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Anybody interested in a fursuit WIP?

10 Jun 2017, 5:25 pm
Oh my gosh, I just found this thread and I just. Look at that pretty horse. You did an amazing job. Keep up the good work and keep on that roll~!
I love to RP! Let me know if you are interested in Roleplaying!

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10 Jun 2017, 5:38 pm
Yay, Charley!
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10 Jun 2017, 5:57 pm
lol OneSmartChicken
That is not his neck it's just his tail below the head, the neck is brown like his main fur. I wish horses had floofy necks like that but their supersoft noses make up for it so it's coo.
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10 Jun 2017, 7:51 pm
Pandorose Oh I forgot his tail! And the first pic with the neck showing didn't load before. Oops xp Still cute~ Makes me kinda want one with a scarf neck thing actually xD And yea, I have plenty of horse experience. I actually uses to regularly ride a super chill older gelding and I'd just let him wander and lay on his big muscular neck. Horses<3 It seemed like a cute artistic choice to give him a big fluffy neck though.
10 Jun 2017, 7:54 pm
Horses4liiiiife amirite?
Ugh, I want a miniature pony to hug and cuddle and love but I'm dirt poor and have no space. ///one day I will get a horse bab I promise
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10 Jun 2017, 8:06 pm
Pandorose I love them uvu I used to live conveniently close to people with horses, and I miss it. Horsessss<3 I don't even have chickens rn it's such a travesty
10 Jun 2017, 8:09 pm
Finally have some time to respond to more of you properly. :'D Thank you all again for the kind words! I can't even begin to explain how much all of your support means to me. <3

Casper_Ringtail - Thank you! And yes, Charley's muzzle is 100% boopable! I tried and tested it myself.

Vescen - Oh gosh, thanks so much! ^^ I'm pretty happy with him, considering he's only my second suit. Hopefully someone will love him even more than I, though. c:

Pandorose - Horse noses are lovely, aren't they? So velvety and soft. And warm too, it's so nice to feel the gentle puffs of air from their nostrils. <3

OneSmartChicken - Thank you too. :D Awh, that sounds so nice! I've only had a few relaxing moments like that with horses, but what little time I've had, I cherish. <3

And to clear up the bit of confusion about Charley's fuzziness - I kept him fuzzy in some places for multiple reasons. To make him look sort of cute and adolescent, to mimic the natural fuzziness horses have (like in their ears and on their chins/lower jaw, if they aren't clipped), and to hide seams a bit better.
I also kept horses like the Bashkir Curly Horse in mind while making Charley - check out how fuzzy these guys are !


Of course, they don't stay that fuzzy -all- the time, but their winter coats did serve as a bit of inspiration for Charley's fuzzy neck. c:
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10 Jun 2017, 8:16 pm
Hancets That boy was my favorite tbh. He had a terrible gait, except just meandering along. I'd all but nap on him, and do silly things on him back, cause he was huge and just like "okay she's doing a thing whatev." The only horse I've ridden that came close to as fun was a mare with sensitive sides; she had the smoothest gaits, and she was a brat to most people but really sweet with me. I actually had the curlies in mind looking at Charlie! XD But I couldn't remember the proper name. Just sort of like "oh Charlie's curly!"
10 Jun 2017, 8:17 pm
Hancets I am sure some one will. He is a very gorgeous fursuit!
I love to RP! Let me know if you are interested in Roleplaying!

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10 Jun 2017, 10:06 pm
Charley looks so good omg!! Congrats on finishing!
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12 Jun 2017, 11:41 pm
Thank you guys again for all your kindness! <3

If anyone's interested, Charley is up for sale on Ebay! Should be easy to find by searching 'fursuit' or 'horse fursuit.' I'd post the link but I'm unsure if it's allowed on this site. Please check him out if you like! c:
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12 Jun 2017, 11:57 pm (Edited 12 Jun 2017, 11:59 pm)
Hancets Was this your first time? If so, this looks so heckin amazing! ive made a handfull of fursuit heads and this is a very impressive work for a beginner. One thing ill add are horses have smaller ears than that, and the bottoms are more curved inward like your villager. If it was an artistic choice, then i see no issue with them. The eye look a bit too spaced apart, and may be hard to see out of both with both of your eyes. As for the fur its good shaving, but if you want to go for something to blend into the neck fur/bodysuit shave short from the muzzle then longer as you go back.


If you ever make another suit of anything to do with the body ill be really happy to help!
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13 Jun 2017, 1:06 pm
Xenodragon11 - Hey there! This was the second head I made, but the first horse. The first head I ever made was a dog. c:
Thanks for your tips on anatomy! Both the ears and eyes were made the way they were as an artistic choice, because I wanted it to sort of match my drawing style, which is rather cutesy and based off of G3-My Little Ponies.
But I definitely agree with you - the ears are a bit too big and the eyes a bit too far apart. That's part of why I made Charley before making any other horse suits; I wanted to test out my initial ideas and see if they worked or not!

And thank you regarding the shaving too. I'm pleased with it, considering I did it all with scissors. :'D

I'll definitely have to take you up on help with making bodies! I'm currently trying to make a body suit and.. I don't really know where to begin. ; w ;
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13 Jun 2017, 1:23 pm
Do you think I should make hooves or hoof-fingers? I could easily sculpt two large hooves out of foam, for instance, for the hands.. Squishy hooves might be cute. Or I could try to make hoof-fingers. Goodness help, I've never made gloves before.. ; w ;

What if you designed it with full hooves that are hollow inside, so if you need to pick something up you just pull up the sleeve slightly and grab? :)

Also, could you add me to the pinglist please? This is really cool!
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1 Jul 2017, 1:20 pm
Thank you so much for sharing your process with us! :3

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