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Bump Rule Changed for Commerce Forums!

24 Dec 2016, 12:49 am
Hello all!

Good news for everyone in the Commerce Forums! We have amended the bumping rule to allow bumping your thread if it falls off the first page. Please do not take advantage of this new rule by bumping while your thread is still on the first page as that is still against the rules.

Exerpt from Site Rules:
Bumping your own threads (posting in them to make them appear at the top of the thread list) is allowed at most once a day for each topic. Forcibly keeping threads on the front page will annoy users that aren’t interested.

Threads located in the Commerce forums are exempt from this rule and may be bumped once a day, or whenever they have been pushed off of the first page of the forum they are on.

This rule only applies to the Commerce forums. All other forums still subject to the one bump per day rule.

We hope being able to bump your thread once it's off the first page in the Commerce forums will help people with their sales threads!
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