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✨ Collector's Guild ✨

22 Dec 2016, 8:34 pm (Edited 2 Jan 2017, 4:33 pm)

Welcome to the Collector's Guild! :) This guild is specifically for anyone working towards one or more of the official collections on the site. Whether you're only trying for your favorites of working on 100%'ing, hopefully this will be helpful to you! The main goal here is for everyone to want to help one another. With so many limits and RNG involved, I figure a place for people to discuss and help one another with these things especially is always a good thing.

Hopefully this will also help people new to the site who want to complete those collections or even older users who may just be starting to look into it all.


Table of Contents

Introduction & Table of Contents
Latest News
Member's List
User Services & Shops
Tips & F.A.Q.
Giveaways and Contests
Link Banners


Recommended Links

Official Animal Husbandry Career Guide
AH Idea Development Thread
Pet Sink Thread (Idea Devleopment as well)
Average time to finish your Menagerie


22 Dec 2016, 9:10 pm (Edited 26 May 2017, 1:54 am)
Latest News

Guild News

If anyone would be willing to help run the guild, please let me know.

Animal Husbandry News

The latest feast pets are out. It's once again percentage based so if you hope to go for them, keep an eye out until the end:

Fruit Bats
1825-orange-fruit-tree-bat.png1826-apple-fruit-tree-bat.png 1827-persimmon-fruit-tree-bat.png 1828-dragon-fruit-fruit-tree-bat.png
Orange, Apple, Persimmon, Dragon Fruit

Next up are the new FD pets. Once again in random boxes, but you also have the option to just buy the Super Rare color straight out for 2,000FD.
Or you can gamble with 8 boxes for the same price.

1829-yellow-meep.png 1830-brown-meep.png 1831-gray-meep.png 1832-hatchling-meep.png
Yellow, Brown, Gray, Hatchling

1833-siamese-gaiacat.png 1834-gray-tabby-gaiacat.png1835-watermelon-gaiacat.png1836-flowering-gaiacat.png
Siamese, Gray Tabby, Watermelon, Flowering

1837-black-doberpup.png 1838-red-doberpup.png 1839-bernese-doberpup.png 1840-cerberus-doberpup.png
Black, Red, Bernese, Cerberus

1841-white-baa.png 1842-brown-baa.png 1843-pink-baa.png 1844-curly-baa.png
White, Brown, Pink, Curly

1845-brown-snell.png1846-green-snell.png1847-icy-snell.png 1848-racing-snell.png
Brown, Green, Icy, Racing

Once again these pets can be bred just for the month on 5 day cooldowns. Then, some new pets have started showing up exploring. The exact reason why is unknown. They seem to be like common town pets.

1849-black-buzz.png 1850-yellow-buzz.png 1851-green-buzz.png1852-angelic-buzz.png
Black, Yellow, Green, Angelic

1853-red-ladybird.png 1854-yellow-ladybird.png 1855-jade-ladybird.png 1856-stag-ladybird.png
Red, Yellow, Jade, Stag

Plushie News

Besides the new pets, there's also new plushies coming this event! From the news announcement, it sounds like they will specifically be able to be gotten for Feathers from the Gala Shop.

1692-magic-feathered-big-cat-plush.png 1694-magic-quetzalcoatl-snake-plush.png 1696-magic-robed-corvid-plush.png 1698-magic-elegant-deer-plush.png
Feathered Big Cat | Quetzalcoatl Snake | Robed Corvid | Elegant Deer

1700-magic-feathered-dragon-plush.png 1702-magic-dressy-mustelid-plush.png 1704-magic-jeweled-gryphon-plush.png 1706-magic-stormy-moth-plush.png
Feathered Dragon | Dressy Mustelid | Jeweled Gryphon | Stormy Moth

1708-magic-cloudy-owl-plush.png 1710-magic-seraph-velociraptor-plush.png
Cloudy Owl | Seraph Velociraptor

Ping List

All: E Sadrain Thornes Buskuta 6480 alxq Blaire Finnaverre Prismakry xombiekitty ManicWolf Pastelss dedenne batwoman anne216 nairesmoon amiibo Sassyfice Nagakun Terminus Growlithe HSoup SadScales Faunicorn Synn danimutt Sheelah Mewzia K0VAK Xaneas Moz meggie Calixita gerbilfluff BubblezwithaZ lazarwolfe Rinoa DreamingHeart S4INTS Lissajo SpectrumKitten Mykestri MystRunner Regenherz DaDwarf Angeleina Ryuuka BrittneyTTR IkeWolfe Python MrsRodrigo kumadine VenusTheFox IncubusRoyale Blichacz Kylo_Ben Tehutiy WinterBliss krokodil_panodil Lividx
Animal Husbandry Only: Holone melodys_angel Lilaka Weirdmageddon Lanayru melodix Jman7407 iristhefurry12345678 LethalLulu Lighthawke Unique
Plushies Only: Domayne Sharni Distortion iristhefurry12345678
Guild Only: CarrotCube keekers Holone Weirdmageddon Lanayru opsitown Jman7407 MyraMidnight

23 Dec 2016, 5:22 pm (Edited 26 May 2017, 1:54 am)
Member List

mZFdDMV.png Menagerie Collector | 8klXHDN.png Toybox Collector

Jennifer mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
E mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Sadrain mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
CarrotCube mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Thornes mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Buskuta 8klXHDN.png
6480 mZFdDMV.png
alxq mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Blaire mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Finnaverre mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Prismakry mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
xombiekitty mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
ManicWolf mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Pastelss mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
dedenne mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
batwoman mZFdDMV.png
anne216 mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
nairesmoon mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
amiibo mZFdDMV.png
Sassyfice mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Nagakun mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Terminus mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Growlithe mZFdDMV.png
HSoup mZFdDMV.png
keekers mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
SadScales mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Faunicorn 8klXHDN.png
Holone mZFdDMV.png
Synn mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
danimutt mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Sheelah mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Mewzia mZFdDMV.png
melodys_angel mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Lilaka mZFdDMV.png
K0VAK mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Xaneas mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Moz mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
meggie 8klXHDN.png
Calixita mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Amrie mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
gerbilfluff mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Weirdmageddon mZFdDMV.png
BubblezwithaZ mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
lazarwolfe mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Rinoa mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
DreamingHeart mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Kay mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
S4INTS mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Rogue mZFdDMV.png
Lissajo mZFdDMV.png
jesse0319 mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
SpectrumKitten 8klXHDN.png
Mykestri mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
MystRunner mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Regenherz mZFdDMV.png
DaDwarf mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Angeleina 8klXHDN.png
Lanayru mZFdDMV.png
Ryuuka mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
BrittneyTTR mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Dragonicus mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
IkeWolfe mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Python 8klXHDN.png
MrsRodrigo mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
melodix mZFdDMV.png
kumadine mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
opsitown mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
MyraMidnight mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Sharni 8klXHDN.png
Domayne 8klXHDN.png
VenusTheFox mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
IncubusRoyale mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Jman7407 mZFdDMV.png
Blichacz mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
angstboy mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
iristhefurry12345678 mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
LethalLulu mZFdDMV.png
Distortion 8klXHDN.png
Lighthawke mZFdDMV.png
Kylo_Ben mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Tehutiy mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
WinterBliss mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
HappyOnion mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Unique mZFdDMV.png
krokodil_panodil mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png
Lividx mZFdDMV.png 8klXHDN.png


To join, just fill out the form below! I won't always reply saying when you've been added depending on topic conversation/how fast the thread may be going, but if you haven't been added within 24-48 hours, feel free to message me! Keep in mind that you DO NOT need to ping me when posting the form. Only do it if it's been at least 2 days and you still don't see yourself on the member's list (though, PMs are preferred).

[b]What collection(s) are you working on?:[/b] Pets, Plushies, Both?
[b]Do you have a favorite?:[/b] Favorite species, favorite pet color, favorite plushie, etc.
[b]How many have you collected so far?:[/b] What is your current progress of each?
[b]Doing anything special?:[/b] Collecting just one of each? Only collecting favorites? Need to have them all magical/non-magical?
[b]Would you want to be pinged when there is an update in Latest News?:[/b] No, Yes for All, or Yes for only a specific kind (Plushies, Pets, and/or Guild news)
[b]Current goal you're working towards?:[/b] Maybe something smaller like just finishing a specific set or going for a certain plush!
[b]Anything else?:[/b] Just any bonus details. Maybe say a little about yourself! It's all up to you.

Example of a finished form

23 Dec 2016, 5:22 pm (Edited 12 Feb 2017, 11:36 am)
User's Services & Shops

Below you will find link's to user's stud services and trade sections! If you're a member of the guild and want to be added, just post with a link and some information! :)

Jennifer - Studding & Domesticating (Plus Pet/Plushie trades/sales!)
Highest Rarity Chance Studs available for: Flitten, Kitsune, Ball Python, Seedling, Lung Dragon, Cub, Guinea Pig, Hummingbird, Axolotl, Angelfish, Chirp, Doge, Hare, Ferret, Arcty, Ping, Burr, Seal, Pika, Whale, Monkee, Wuff, Spider, Owly, Bat, Vampbird, Wabbit, Spirit, Pumpkitty, Kritty, Shadow, Witchy, Catbat, Uni, Menti, Fairy, Chest, Griff, Drax, Hydra, Basilisk, Serpent, Kirin, Bun, Cloudog, Butterfly, Birb, Pengu, Hippo, Flishy, Flion, Croc, Peep, Draggy, Pearl, Octi, Meshy, Jelly, Seapony, Seahorse, Ray, Nudibranch, Turty, Sharky, Sharkitty, Orca, Spiny Mouse, Chihuahua, Sphinx Cat
Uncommon Studs available: Beta Bug, Corgi, Slow Loris, Sugar Glider
Common Studs avaialble: Bearded Dragon, Fennec Fox, Echidna, Manatee, Piggie, Sphinx, Fly Trap
I do not lend out so breeding availability depends on how many I have left for the day.

batwoman - Free medicine for Animal Husbandry Villagers! If your Villager is in the Animal Husbandry career and has gotten sick, feel free to ping Batwoman for some free medicine to make them better :) Just make sure it is available in their stalls first!

MyraMidnight - Free SR Manatee Studding

23 Dec 2016, 7:45 pm (Edited 2 Jan 2017, 7:02 pm)

Animal Husbandry

First of all, if you're brand new to Animal Husbandry, there is an amazing guide by E right in the official help section. She does her best to keep it updated as well.

But now, some quick tips!

  • Rare colors and Super Rare colors have the exact same breeding chances. There's no need to pick one over the other to breed with--either one gives you the highest chance.
  • Similarly, breeding a Rare/Super Rare with another Rare/Super Rare is no different than breeding a Rare/Super Rare with any other rarity pet. Breeding only takes the highest rarity parent into account for what percentages are used.
  • It's best to make your highest rarity pet male while keeping the others female. This is because males do not have a cooldown and can be used repeatedly the same day with females while a female has a cooldown per breeding and thus, can only be bred once that day. How long the cooldown is varies by species rarity for the most part, but there are some unique to certain species as well.
  • On a similar note, if you're looking for a stud to get a pair for a pet, it's much easier if you have a female. Most people will not stud out a female due to the aforementioned cooldown.
  • Two pets are available straight from your village's pet shop! You can buy from there for an early start to your Menagerie and/or breeding, though, you will need to wait for the cooldown to finish.
  • Breeding Potions are used to change your pet's gender from male to female or vice versa.
  • Keep in mind that while a male's cooldown is always available to breed, when switched to a female it will take on the date of being able to be bred from however long the last bred date was (or the date you got it). For example, if you bought a male White Cloudog that had already been bred today and switched it to female, it wouldn't be able to breed until 5 days from now. Similarly, if you bought a male White Cloudog that had been maybe sitting in stalls for a while or stumbled upon a male you've just kept in storage, if it hasn't been bred in a long time or at all, chances are it'll be ready to breed if changed to female.
  • You have a chance to find ANY color rarity of species while collecting! Even if you have full domestication mastery and pairs for all pets in your Village, it may be worth it to still collect from time to time in the hopes of finding a higher color rarity!

Breeding Chance Percentage Overview
Breeding two Commons: 95% Common, 5% Uncommon
Breeding a Uncommon with a Common or Uncommon: 92.5% Common, 5% Uncommon, 2.5% Rare
Breeding a Rare/Super Rare with any other Rarity: 92% Common, 5% Uncommon, 2.5% Rare, 0.5% Super Rare



Plushies have two variants--magical and non-magical. You can put either one in your Toybox and the only specific use for Magical plushies is that they will turn your pet into that specific color. Keep in mind that you can also get most colors from using a Morphing Potion as well so if you're just looking to get a magical color for one, it may be better to look into a morphing potion first!

The only Plushie Exclusive colors right now are the 10 Snow Festival Plushies and the 3 Gembound Plushies in the Quest Shop.

With the exception of the above plushies and all the Fur Dollar Emporium Gembound plushies, you can actually get every other plush randomly through the Plush Collector. You will always be given Magical variants of the plushies. In the quests, only Exploration and Warrior items are asked for so if you do them pretty often, you'll be set! Keep in mind that items from all villages are asked for though.

What rarity pet you get depends on the highest rarity item the Plush Collector asks for. If the highest rarity item is a Coin, you'll likely be getting an Uncommon Plushie. Similarly, if there is a Skull being asked for, that is a good indicator of a Super Rare Plush. Obviously, getting quests higher than common is pretty rare in general, but if you see something that is a higher rarity while looking through what to buy, it might be worth trying to complete anyway!



If you have any questions that aren't really covered in the tip section or about the guild that you think would be good here, let me know!

Is there a Guild Discord?
Sort of! There is a Discord for the old Pet/Plushie that is available to use. I will not post guild news there and it is more of a side place to discuss with other collectors versus an official Discord for here, but it's available for anyone who'd prefer something like that. I'm mainly hoping to just keep the topic active as there was an issue with a lot of people who were not comfortable with using Discord last time and I don't want anyone to feel left out.

What pets can the Mistletoe Fairy drop?
From the looks of it, nearly all of them. The only species it does not drop are the Beta Bugs, any FD pets from December 2016 onward, the Knowledge Base Contest Pets (Spiny Mouse, Sphinx, Chihuahua), and the Snowpets (Snowbunny, Snowfox). Every other species drops in Common, Uncommon, and Rare colors. Only Super Rare colors are not handed out by the fairy. Keep in mind that you only get one pet randomly per use.

I have a really good idea involving Pets/Plushies/both! Should I post it?
If you want to discuss it with people first, feel free to post it! You can post it here, in Idea Development, or in Furvilla Discussion. That said, if you want it to be seen by staff, you need to send it through the contact form.

Are donations accepted?
Yes! You are more than welcome to send donations if you'd like along with how they should be used/what you want them used for :) FC/FD, Pets, Plushies, Quest materials, everything can be used in some way to help.

23 Dec 2016, 7:45 pm (Edited 16 Feb 2017, 3:36 pm)
Giveaways & Contests

Any giveaways and contests will be listed here along with rules and how to enter! If there is something you'd like to see, let me know!


Nothing right now!


1. You must be a member of the Collector's Guild.

2. No reselling. You can re-gift, but do not resell anything given to you. This will ban you from future giveaways and contests.


Giveaways being held by member's outside the thread!

MyraMidnight's Free Frosted Lightbulbs - You need these for the Serpent's Mystery quest to get the Serpent Eggs for the Feathered Serpents!
You can find a quick How-to for completing the event by clicking here

23 Dec 2016, 9:02 pm (Edited 24 Dec 2016, 1:42 am)

23 Dec 2016, 9:02 pm (Edited 24 Dec 2016, 1:42 am)

23 Dec 2016, 9:02 pm (Edited 24 Dec 2016, 1:42 am)

23 Dec 2016, 9:11 pm (Edited 24 Dec 2016, 1:42 am)

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23 Dec 2016, 10:00 pm (Edited 24 Dec 2016, 1:45 am)

23 Dec 2016, 10:00 pm (Edited 24 Dec 2016, 1:45 am)

23 Dec 2016, 10:00 pm (Edited 24 Dec 2016, 1:45 am)

23 Dec 2016, 10:16 pm (Edited 24 Dec 2016, 1:45 am)

23 Dec 2016, 10:16 pm (Edited 24 Dec 2016, 1:45 am)

23 Dec 2016, 10:23 pm (Edited 24 Dec 2016, 1:46 am)

23 Dec 2016, 10:23 pm (Edited 24 Dec 2016, 1:46 am)

23 Dec 2016, 10:23 pm (Edited 24 Dec 2016, 1:46 am)

23 Dec 2016, 10:29 pm (Edited 24 Dec 2016, 1:46 am)

23 Dec 2016, 10:29 pm (Edited 24 Dec 2016, 1:46 am)

23 Dec 2016, 10:29 pm (Edited 24 Dec 2016, 1:46 am)

23 Dec 2016, 11:27 pm (Edited 24 Dec 2016, 1:46 am)

23 Dec 2016, 11:27 pm (Edited 24 Dec 2016, 1:46 am)

23 Dec 2016, 11:46 pm (Edited 29 Dec 2016, 5:52 am)
Link Banners

If you'd like to link to the guild, please use one of the banners below! If you want a specific size used or maybe different pets/plushies, let me know as well :) I want to try and have something for everyone.