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・゚✧Tashamon's Painties-Automaton PSD Free to use!

30 Mar 2017, 8:34 pm

A Bobtail Ceramic! Noted for its short stature yet ruthless efficiency! They are hardy and are able to withstand high temperatures - a necessary requirement for glazing their ceramic heads.

This is a little something I've been working on lately! I made the original Scrawlyface bases about half a year ago, and whilst I still liked the species I felt like I restricted myself by keeping to the single base. So, after a little bit of planning, I am quite pleased to announce starting with the Bobtail Ceramic pictured above, Gen 2 Scrawlyfaces!
These new Scrawlyfaces will each have their own unique lineart and draw inspiration from an even greater spectacle of arts - The Bobtail Ceramic, for example, is a miniature ceramic Scrawlyface inspired in part by growing up in the "world capital of ceramics" (though whether it still holds that title I am uncertain). In addition to this, each new breed of Scrawlyface will add to the species' existing lore.

I will be hosting a giveaway for this particular Scrawlyface along with a few others (sneak peak) when their bases are done!

I'd also like to know - where would it be easiest to store all of these bases/species information? Would it be best to continue with the google drive hosting? Should I continue with the tumblr? :0

Admiral BeccaKitty Malibu Khaos Dragonicus ExhaustedGiraffe Soni Stereofeathers
30 Mar 2017, 9:28 pm
I haven't got any advice to offer except I would also love to see what you do with these! Super cute. ;u;

If I practice after getting my computer back from repairs I have a super cool idea for one these since they're based off ceramics~


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30 Mar 2017, 9:39 pm
Looks super heckin' cool and sounds like it's only going to get better and better with each new form you add, gosh.
It sounds like a ton of work but like it also gives you a ton of freedom to expand these guys.
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30 Mar 2017, 9:42 pm
Ahhhhhh that new scrawly is so cute
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31 Mar 2017, 2:33 pm
I'm interested in your new scrawly that has a lion mane
EvwAyP8.gifHQ Lineart. Limited slots
2 Apr 2017, 5:11 pm (Edited 2 Apr 2017, 5:11 pm)
Ozone and Fiber float by to show off their perfectly matching minipets, and they're very happy
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6 Apr 2017, 3:46 pm
self ping for later
11 Apr 2017, 12:44 am
Are you still selling the use of your automaton PSD? I like them a lot (such cute robots!) and would love the chance to make a robo friend. I can pay in FD! ^_^
11 Apr 2017, 5:58 am
I am! But I am currently visiting home, and don't have access to that file at the moment - I forgot to put the (slightly updated) version on my google drive >.>
I'd be happy to give you a ping when I can get to it though, apologies for the hassle ;A;
11 Apr 2017, 6:24 am
That would be great, thank you! I'm in no rush, so don't worry. :)
29 Apr 2017, 3:33 pm
Tashamon i would like to purchase a PSD use for the Automaton for 300 FD!

30 Apr 2017, 1:41 pm
Admiral BeccaKitty Malibu Khaos Dragonicus @Arachno dracoon
GreaseRoach LascielsShadow

Yo guys! I have to admit, uni is kicking my butt at the moment and I'm not able to put... well any time really, into this at the moment. It makes me pretty sad if I'm honest, I like being able to inspire and bring people's creative works to life with art, but with my current focus I haven't been able to enjoy any sort of creative pursuits. And that kinda sucks.

So with that said, I'd like to make the Automaton PSD file free to use!
It's built like a furvilla base but with many swappable parts. To use it, I generally pick which options I want and merge them into one complete base before colouring it.

30 Apr 2017, 1:43 pm
Tashamon thank you! :O

30 Apr 2017, 1:48 pm
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30 Apr 2017, 1:51 pm
Thank you very much, tashamon!
30 Apr 2017, 2:03 pm
That's awesome. I'd love to make some
EvwAyP8.gifHQ Lineart. Limited slots
30 Apr 2017, 3:01 pm
:O Thank you!
30 Apr 2017, 5:13 pm
Oh MAN. I am so excited. Thank you so very much! I was actually going to ask you if it was possible to purchase a custom but use the PSD to make one ourselves since I have no real ideas to give.

Are we allowed to make edits to these, like if we wanted to do custom components?

Thank you again!
30 Apr 2017, 5:21 pm
Making your own edits for them is totally fine! That's kind of why I wanted to release them for free - I don't have the time to be able to offer edits and stuff like that myself at the moment, but I don't want to stop you awesome and creative people from being able to do that!

And also thank you so much for the FD, you really didn't have to ;A;
20 May 2017, 1:41 am
Hi Tashamon! I thought you might like to know - the Automaton Bentley has had a change of ownership; he is in my care now <3
Laz ★ they/she ★ PST
20 Jun 2017, 11:55 pm
Oops, forgot to ping on that last post! Tashamon
Laz ★ they/she ★ PST
21 Jun 2017, 1:16 pm
I recently made a Scrawlyface--Pika--and would love to be added to the owner list and the general pinglist! Also, I was wondering: I'm thinking about opening up my own paintie shop soon, and since the Scrawlyface bases are free to use, would it be okay if I sold a few I've made as premades or offer to make customs? If not, that's totally cool, but I figured I would ask :)
Mega yhlib9d.png she/her yhlib9d.png 19
21 Jun 2017, 7:06 pm
That's absolutely fine! Any of my free bases can be used for premades to sell if you so wish! And Pika is lovely!

Whoops, talk about a late reply x'D But I've updated it!
22 Aug 2017, 5:17 pm
Tashamon question! I want to redraw part of your automaton base as a mech suit for a pilot character. would that use of the base be acceptable, turning it into a robotic suit?

23 Aug 2017, 6:55 am
That'd be totally fine! I don't mind any changes you'd like to make to it, if you re-draw it or otherwise c: