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●free giveaway● winners posted!!

9 Dec 2016, 5:17 pm
Hihi Pesh! My name is Millie, it's so vry nice to meet you and all of the others on this thread! I'm 17 years old, and found out about furries when I was 12-ish(?) through 3D chat called IMVU. My love of furs grew over the years because of the wonderful creative expression they bring to people, and the art work is prtty rad~ Infact it kind of inspired me to become an artist myself, that and it was a healthier way to let out bottled up emotions.

ANYWAY BEFORE I START RAMBLING - For costumes I'd love either Spooky or fluffy! thank you for reading <3 <3
9 Dec 2016, 5:17 pm

I'm Krepta, a High school Freshman student in Oklahoma! I love cats and dragons, but decided on a bat for my villager on here for a change in pace. I love to draw and read and play video games, and my favorite bands are Owl City and Yellowcard.. I would very much appreciate a Reaper or Galaxy costume!
krepta//17//she/her//grifflies fanatic
9 Dec 2016, 5:18 pm
I guess this is worth a shot? I'm iv, im a minor, im a fairy and sanrio enthusiast. i'm autistic, i chew on things to stim a lot.

I'm interested in the fairy & fluffy costumes.
9 Dec 2016, 5:18 pm
Hello Pesh. ^^ My name is Kodi and i'm a bear who loves to lounge around on pet sites because I like hoarding things I can't in real life what.. but honestly i'm a busy bee who loves bears, fruit tea, and doing diy projects like for instance right now i'm making a gift basket for my brother's newborn (aka my niece). I love RPGs like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts but i'm also a big fan of almost any Mario or Donkey Game that's ever been made. Oh yes.. and pokemon but I have only played my Moon three times since I got it on it's release date. I've been so busy working that it's kind of on the backburner for now. Sobs.

My favorite costumes in the game are: Aquatic and Mythic so I would love the opportunity to win either one. Thanks for being so generous. T3T Good luck to everyone during your raffle~
Kodi | Female | +1 Hour Ahead of Furvilla
9 Dec 2016, 5:18 pm (Edited 9 Dec 2016, 5:19 pm)
Woo, kudos for running this in the first place!

I'm Gerbil, a genderqueer 36-year-old mild-mannered proofreader by night, webcomic scribbledoodler by... later night (itsinyourheadnow.com -- I promise, it'll come off hiatus one of these days!). I'm based from the Twin Cities, MN, in the US of A, and I've just been starting to enjoy walking on the furry side of life, having just gotten back from my first Uppercase Fur Convention, Midwest Furfest, which is where I bumped into this site in the first place. I'm learning to enjoy my free time more productively after a month spent in rehab last October for drowning my life in booze the two and a half years prior, but I'm still waiting for all the brain cells I burnt off to start growing back, re: feeling up to drawing again. I'd love the Reaper and Mythic costumes, or heck, just a Paintie ticket would be amazing. :3

For anyone scrolling through these, if you like what you've read and you're up for chatting, by all means, PM me and let's see what happens. Just understand that sometimes I really don't have the time to be online, no offense meant to anyone, so it may be a few seconds to get a response, or it might be several hours.

~ Gerbil the chinchilla | "he" = yes; "they" = very yes | old as dirt ~
~ ate a lot of food once | forever chasing Mimics ~
~ has big dreams, and little common sense ~
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9 Dec 2016, 5:19 pm
Hello Pesh.

I'm Christian, I'm 23 and I live in the Kingdom of Denmark!
I created my account here on Furvilla a few days ago and so far I really like the game, Progress on my tiny village is faster than I initially thought, and I'm getting up there rather quick. I choose the Oceandome city since I really enjoy water and diving in general and I wished to make a scuba diving dragon Character :) Though when I learned a little more about Furvilla I found out that getting a scuba costume will take me a very long time, and so I were initially a little disappointed, Although I'm sure it will only be a matter of time.
But when I noticed your kind giveaway, I had to give it a try since it would really make my character great, and in turn make me super happy to finish my dragon with a super fitting costume :) Therefor I would really humbly ask if I could receive the scuba costume if it would be available at the end of the giveaway. As a secondary I would like the aquatic one.

Thank you very much.
Best regards
9 Dec 2016, 5:19 pm
hi im issac and im the gayest man alive, and ive spent the last few days looming a scarf for my boyfriend because i love him so much. Im gonna get taco bell in a few minutes so im really excited about that, becuase i have a soft spot for shitty nachos. i once made a post at 2 in the morning about how i could take my nightly pills by swallowing them with nacho cheese, and being delirious from lack of sleep, i tagged the post with #shoobedy doo baba i am eat a smcheese
and i still dont know what was going through my head at that moment but it was really funny.
anyways i would really like an aquatic costume or a diver costume
Issac/Rue/Aries | He/Him It/Its | 20
9 Dec 2016, 5:19 pm
i'm val!
uhhhh i like cold areas? and snow. i love snow hares a lot. i'm not in tep because i accidentally moved and i just got back into playing after signing up and forgetting about the game oops;;

definitely a fluffy or royal costume
9 Dec 2016, 5:19 pm
Ahh, hello! I'm Pantera, nice to meet you! I draw semi-realistic art, and I'll turn 16 this 21st. I own 18 cats, 2 dogs, 3 birds and 1 bearded dragons. I spend my days listening to music, or watching CartOOnz and H2ODelirious do their thing. I'm interested in the Reaper and Mythic costumes! That K you so much for doing this, and goodluck, all!
9 Dec 2016, 5:19 pm
Hey I go by Cross, I live in Canada and I aspire to be a writer. I'm in my early twenties and still in school. Totally socially inept and would rather stay at home with my cat and my laptop XD

I'm interested in the aquatic costume (need it for a paintie actually) and the reaper costume. Thanks for holding this giveaway!

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9 Dec 2016, 5:20 pm (Edited 9 Dec 2016, 5:21 pm)
Hi! My name is Rowan and my fursona is a sumatran tiger named Red. She's a shapeshifter who can breathe fire and lives in a birch and pine forest with inter-dimensional portals inside my head :D I have depression and live at my uni while having a long distance relationship that gives me anxiety but I am determined to get through it to live the life I want!

As for the costumes I'm interested in the fluffy and fairy at the moment! I'd honestly want all of them but yeah!
9 Dec 2016, 5:20 pm (Edited 9 Dec 2016, 5:31 pm)
hihi! im gooey. im 15 and i live in CORN CORN EVERYWHERE. i love cute and soft things, especially pastels. currently i cant wait for my two sisters to visit for christmas!! i dont get to see them very often, usually during summer but since they moved out i dont think that will be happening anymore. we are very close and i cannot wait for them to come so we can goof off together! im also thinking about making peppermint bark for christmas so thats gonna be yummy!!! hummmm what else,,,, well im waiting on pokemon moon for christmas. ive been following it a lot and really wanna play it!!
actually this whole paragraph is about my christmas plans. oh well.

anyway the costumes that i want are the aquatic and galaxy!!!!!! fd or a paintie ticket would also be cool, too!! owo
9 Dec 2016, 5:20 pm
Hi, I'm Rhys! Im super shy and talkative at the same time!
Im easily excited and love dinosaurs.
I enjoy drawing, writing, playing video games, and watching anime.
I really love Monster Factory !!! I over use emojis and swear too much lol
I love rats, in fact I've owned like 12 rats!
My favorite colors are red and pastel purple.

For the costumes, I love the steampunk and fluffy one ^^*
9 Dec 2016, 5:22 pm
Hello, I'm Nai, I'm actually 3.14 cephalopods in a wetsuit. (Kidding, but also not.) Presently using painties to experiment with some art things, because when it comes to art I am a small, sad newbie who wants to improve.

Most interested in the the Aquatic and Mythic, please!
Non-denominational cephalopod.
9 Dec 2016, 5:22 pm
Well let's do this!
My IRL name is Delaney, but on the internet I'm know as RGD.
RGD stands for my main 3 fursonas, Recess, Gurren, Dani, all made in that order.
I joined Furvilla a bit late, but I made my entry as a beta tester.
My goal on FV is to get my favorite plushes (Jungle Velociraptor & Scarlet King snake), and to get a bunch of Super rare animals to give away.
I'm obsessed with Dinos and Lions, and I have a fondness for KeyLime pie.
I've been a furry for about 5 years now, and an Anime fan for 2.
I sorta animate, and I draw like crazy~
My favorite YouTubers are the holy YouTube trinity, Mark, Jack, and Pewds.

And for the costumes..
Mystic or Aquadic ((If there are any extras that haven't been chosen afterwards, I'd gladly take them in!))
9 Dec 2016, 5:22 pm
angelic or royal please!! :D
I just started and have been able to get the spooy from a paintie I made :3 hehe
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9 Dec 2016, 5:23 pm (Edited 9 Dec 2016, 5:25 pm)
I just want the paintie ticket qwq
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9 Dec 2016, 5:23 pm (Edited 9 Dec 2016, 5:24 pm)
Heyo i'm jenn, i'm from montreal, canada! I live in the US currently (for college) but my heart will always belong to canada.
I really like memes. My goal is to be the ultimate memelord and i feel i'm getting close. I definitely don't act my age. (ah well) I major in biochem and i'm on my last year of university. I've been doing premed for the last couple years and aiming for med school next year! I draw on the side, whenever I have free time (aka a day per month if I'm lucky lmao) I've dabbled in digital art for the last 4 years and traditional art for the last year. I also enjoy CSS coding! I'm super interested in the fluffy costume and aquatic costume.
hi i'm jenn i draw sometimes
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9 Dec 2016, 5:23 pm
Hi, I'm kinda new to the site, just a few days, and as for me i'm not really one to talk much. So but i kinda got into this site cause it looked cute. I'd love to enter and i'd really like the reaper and the aquatic costumes. The reasons well I like Halloween and I started in the aquatic village
9 Dec 2016, 5:24 pm
Hi I'm Sun! I'm an 18-y/o college freshman at Grand Canyon University, I'm getting a film major and I hope to work in web-based media someday. I've only been a part of the furry community for a couple years but I love it! I'm hoping to commission or make my first fursuit soon :D
Anyway, I really like the mythic and angelic costumes!
Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway! <3
9 Dec 2016, 5:24 pm

Name's JustTopaz. I go by Just or Topaz or both XD. I love writing, RP as well as Art and manga. I do not Identify as a furry however I love Athros and Furries. I play on Sylestia and Mycena Cave and have accounts on Chicken Smoothie, Wolf Play, Neopets and Flight Rising. As well as a couple other sides. If you Ever see someone named JustTopaz that's me. I've been stalking Furvilla for a while, since septemeber I think, although i missed the beta. I've been on VP sites since I was a little kid.

As for my favourit outfits...I think I love the reaper and Galaxy outfits.
I mean I love them, or at least one of the options, but those are my faves

She/her|Not a furry| #Conforming
9 Dec 2016, 5:25 pm
Hello, I'm craftpasta, and I like drawing, writing stories and other stuff that a lot of people do, I have pokemon moon and still haven't completed it even though I got it quite a while ago. I love animals (especially cats :3 ) And I'd love the steampunk or the spooky costume.
9 Dec 2016, 5:26 pm
Hey! I'm Lillie, a newbie here. I joined because I love sites like this and I wanted to meet other people in the furry community. When I found FV, I had just missed the beta registration, so I was really hyped when I learned that it was releasing. I'm obsessed with Pokémon hence my username (No, Lillie is not my real name), and I try to draw a lot. Key word is try. I'm pretty bad. At least I'm slowly improving.

I'm interested in the Aquatic and Fairy costumes.
she/her | pansexual
9 Dec 2016, 5:26 pm
Hey there! My name's Foxxer! I'm a big ole' nerd who loves to draw. Since you're so nice to even throw this giveaway, I'd love to put my skill to use as a way to give back! If you'd like me to draw you any of your villagers I'd love to! Even if I don't win anything, I won't have any hard feelings if I don't either!

It's just because you're bein' so nice to peeps by doin' this.

Oh yeah! I really like the Spooky and Reaper costumes!

Thank you so much again for doing this!
9 Dec 2016, 5:28 pm
I wouldn't have found this place if I hadn't broken my thumb. It made me stop playing all of my other games and look for social sites where I could type or click one handed, with no rapid movements that might make me try to move my thumb. I'm glad I did, though, this place is cool and all the avatars are cute :)

I like the angelic and galaxy costumes :)

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