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Blue Fox Fursuits?

2 Jan 2017, 1:12 pm
Hey guys!

Just wanted to know if anybody had experience with this particular maker! Blue Fox Fursuits is a UK maker, which will minimise shipping costs for me, and their gallery suits look pretty good, and they've been making since 2008. The thing is, for the suit quality and their level of experience, their prices are... oddly low (£650 base for a fullsuit, which is only like $800). It's just sorta like, okay, where's the catch?

They only have two reviews on fursuitreview.com, one good and [url=http://fursuitreview.com/?p=890one bad[/url]. The bad review, unfortunately, is pretty recent so I know it's not an old issue. But it also seems from the review that the buyer was asking for many things that the maker doesn't offer, and what substitutes the maker had managed to come up with were not satisfactory. I can't tell if the bad review is because of a genuinely bad suit/maker or an overly fussy and demanding buyer.

But yeah, does anyone here have a suit from them? Does the suit look like the ref you gave? Is it comfy/high quality? Was communication with the maker good? Let me know!