I'm ticked off about these finals and I want them to be over so I can rest over the break already. As for Sun, I've spent the last few hours trying to get a female popplio, but no luck so far (Damn 87.5 male starter ratio).

As for costumes I'd like, I'd love to get ahold of The Pirate or The Angelic Costumes
9 Dec 2016, 5:01 pm (Edited 9 Dec 2016, 5:09 pm)
Hiya! Im a huge dork for sites like this such as FR, and CS(which I've pretty much abandoned...) i love writing lore for my characters and others (even if my writing is terrible! ) I joined furvilla July 2, i thin like the day after the beta was officially opened, so i'm an old beta tester but i wasn't in for very long, i went dead for a while because of work and school, but now that I'm graduated and doing night classes at my local college i have actual time after work to write and enjoy my free time!

I'm hella interested in the pirate and the angelic costume, but it'd just be cool to have 1 in general!
Beta tester/D.va main in OW/ "crap i didn't mean to alt!!!" * distant explosions*/ female/19
9 Dec 2016, 5:01 pm
aaa this is super nice~!

well, about me. im n, im fictionkin of, well, n from pokemon. im 17 and genderless as stated on my profile~ i love animals, obviously, though my absolute favourite are birds, specifically bearded vultures! im an artist (though my tablets broken atm, so i cant produce any art :') ) and thas. about it really. its hard for me to talk about myself haha

id like mythic or spooky costume, ideally!


Icon done by 1funn !
9 Dec 2016, 5:04 pm
Hi! I'd like to enter!

My name is Kurtis, I like drawing and write way too much, and I like rocks. I once swallowed an entire cactus whole after wrestling with a giraffe. I'm pretty lame.

I'm interested in the aquatic and fairy outfits, but any of them would be an honor. Thanks so much! This is really sweet of you!
☽ Kurtis ★ He/They ★ Gay ★ Sleepy ☾

Paintie shop here:

Please ping me if you need me!
9 Dec 2016, 5:05 pm
Hey, it's another raffly-thing!

Welp, I'm Kaija - I live in the Uk and I've become unhealthily addicted to pet-sites recently, especially when they let you fiddle around with css silliness. I'm studying Sculpture at the moment, which is a pretty good excuse to muck around making animal costumes. Speaking of which, a Beast or Mythic costume would be super-cool.
9 Dec 2016, 5:06 pm
hello! im mage, and i work at a grocery store cutting fruit lmao. i've always loved cute things and animals, and i volunteer at the local animal shelter! im interested in the sorcerer and mythic costumes! (also thank you so much for running this???? its so nice???)
Anders/Codi/mage, 20, they/them or he/him, cat enthusiast
9 Dec 2016, 5:06 pm
About me, I just joined because I love the art style and the freedom. I prefer animals being in a feral shape but humanoids are cool too. Some of my hobbies are making art and hanging out with my buddy.

I am most interested in the Diver costume and the beast costume.
9 Dec 2016, 5:06 pm
Hey! I'd really love to win one of these items! I have nothing what so ever! I really love animals, especially piggies and rats. I love my veggies, and am kind of a foodie. Good luck to whoever enters!
Also, I'm not putting a real photo of myself online :p. So yeah.
Vista by: kroevolkture

my adopt shop

9 Dec 2016, 5:08 pm
This is really neat!

Hey, I'm Redla. I'm an aspiring author who has enjoyed furry / anthropomorphic characters for a long time. I spend my time on these sites mostly to find a way to interact with prestablished lore and get some ideas off that. I'm very interested in Fennec Foxes, Wolves, Pangolins, Axolotls, Tanukis, and other critters (particularly lesser-known ones).

Out of the costumes, I'm definitely interested in either Angelic or Fairy.

Good luck to everyone!
9 Dec 2016, 5:09 pm
Hi Pesh~ my name is kingkero and nickname are king/kero/froggy/grace whatever you want to call me I'm an uni student which major is English (even I don't know why they accepted me because my english is so poor) and plan on taking Japanese as minor which I don't know that I can carry on It's really hard! Recently, just stay all nighter trying to study for finals but ended up playing FV or drawing requests :/
As you can see I love drawing in my free time (and bored time) and listening to musics
I'm a bit of akward and shy but I want to have some friends

For costumes I love Royal costume and Mythic costume That would be awesome~
Kingkero|Female|Artist & School Idols enthusiast(?) [+12 FV Time]
Deviantart| Twitter| Paintie Commission
9 Dec 2016, 5:10 pm
Hi! My name is Nina. I live in the Netherlands and I love all kind of animals. I have 2 very cute guinea pigs who are always happy and when there is sports on tv they even watch it with me and squeek when there is a goal! I love arts and crafts, all sorts of it, painting and coloring by number, making cards, do photography. I like to be online, play games, talk to my friends and watch youtube.
I'm interested in the sorcerer and mythic costume.

Thank you very much!
Please fill my stocking ❤
Looking for a Magic Guinea Pig Rodent Plush and Sorcerer costume❤
9 Dec 2016, 5:11 pm
Thanks for doing this, dude.

So, I'm Momo/Dirk. I've started writing but but honestly it's pretty shit for now. I'm pretty fond of birds, owls especially. Last year I read all the Harry Potter books and was labeled as that one nerd that is utterly obsessed with HP. I'm Slytherin and Pukwudgie by the way. I used to live in Texas so I've taken to making fun of Texan accents a lot to poke fun, I never really had one myself. I'd like a Royal or Beast costume, thanks again.
9 Dec 2016, 5:12 pm
Heyo my name is Radio (i dont really want to use my real name cause this is the internet....or may put age im not taking any chances man) I'm home schooled and im an artist. I really pixel art and traditional art, digital is not really my strongest. I like all things steampunk and cyberpunk. Video games are the best especially the mmorpg 3D cartoony ones.Books, books, books i love book. I want to git gud at and learn things to improve on my storytelling, sowing so i can make my own clothing in the future and yes cardboard crafting. You can make some pretty cool things out of that stuff trust, just look it up. Doctor Who and Dark matter are just two of my many favorite shows. I am a nerd and my room is a mess.

For costumes,I would like one steampunk costume please! :D
"Speak it's name it will surly come....the Kraken"
9 Dec 2016, 5:12 pm
hey pesh! long time no see. I'm Val, 19, live in The South, and I've been following the site since pre-beta. I recently got a new kitten and am excited to see how much he's getting along with my two older cats! we were really worried about them. I would really like the Galaxy costume for a friend whom I made a paintie for, and also maybe the Fluffy costume in anticipation of the holiday event coming up. :3
9 Dec 2016, 5:12 pm (Edited 9 Dec 2016, 5:14 pm)
This very generous of you!

I'm -Survivor- and that's my name because I've just survived almost 3 years of pure hell of domestic abuse and thankfully with family and close friends, I was able to get out of the situation. I am in the process of making an Owl-sona named Faith but I just cannot decide how to start with her. My dog-sona is a Black Toragé Akita Inu named Tenshi. I am an anime freak and I think Sesshomaru is hot! Lol
I am trying out for the angel costume.
please ping me if you want to get my attention
Female - Straight - Christian - Professional Harpist and Photographer
-Mentally married to Sesshomaru-
Please click. I will return the favor.
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9 Dec 2016, 5:13 pm
Thank you for making this :o

Ummm, I'm a bit awkward when explaining myself, but the giveaway requires it so I guess I have to
I'm from the USA, I can only speak english, sadly, I am female, I'm in the MLP fandom, I am an artist and have been drawing for almost 3 years, I have anger issues and have not yet learned to control them, I enjoy 'emo' music and trying my hardest to draw furries, I am also a grammar/spelling freak and get very "triggered" when someone purposely misspells a word such as "plz" or "thx"
I'm sorry if that seemed awkward, I'm sure it was I'm just not good at this type of thing.
I would like the galaxy or reaper costume, thank you~
zeke | he/him | angry 24/7

ping me or I won't see it. @ 72057
ATTlCUS with an L, not an i
9 Dec 2016, 5:13 pm
Hello! I don't share my name or age but i'm Pokemon obsessed

I'd love the aquatic costume or beast costume!
currently stepping on edelgard von hresvelg in the name of the blue lions
9 Dec 2016, 5:14 pm
hii! we're pumpkinium and were a system and we like to draw and stuff. we also like pumpkins and halloween. we like to play pokemon, skyrim, and league of legends all the time. also thank you for arranging this giveaway <3

i would prefer spooky and reaper costumes!
art topic|twitter|weasyl|tumblr
9 Dec 2016, 5:15 pm
Thank you!!

I'm Joey and I've been closely following FurVilla's beta release, I remember way back in 2015 and getting so excited about the concept art. I live in the US and I am bilangual. I love every reptile, but Blue Tongue Skinks I think are my favorite. I also love birdies and dinos and robots and cetaceans...orcas I think are my second favorite animal, tied with crows. I'm going to be 18 next year and when that happens I want to be able to start my path on becoming a paleontologist!

For the costumes, I am interested in Fluffy and Steampunk!
✦ 17 ✧ They/Them ✧ Beta Tester ✧ Reptile Lover ✦
✦ Icon by TheDappledDragon
9 Dec 2016, 5:16 pm
Hi, I'm Sweet-Treats. I'm an extremely awkward and nervous person to be around. I'm a simple person living a simple life. I enjoy drawing, puns, writing and mainly just being around friends. I love lizards and I'm very good round them, and I am really into mythology and the such, I also love candy/soft palettes and anything soothing/relaxing. I have a bit of a bad hearing due to noises around me being super loud all the time.

For costumes I love the Fluffy Costume and the Steampunk Costume ;u;
9 Dec 2016, 5:17 pm
Hello dear! Thank you for the generous giveaway!
I am interested in the beast costume and the pirate costume.

I love petsites - I belong to FR, Subeta, and now FV. I'm 28 with three kids (four if you count my husband) and three kitties. I'm polyamorous, a painter, I read to much. I'm a college drop out that wants to go back to school and I like cooking, though I am a rather poor cook.
Do we get to learn about you too? ^_^